15 Samples of Cover Letter for Legal Jobs (Word, PDF)

As you apply for any legal job, you will often have to attach a resume. In the resume are all the details that pertain to your education and job expertise. Before the hiring manager or recruitment panelists go through your resume, they will usually want to have a rough picture of who you are.

That is the role that the cover letter comes to fulfill. It is basically a summary of the contents of your resume. It showcases your own suitability for the given legal job you have applied for. The letter may also contain information regarding your other relevant skills.

Samples & Examples

Crafting a compelling cover letter is crucial for standing out in the competitive legal industry. The professionally designed templates provide a convenient and effective starting point to showcase your skills, experience, and passion for the legal field. With customizable designs and easy-to-edit features, you can create a standout cover letter that impresses potential employers and increases your chances of landing your dream legal job. Download the following free templates given in Word and PDF format and elevate your application to new heights.

Free Printable Junior Associate Attorney Cover Letter Sample 01 for Word Document
Free Printable Legal Assistant Cover Letter Sample 01 for Word Document
Free Printable Legal Secretary Cover Letter Sample for Word Document
Free Printable Junior Associate Attorney Cover Letter Sample 02 for Word Document
Free Printable Legal Assistant Cover Letter Sample 02 for Word Document
Free Downloadable Lawyer Cover Letter Sample 01 for Jpg File
Free Printable Law Professional Cover Letter Sample as Image File
Free Downloadable Lawyer Cover Letter Sample 02 for Jpg File

    How to write your cover letter? (Tips)

    Tip I: Follow the right format

    Start off by determining the format to choose. The kind of format you pick is largely determined by the means of delivering the cover letter to the intended recipient. There are two main channels for delivery. These are the e-mails and postal letters respectively. Get familiar with the manner in which each letter is drafted.

    Tip II: Include all the necessary details

    As you draft the letter, take care that you incorporate all the required details. These include your full names (at the bottom of the letter), your address, contact details, your suitability for the job advertised, the person whom you are addressing, the date of the letter, and the firm in question.

    Tip III: Explain your skills and experience

    Be sure to explain your skills and experience. The field of law is very wide scope-wise. You have to specify the areas you feel comfortable and well-versed in. While at it, you must also see to it that the skills and experiences you showcase match the vacancy advertised. Otherwise, they would be no point of applying for that vacancy in the first place.

    Tip IV: Close the letter appropriately

    How to close the letter also makes a difference. Thank the law firm in advance for considering your application. Then use respectable words like ‘Thankfully,’ ‘Truly Yours,’ and ‘Regards.’ Append your own signature at the bottom of the script if the letter is to be delivered via post.

    Tip V: Proofread the letter

    Lastly, you have to proofread the letter. Many firms reject candidates purely on the basis of how they draft their application letters. This is because the legal profession relies heavily on writing, grammar, and spelling. As such, any negligence on your part may mean that you are not so astute a would-be employee. Take no chances with this arrangement at all.

    Ruby Dale,
    110 Winchester Street,
    Woodstock, California 01890,
    email: rubydale@abcd.com

    Friday, July 19, 20xx

    WW & Associates Law Firm,
    3802 North California Street,
    Stockton, California 95204,

    Dear Mr. Williams,

    I hereby submit my applications for consideration to the position of Junior Associate Attorney with much enthusiasm. You indicated that you prefer an applicant with experience and expertise in clerical matters.

    Well, I am presently serving in that position at the Woodstock Advocates Company. My supervisor is well-pleased with my experience and workmanship. That is why he has offered to reference my application as well.

    Prior to joining the firm, I served as a paralegal for commercial and immigration litigations. This took place at the Goldfend and Quandt Bar Associates. I handled 58 cases, a feat that earned me the coveted ACEDS certification.

    Given this vast experience, I am better placed to bring in some awesome experience to your law firm. Count me in, particularly for matters case management, trial preparations, and legal drafting and research, e-discovery, and client interviews.

    What’s more? I am fluent in both Spanish and English. I am thus appropriately equipped to converse with immigrants mostly from the Spanish speaking world. You may assign me translation roles also if you so wish.

    Many thanks yet again in advance for considering my applications. It is my hope that I shall get a chance to present myself for the interviews and to discuss my qualifications in details.

    Respectfully yours,
    Ruby Dale,

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