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Formal Resignation Letter

Whether you are moving on to a greener pasture or you’ve simply decided to quit your job, it is always wise to write a formal resignation letter. Formal resignation letter advice your employer that you are officially leaving your job. Besides, it leaves a good and positive final impression even as you move on to your next job. Therefore, if you are wondering where to start when writing your formal resignation letter, the following will help you.

What to include in a formal resignation letter

  • Subject line – First and foremost, you need to write a clear and precise subject line. The subject line makes the recipient informed much faster about your resignation.
  • Salutation – Salutation is one of the most significant parts of a formal resignation letter. It formally introduces your letter to the reader. In other words, it expresses courtesy to the recipients (your boss). For instance, you can say ‘Dear Sir/Madam.’
  • Resignation declaration – After the introduction, you can formally declare your resignation. Let your employer know your last day at work. Provide a reasonable notice time with which you will abide by according to the company policy.
  • Show appreciation – Thank your boss as well as colleagues for providing a conducive working environment.
  • Offer assistance – This is another great thing you can do to ensure an easy transition. Ask the employer if you can help train your predecessor.
  • Signature – For hard copies, you need to sign above your typed name. Nevertheless, if you deliver through email, you can simply type your name.

Dos and Don’ts

Before drafting your formal letter, you should always ensure you do it like a pro. Therefore, the following are some of the things you should do (and shouldn’t do) when writing your letter.


1. Always keep it positive

When writing resignation letters, you should always emphasize on the positivity. Make your last impression on a positive note. This helps maintain a good relationship between you and your previous employer.

2. Do clean your computer

You can delete personal profiles and email messages to make it easier for your predecessor.

3. Offer transitional help

It’s good etiquette to offer assistance during the transition period. Training the new staff helps in a smooth and seamless transition.

4. Thank the employer

Do thank your boss and the entire staff for being a wonderful team. Be grateful for the opportunity given by the company.


1. Don’t boast about your new job

Even if you get a better job than your current, don’t let everyone know it. It may make your ex-staff feel demoralized.

2. Don’t include emotional language

Always remember to not to get over-emotional. Using formal language in your letter is the best policy. Above all, stay positive even if you don’t feel like.

Formal Resignation Letter (Sample Letter)

23 Bravery Road | Crest Town, CA 34342 | 800-00800-888 | [email protected]

Ms Stacey Kobesch

CEO, Goldmine Company

13 Main St.

Freetown. FA 80080.

Dear Sir/Madam.

Kindly find this letter as a notice that I will be resigning from my position as a human resource manager here at Uniliver Group of Companies. My last day of work will be on 4/10/2019, which will be two weeks from now.

My family and I are planning to locate elsewhere far from here. This will significantly affect my working with you.

I thank you for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity over the course of the last three years. You, together with your staff, created a conducive working climate that made it pleasurable to work with you each day. This is something I will definitely miss.

I am ready to offer any assistance necessary to facilitate the seamless transition of duties and responsibilities to my successor.



David Zapeda

Formal Resignation Letter (Sample Email)

When emailing formal resignation letter, the subject line should always be clear and precise. The following is a professional sample.

Subject: David Zapeda Resignation Letter

Dear Mr/Miss,

Kindly accept this letter as a formal notice of my resignation from Uniliver Group of Companies. My last reporting date will be on 4/10/2019 (two weeks from now).

I thank you for granting me such a good opportunity to work in your company. Indeed, I have gained a lot, and am grateful.

Before I depart, I would like to train my predecessor to ensure a smooth and seamless transition of duties.


David Zapeda

[email protected]


Formal Resignation Letter Sample (Word Format)

Formal Resignation Letter Sample (Word Format)

Formal Resignation Letter Email (Word Format)

Formal Resignation Letter Email (Word Format)