38 Free Payment Receipt Templates (Excel | Word | PDF)

A payment receipt is a formal document issued by a business or organization as proof of partial or full payment made to the business for goods purchased by customers.

Payment receipts are purposed to provide the client with proof of payment for goods or services that they have received. The receipt is used to show the amount that a particular customer has paid. Payment receipts are issued whenever there has been an exchange involving money and a good or service, whether it’s food or getting your vehicle repaired. It’s proof that the transaction occurred and what was involved in the transaction.

Basic Receipt Templates

Free Acknowledgement of Payment Template

Printable Central Bank Payment Receipt

Editable Free Payment Receipt

Example of Payment Receipt

Payment Receipt for Bank Payment Word

Payment Receipt Template Example

Petty Cash Receipt Template Sample

Word Sample Payment Receipt

Free Sample Security Deposit Receipt

Payment Receipt Form template

Payment Receipt Format PDF

Printable Payment Receipt Sample

Sample Payment Receipt Template

    Different Common Payment Receipt Types

    Different receipts are issued under various circumstances and as such the receipts tend to have slightly differing structures. These generally may include cash receipts, rent payments, and deposit receipts, among others. A few different types of receipt templates with their specific purposes mentioned along have been provided below for your additional ease.

    Free Business Receipt Template

    Business Receipt Template

    Traders use a business receipt to record payment transactions for products or services. Business receipts must contain detailed descriptions of each transaction for proper record keeping.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Printable Car Vehicle Sales Receipt Template Receipt

    Car Vehicle Sales Receipt Template

    A car (vehicle) receipt is used as proof of sale, lease, or service provided to a vehicle. It contains information concerning the vehicle, including its make, model, color, year, and odometer readings.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Editable Cash Payment Receipt Template

    Cash Payment Receipt Template

    A cash receipt is a printed document acknowledging the specific amount that was received during a transaction involving the transfer of cash or its equivalent. Two copies of the receipt are made where one copy remains with the vendor for accounting purposes while the original copy is given to the buyer.

    The cash receipts provide details of the commodities that a customer has purchased it also includes details such as date, amount of cash received, and signature of the vendor. The vendor can use cash receipts to determine if a product they have sold is covered by the warranty period to know whether to replace the product or give a refund.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Example Cleaning Receipt Template

    Cleaning Receipt Template

    A cleaning receipt is issued upon the provision of cleaning services to a client. It should contain information which includes a detailed description of the cleaning service provided and charges for the service rendered.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Credit Card Receipt Template Word

    Credit Card Receipt Template

    A credit card receipt is only issued upon authorization of credit card charges. The charges indicated in the receipt will appear on the client’s/customer’s credit card.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Delivery Receipt Template Example

    Delivery Receipt Template

    A delivery receipt is issued after the successful delivery of goods to a client’s /customer’s destination. It must contain details of the delivery and the charges. It is only issued upon payment of the delivered goods.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Deposit Receipt Template Example

    Deposit Receipt Template

    A deposit receipt is issued upon partial payment for goods or services, with the rest of the payment to be made at a later agreed date. Deposit receipts must include the balance owed to the payment recipient or business.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Donation Receipt Template Sample

    Donation Receipt Template

    A donation receipt is a document written by a charity organization and sent to a donor acknowledging that they have received the donation or gifts sent out by the donor. The receipt is normally written in the form of an acknowledgment letter showing gratitude to the donor for the goods given to that organization.

    Donation receipts are used by donors to request tax deductions on the donations made in accordance with the IRS. The IRS also requires donation receipts from charities as proof to facilitate tax exemption for qualified charities recognized by the IRS.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Earnest Money Receipt Template

    Earnest Money Receipt Template

    An earnest money deposit receipt is issued to a real estate buyer for the deposit paid for the property upon entering into a purchasing agreement with the seller. It must contain the property address and names of the parties involved in the transaction.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Free Sample Event Payment Receipt Template

    Event Payment Receipt Template

    An event payment receipt is issued to attendees of an event after tickets are sold to them and any other fees or services provided to them. This receipt must contain the event name, date, location, the fee charged, and the total amount paid by the attendee.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Hotel Receipt Template PDF

    Hotel Receipt Template

    A hotel receipt is a document written by hotels and restaurants to the clients showing the amount that is due for payment for food and services offered. The receipt can include the amount that the customer must pay for spending a night at the hotel room, it provides the customer with a breakdown of the bill that is due.

    The hotel receipt can be used by the hotel for record-keeping purposes and to determine the number of clients who used various services such as bed and breakfast. The hotel can also use this information during auditing and calculating the amount of taxes that they should pay to the government.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Printable Itemized Receipt Template Sample

    Itemized Receipt Template

    An itemized receipt is issued to customers by a merchant for the list of items they purchase. It contains a list describing each unit sold and the names of the parties involved.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Sample Medical Bill Receipt Template Template

    Medical Bill Receipt Template

    A medical bill receipt contains a breakdown of the services provided to patients, such as an ultrasound, medication administered, and products used for the treatment that must be paid.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Paid In Full Receipt Template Example

    Paid In Full Receipt Template

    A paid in full receipt is issued to record successful payment of money owed with no balance due to the issuing party. In addition, this receipt verifies that customers have fully settled their debts with sellers.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Receipt Book Template Word

    Receipt Book

    A receipt book contains forms used in issuing receipts for payments made by a customer or client. An issuing party must retain a copy of the receipt issued by noting transactions in a booklet or using carbon copy receipts.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Example Rent Receipt Template

    Rent Receipt Template

    A rent receipt is a document that is issued by a landlord of a building or premises to a tenant after payment of rent. The following details should be included in a rent receipt:

    • Name of the person paying the rent should be captured in a rent receipt as evidence that payment has been done by the tenant.
    • The address of the property must be included in the rent receipt indicating the location of the house whose rent is paid.
    • The amount of rent paid by the tenant must be included in the rent receipt to indicate if it was made in full or if there still exists a pending balance.
    • Method of payment for the rent should be added in the payment receipt to provide the information about how the tenant made a payment, either by credit card, cash, or check.
    • Dates when the rent was paid must also be included in a rent receipt as proof of payment for the period the tenant stays in the premises.
    • Signatures of the tenant and the landlord agreeing upon rent payment for that period should be added on the rent receipt.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Editable Sales Receipt Template

    Sales Receipt Template

    A sales receipt is issued after the sale of products from a vendor to a customer. It is used to break down the number of items sold multiplied by the price of each unit with a total estimate indicated.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Printable Security Deposit Receipt Template

    Security Deposit Receipt Template

    A security deposit receipt is issued to a tenant after successfully paying the security deposit to the landlord. The security deposit amount paid is reliant on the state of residence of the issuing party.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Free Taxi Receipt Template

    Taxi Receipt Template

    A taxi/rideshare receipt is a document that is issued by taxi or rideshare drivers giving details on when a passenger traveled including how far a passenger traveled. If and when passengers share a ride, the taxi receipt can be used to show the amount a particular passenger paid up to their destination.

    A typical taxi receipt contains the following information:

    • Regular fare
    • Miles covered
    • Extra charges
    • Tips

    This information helps the taxi driver to get their daily wages if they are working under a company. It also saves them from the claims such as fraud, etc.

    Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

      How and When to Send

      A receipt should be issued to the buyer by the business as soon as payment for goods and services have been received, either through cash or other acceptable means recognized by the business.

      A business or entity may print the receipt or issue one that is handwritten to the customer after receiving payment for goods and services. A business can send a pdf version of the receipt via email as possible to provide the customer with the documentation of their purchase.

      Reasons to Issue a Payment Receipt

      There are several good reasons to issue a payment receipt when money is exchanged for a good or service. The main one involves proof. No matter if you’re purchasing a goldfish or winter coat, the payment receipt is evidence that you exchanged the correct payment for the item received.

      Another good reason may be for tax purposes. Here, payment receipts, such as property tax payments are crucial when it comes to proving that you’ve paid them. Other examples are payment receipts involving medical expenses or business expenses. If you’re claiming transportation as a deductible, then you’d need the receipts from plane tickets, taxis, or other ride-sharing services such as Uber. Other payment receipts to keep include:

      • Childcare expenses
      • Work-related expenses
      • Self-employment expenses

      Components of a Receipt

      Several distinguishing components are included in a receipt, and the details can be found in different parts of the receipt. Common elements highlighted in a payment receipt include:

      • Date and time of the transaction: The date and time of the transaction refers to the exact moment money was exchanged for the good or service.
      • The business name and address should be captured at the top of a payment receipt along with the business logo.
      • The name and address of the buyer should be included in the payment receipt to helps the business to know where to deliver goods that are purchased. An online business that has delivery services would know where to send the goods that a customer buys in case they make a future order.
      • The receipt number is often generated by an automated system, where each receipt has a unique identifier. The business can use the receipt number when it comes to auditing since it will be easier to identify the amount paid for that receipt.
      • The price of goods or services section in the payment receipt indicates the cost of the goods purchased by an individual or organization.
      • Taxes, subtotal and total: this section of a payment receipt includes the total of the goods and services that were offered by a business. Taxes such as value-added tax (V.A.T) on an invoice show the amount of total tax that was charged for the goods. The total shows the amount after adding the subtotal and the tax to get what the customer should pay for the goods and services
      • The transaction detail section of the payment receipt includes details such as the:
        • A transaction number is critical when it comes to a store controlling its inventory. It also provides the purchaser with further proof of the transaction.
        • Amount paid in a receipt shows the details of what a customer paid for in a particular transaction. The business uses this information for its bookkeeping records.
        • The payment method mainly highlights the means that the customer used to make payments for the goods and services they received. The methods may include several ways, such as the use of online payment systems, cash or through banker’s cheque.
        • The reason for payment is mentioned in the transaction section of a payment receipt to state the goods or services paid for by the buyer in case of returns when the goods turn out to be faulty. The customer can prove the item they are returning is the one mentioned on the receipt.
      • A signature or initials of the seller is featured in the receipt to verify the sale and make the receipt a viable legal document used as proof of payment.

      Payment receipt vs Sales receipt

      As previously stated, a payment receipt is as its name implies: A record of the amount of payment made in exchange for a good or service. The money has already exchanged hands at the point of purchase. You can also have payment receipts for items kept on layaway, even if the item was not received, as you are making payments toward the item.

      In contrast, a sales receipt is also known as an invoice and is requesting payment. Invoices will have a detailed list of what was involved. For instance, the invoice of a contractor might include the number of hours for labor, how many cans of paint, new tools, etc.

      There are some notable differences and distinguishing factors when it comes to receipts and invoices. Here is the summary of the major differences:

      Payment receiptInvoice
      A receipt is issued once the goods or services have been paid for by a customer or entity.An invoice is issued to clients or buyers by the sellers before payment for goods services are made to request for payment.
      A receipt shows details such as the amount paid inclusive of the mode of payment used by a customer.An invoice shows details of the total amount that is due for payment by the customer or entity receiving the goods.

      Payment receipt vs. Packing slip

      There are several similarities when it comes to the packing slip and a payment receipt since they have almost similar details. However, there are some notable differences between the two since a packing slip is not recognized as a receipt but can be used to show evidence of purchase. A packing slip is used when packing the goods that a client or customer has purchased while a payment receipt is used to show the payment made and the prices of goods and services purchased by a customer.

      A packing slip is titled ‘Packing slip’ on top, which is a notable difference that distinguishes it from a payment receipt. Some of the similarities between a packing slip and the payment receipt are that both contain the name and address of the customers, date of purchase and name and address of the business, packing slip number, items included, and their quantities and price.


      Receipts are essential in a business since they help in keeping records of goods and services sold to customers. The receipts ensure that the business gives the correct details of the sales that they have made when it comes to auditing and taxation purposes. Payment receipts also have a role to play in the case that a dispute arises between a business and its clients.

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