How to Introduce Two People (Sample Emails & Examples)

Through the formation of relationships or networks, business transactions, agreements, friendships, and many other activities in society are conducted. To form these networks, people need to be introduced to each other. It is through these relationships that we can access various resources and opportunities. Introductions can be made in a formal or an informal setting. Everyone at some point has had to introduce someone to someone or be introduced. An introduction can be made in person, by email, or via online social platforms. An introduction is a short part of conversations; however, its benefits are unlimited. It also shows a person’s good intention to help two people grow.

What are Introductions

An introduction is a respectful way of initiating and establishing a relationship between two people who previously did not know each other. They help create rapport between two strangers. The objective of making introductions is to let the person you are introducing to know whom the person being introduced is and any other relevant information about them. Introductions are an important element of socialization.

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    How to Introduce Two People Over Email

    Introductions do not necessarily have to be in person; they can be carried out via email. This is because you might be introducing two people in different locations.

    To ensure you make an effective introduction via email, you can do it following the steps below.

    Tell the name of the person you are going to introduce to

    Firstly, you should ensure that you state the person the email addresses (the recipient). Often, this is the person with a higher ranking or seniority than the one being introduced. In other cases, it is the person you have known longest. The name comes after the subject and is a courtesy gesture as much as a formality.


    Hi Mrs. Smith,

    In cases where you are introducing yourself, and you do not know the recipient’s name, it is okay to skip this step.

    State to them your purpose

    The next step should be to declare your intent to make the introduction. A statement of intent ensures the email goes direct to the point. You can choose to use any of the following introductory phrases depending on who you are introducing the person to, their rank, how long you have known them, and the setting in which you are making the introduction, at work or otherwise.


    “I would like to introduce…” or “This is…”

    The first version is a bit more formal than the second and can be used when introducing someone to senior staff in your place of work.

    Write the name of the person who is being introduced 

    After clarifying that the email’s purpose is to make an introduction, you can then state who you are introducing by indicating their name. This is usually the person with a lower ranking or the one you have known for the shortest time. In cases where you are introducing two people or more people, indicate each person’s name starting with the one with the highest ranking. 

    Offer appropriate information 

    This is a chance for you to make an impression by providing a little more information, other than the name(s), about the person being introduced. You can include information such as career, interests, skills, or other qualities that would be of value or interest to the other person.


    John has been a professional videographer for four years, and I believe he would be very resourceful in your advertising projects.

    You can also share your personal opinion, like why you find them worthwhile as a colleague or friend.

    Introduction via Email Template

    Hi [Name 1],

    Mr./Mrs.[Name 1] it is my pleasure to introduce Mr./Mrs.[Name 2]. He/she is a young, charismatic [profession, for example, Data analyst]like yourself. I’ve known him/her for five years now, and I have seen him grow in his/her career to become Chief Data analyst at [company’s name].

    [Name 2], [Name 1] is an expert in[profession] with more than 15 years’ worth of experience, and it is my belief he/she would be very resourceful in the growth of your career.

    I’ll let you two take it from here.


    [Your Name]

    Examples of Introducing People

    An introduction can vary due to different reasons, as mentioned earlier in this article. Therefore how you introduce someone to a senior staff cannot be the same way you introduce them to a friend.

    Below are instances where introductions are necessary and examples of such introductions:

    Introducing your business partner to your businessman friend 

    Such an introduction can be in a casual or social setting. In such a case, it is always best to introduce the person you have known for the shortest time to the one you have known the longest.

    Examples of such an introduction are given below:

    Sample letter

    Gary Simons,

    22nd January 2021.

    Dear James,

    I want to introduce you to Harvey; we have been friends for as long as I can remember before he even founded Hann robotics. He has a passion for technology and is an excellent chess player, which I believe you’d like to see for yourself by challenging him to a game.

    You can reach him at (555) 3002-342.


    G. Simons

    Sample email

    Subject: Amy, meet Barney; Barney, meet Amy

    I’m introducing you two because I believe you share an interest in automobiles which would be beneficial if you got together and exchanged ideas.

    Amy, Barney is a professional race driver and has been for ten years. He was won three major titles in his career span, giving him firsthand experience on the track.

    Barney, Amy is an automobile engine specialist at MagiX Automobiles. A career she has excelled in. I believe she would be of great assistance to you in your upcoming race projects.

    Do not hesitate to reach out.



    Introducing your colleagues of different ranks/departments 

    When introducing staff members of different ranks or departments, it is customary to start with those in the higher ranks and senior departments.

    Sample letter

    3rd February 2021

    From: Human Resource

    To: Harrison Don,


    Janice Campbell,


    Dear Mr. Don,

    I take this opportunity to introduce Ms. Campbell; she has joined Bigtym Electronics as our receptionist. She is well capable of carrying out her duties. Campbell, Mr. Don is the company’s manager and has been with us for six years. He has been very instrumental in the growth of the company from a small to a medium-sized enterprise.

    Thank you.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Mary Hermes,

    Human Resource Manager

    sample email

    Subject: Introduction

    Dear Mrs. Ford

    Mrs. Ford I would like you to meet Mr. Smith, he has recently joined Halo Printers as the head of security. He has an excellent history and vast experience in his field, and it is my belief he will be beneficial to this organization. I have copied his email should you wish to communicate further with him.

    Mr. Smith, Mrs. Ford is the company’s Managing Director. She has been with us since the company was founded.


    Susan Bay,

    H.R manager

    Introducing professional clients to your team 

    In such a setting, it is recommended that you always begin with introducing the client even in the presence of high-ranking staff members. It helps show the client of their value to the company.

    sample letter

    From: Barry Sanders

    Manager, Heavy Duty Contractors

    612 Southern Street

    Seattle, WA. 48100

    10th January 2021

    To: H&M Advocates

    4467 Garfield 33 Ave.

    Seattle, WA. 3381

    Dear Whom It May Concern:

    I’d like to introduce you to Marcos and Juan, and they will be the people tasked to do the air conditioning installation in your offices as agreed. They are competent in their work and will ensure you get the best air condition system available, and by the day you requested.

    Their contacts are; Marcos(555) 5555-000 and Juan (111) 88-44-12 should wish to reach out. You can also contact HR through the provided information for any queries.

    Yours Sincerely,

    B. Sander

    sample emAIL

    Subject: Official Introduction

    Dear Mr. Wells,

    I am pleased to introduce Mr. Winks; he will be the coordinating supervisor on the upcoming borehole drilling project to be carried out on your farm. He represents the company on the ground. You can consult him on any matter concerning the project, and given his extensive experience; it is my belief you will find him very resourceful.

    Mr. Winks, Mr. Wells is a client of ours for whom we are to provide our drilling services. He is very understanding and also knowledgeable in water supply systems.

    It is my belief you will develop a mutually beneficial partnership in this project.


    Cindy Nice


    Hot & cold Drilling Co.

    Tips for Introducing People

    There exist several techniques you can use to improve the delivery and content of your introduction. If well implemented, you can effectively achieve your objective when making introductions.

    Some of these techniques include:

    While personally interacting

    In-person introductions are those made during seminars, at workplaces, trade shows, and other events.

    Know who you’re introducing and to whom you’re introducing them

    Before you make an introduction, it is essential to ensure you are familiar with both parties to a significant extent. Ensure that you acknowledge the seniority as necessary; this is usually towards the person you are making the introductions to. This can be done by addressing them by their title.

    Make eye contact with both parties

    Making eye contact with a person while conversing helps you to get their attention. During the introduction, eye contact makes you seem genuine and confident about what you are saying. These are two elements you want your introduction to have. Eye contact should not be confused with staring; it should be periodic and momentarily.

    Speak slowly and clearly

    In most cases, an introduction will be short; however, you want to market the person you are introducing as valuable as possible. Therefore, one has to be clear in terms of audibility and specificity on what they are saying. This ensures you capture the relevant information in a short span. Talking slowly helps both parties capture all the information.

    Offer a handshake

    To some people, a handshake is a way to connect with people and a way of learning a person’s character. In an introduction, after both parties have been acquainted with each other, they can shake on it as a formal acknowledgment of each other.

    Use titles when appropriate

    The use of titles is essential, especially in informal settings. It is a sign of acknowledgment of their rank as well as respect. Titles could include the following but are not limited to a doctor, professor, Mr, Mrs engineer, and many more.

    While email-interaction

    Email is another formally acceptable means of introducing two or more people to each other. There are various ways you can improve your introductory email.

    Have multiple reasons 

    Giving both parties more than one reason why they should get to know each other improves the value of the relationship if it is to be formed. You can do this by indicating the person’s skills, interests, talents, and abilities. It would be more convincing to a senior person if you or the person you are introducing has various important skills to his profession.

    Share few details

    As much as you want to market this particular person, oversharing can be boring by leaving no curiosity or interest to get to know each other. You can achieve this by simply mentioning information such as profession, talents, and skills so that both parties will have to get to know each other to learn more.

    Ask permission of each party first 

    Before writing the introduction email, it is courteous to check if both parties are willing to be introduced, especially senior staff members. However, in cases where you are introducing yourself to someone you do not know, you can skip this step and proceed to introduce yourself.

    Include email addresses

    It is advisable not to include phone numbers without getting a go-ahead from the parties involved. Some people do not appreciate their numbers being shared due to various reasons such as security, position, and need for privacy.

    Avoid making introductions to the same person

    Continuous introduction of different people to the same person can be irritating to that person and might seem like you are abusing your access to them. Therefore, it is good to confirm with the person if at all they want to be introduced to people. 

    Do not introduce someone you are not proud to present 

    It is recommended that you introduce people you are familiar with and proud of. Introducing people with questionable characters can be seen as a reflection of who you are. In the case you do not know someone well enough, refrain from introducing them as later on, they might turn out not to be who they claim they are. Remember, people want to be introduced to people who add value to their businesses, career, or lives.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it okay to use pet names while introducing people?

    It is not advisable, especially in a professional setting. This is because the person you are making introductions would not take you seriously and therefore beating the whole purpose of making the introduction.

    Is it appropriate to introduce people via email?

    Yes. Email is an acceptable way of making introductions. Emails are an efficient method of introducing people who are far from each other or when dealing with people in senior positions who might not find the time to meet in person due to their busy schedule.

    Does introducing people help in social networking?

    Yes. It is one of the different common ways to increase your network, professionally and socially. This is because new relationships and connections are formed, which in turn increases a person’s social circle.


    A good introduction can be the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship between two individuals. Therefore, it is important whenever you make an introduction; you do it in an effective way. It is advisable to keep an introduction friendly and polite. You can include the interests and talents of the person you are introducing, especially those you believe would appeal to the person you are introducing them to. Should you put the factors highlighted in this article into consideration, you will have yourself an introduction that serves its intended purpose.

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