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The lenders and financiers of projects will usually demand that you prove that you can live up to your expectation to repay the debt advanced to you. That is something that can only happen if your employment status is verified. One of the ways of achieving this end is to draft and send out a job verification letter.

It is basically sent out by your employer to an applicant to vouch for your own employment status in that organization where you claim to work in. The letter basically describes your employment status, income, and the benefits you accrue or are entitled to.

Sample Letters

Format of a Job Verification Letter Template

Free Job Verification Letter Sample

    How to Respond to a Job Verification Request Letter

    If you receive a request to verify the employment status of a member of your firm, you should follow the steps below:

    Familiarize yourself with the company policy

    Each company has a policy that governs how this letter may be drafted and verified. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself or get to know how your company approaches this issue. That will see to it that you operate within the law and prevent unnecessary issues thereafter.

    Access the Employee’s Records

    Next, you should access the records of the employees before getting to draft this letter. That is to ensure that the information you give forth is factual rather than your own opinions. Follow the right channel to access these sensitive records.

    Draft the Letter

    Finish off by drafting the letter. This simply entails translating the records into written pieces of information. Do not accompany this letter with any supporting documentation, as that is completely unnecessary. Be sure to customize the letter as per the precise needs of the applicant.

    What to Include in a Job Verification Letter

    Your typical job verification letter must incorporate the following pieces of information:

    • Name and Address of the Employer: The letter should showcase the Name and the address of the employer. This is the company for which the employee works or is stationed at.
    • Name and Address of the Employee: It is the identity of the employee. The Name has preferably to be accompanied by his unique identifiers like the employment registration identification number and the likes.
    • Job Details of the Employee: This is the core of the letter. Here, you explain the finer details of the employee like the job title, start and end dates of the contract, and the rank or job group within the organization.
    • Remuneration Package: It is a breakdown of the amount of money that the employee earns and the benefits he is entitled to. These include health, housing, and commuter allowances.
    • Signature and Date: Round it up with the official signature of the verifier and the date when the letter was drafted. The object of these two is to grant the letter the official character it requires to be accepted.

    Job Verification Letter Format

    Let’s start off with a sample that you may use to draft your letter:






    City, State Zip Code

    Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name,

    RE: Job Verification Letter

    This is to verify that _____ (name of the employee whose status is to be verified) is and has been a member of our workforce for ___ (duration of employment) now. She joined us in ________ (when the contract started or came in effect) and has consistently worked for us in the position of _______ (the capacity of employment).

    Her contract is due to end in __________ (when the contract is slated to end) which is nonetheless subject to renewal. She is entitled a gross annual pay of _______ (gross annual pay) and a host of benefits that add up to ____ (sum total of annual benefits) per annum.

    Any assistance that is accorded to her will be highly appreciated. Kindly reach us on the phone via XXX-XXX-XXXX in case of the need for any further information and clarification.


    Your Name


    Job Verification Letter Sample

    Mr. Jeremy Bethany,

    Human Resource Manager,

    Summit Enterprises,

    36 Clinton Street Concord,

    NH 03301

    Dear Mrs. Emily Hutchinson,

    RE: Job Verification Letter

    This is to verify that Mrs. Joanne Robinson is and has been a member of our workforce for eight years now. She joined us in July 2012 and has consistently worked for us in the position of Production Assistant.

    Her contract is due to end in July 2022 (2-years’ time), which is nonetheless subject to renewal. She is entitled to a gross annual pay of $96,000 and a host of benefits that add up to $12,000 per annum.

    Any assistance that is accorded to her will be highly appreciated. Kindly reach us on the phone via (800) 852-3345 in case of the need for any further information and clarification.


    Mr. Jeremy Bethany,

    Human Resource Manager – Summit Enterprises

    Things to Keep in Mind While Writing a Job Verification Letter

    As you draft this wonderful letter, there are things you inevitably have to care for and abide by. They are:

    Be Factual

    Always endeavor to be factual. For you to do this, you have to retrieve the records of the employee and strictly base the writings against the records. That is to avoid any exaggerations or other issues that might water down the reliability of the letter altogether.

    Maintain utmost Confidentiality

    Matters of verification are ordinarily very confidential. You hence have to see to it that you uphold and maintain utmost Confidentiality while drafting and sending out this letter. That will also go a long way in reducing the friction between you and the state authorities.

    Use Professional Tone

    Being an official letter, you have to adopt and maintain a professional tone all the while. Desist from using languages that are too casual or formal as they too might water down the meaning and the seriousness of the letter altogether.

    Remain faithful to the Topic of Discussion

    Each applicant will usually demand some unique pieces of information. It may not be hence that the letter you draft randomly will be able to deliver the necessary outcomes. You have to read and understand the needs of each applicant and draft a letter that meets their needs precisely.

    Act within the Corporate Policy

    As a last precaution, you also have to act strictly within the company policy. Each company has a framework that governs the production and use of these letters. See to it that you understand and operate strictly within the rules that are stipulated by your company policy.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Let us take a look now at some of the questions that are consistently asked with regards to this subject matter:

    When Must An Employer Respond To Verification Of Employment?

    An employer must respond to this letter if it originates from the state or the federal agencies. That is because there are laws that mandate them to do that. The failure to comply with these laws may often attract heavy penalties and fines.

    How Do You Call To Verify Employment?

    Be polite and to the point when calling to verify the employment status of an employee. This is necessary to prevent ruffling features unnecessarily with the relevant authorities. Most important, be sure to channel your complaints strictly to the human resource officer within the organization of interest.

    What Do You Say When Verifying Employment?

    Simply ask the relevant questions, like for how long has he been working for you? What are the start and end dates of his employment, how much does he earn, and so forth? These will give the recipient a clear head start of what to look for.


    Verifying your employment is a critical step to take before being eligible or deemed qualified for many privileges. Given its overall importance, you want to treat the issue with lots of seriousness. A first step in doing that is to read the explanations we have given forth above with a sense of seriousness.

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