Sample Permission Letter for Photoshoot (Use Location)

A permission letter to use a place for a photoshoot is written by someone who wants to use a place for a photoshoot for an event such as a wedding, engagement, baby shower, etc. The letter helps seek permission from the owners/management of that place. The letter is usually written by the photographer or the event organizer looking to use the place for the photo shoot in question. 

Before using a place, the photographer or the event organizer will usually write a permission letter outlining the details of what they are looking to do and why. The purpose of the letter is simply to give the owners/management time to assess the request, determine if such a request will negatively impact their business, and then decide whether they will allow the request or not.

If the request is approved, the owners/management of that place will give a formal response regarding the request. If, for any reason, a permission letter is not written and sent to the owners of the place required before the photoshoot, it may result in remedial action being taken against the photographer or the event organizers.

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Writing a permission letter can help you manage your time and ensure that you can do everything possible to go ahead with the photoshoot under your control. It also enables you to be in touch with other relevant parties regarding the request. A template can help you streamline the process of writing such a letter and ensure that it goes through without any problems. Download our free templates to help you write permission letters to the concerned parties to use a place for a photoshoot.

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    What to Write in a Permission Letter for Photoshoot

    A permission letter to use a place for a photoshoot should be written in an easy-to-read, consistent, and professional manner, avoiding jargon and phrases that might be complicated or confusing to the reader. It should be clear and concise, with the most important information being written first. The letter seeking permission to use a place for a photoshoot should be written on business letterhead and have the contact information of both the sender and the receiver. The contents of the letter should be relevant and organized in such a manner that it is easy to follow and understand.

    Here is how to properly format the permission letter:


    To adequately address the letter, state your and the recipient’s personal information. Write your name and address, followed by the name and designation of the recipient. The date on which this letter is to be used should also be accurately mentioned.


    The subject of the letter should also clearly and briefly state what you are looking to do and why you are writing to that particular party. The subject of the letter should be written in a formal tone and not exceed 6-7 words.


    The salutation for the letter should be written in a formal tone. Begin with “Dear,” followed by the name of the person to whom you are addressing your request. If you are writing to a group of people, you may use “to whom it may concern.”


    This section should briefly introduce you to the reader. In addition, it should briefly state the purpose of writing this letter.

    Make sure to cover the following:

    Briefly introduce yourself

    It is very important to briefly introduce yourself to the recipient of your letter. This can be done by stating the name of your company/organization as well as your position within it. You can also include details such as your qualifications, memberships, and other relevant information that might make you credible.

    Mention location

    This section should briefly state the location where you are looking to conduct your photoshoot. This can be done by stating the city and state names or by providing a specific address.


    If you are planning a photoshoot in Los Angeles, California, you should mention it here.

    Briefly state the purpose for writing this letter

    Explain briefly why you are writing this letter to the particular recipient.


    If you are asking permission to use a place for a photo shoot of your company’s products, explain this first, then why it is important, and also provide details in the letter, such as what you intend to do for your campaign and how long the photo shoot will take.


    The body section of the letter should be divided into two or three paragraphs.

    It should contain the following details:

    Details of the photo shoot

    This section should cover details and explain to the recipient what type of photoshoot you will do. Include the expected duration of time required, details of the place where the photoshoot will take place, the number of days the place will be in use, exact dates, etc. Also, provide details of your organization’s products or services in such a case.

    Explain your requirements

    This section should clearly explain why you need to conduct your photoshoot at that place and how it will benefit the organization or the sender, generally. It is important to provide details of what you intend to use—such as models, camera operators, equipment, etc.—and explain how you will use them in a way that does not violate any policies of the property owner.


    If your organization needs a warehouse for a photoshoot, then state that as well. Providing this information will help the property owner determine whether you will be a good fit for the location or not.

    Provide assurances

    Here, you should ensure that your organization/team will take care of the place allocated for the photoshoot properly and responsibly. You should also inform the receiver of the permission that your organization/company will not be causing any damage, disruption, or inconvenience and should clearly state how you intend to use the place. You should also state who will be responsible for the damage and explain how it will be taken care of.


    The conclusion of the letter should be easy to understand and follow.

    Make sure to take the following steps when writing the conclusion:

    Make the request

    You should make the final request by briefly stating your need to use a particular place for the photoshoot to give a proper ending to your letter. This will help the reader make their final decision.

    Share contact details for a follow-up

    At the end of the letter, you should provide the receiver with your contact details so that they can contact you if there are any questions or concerns regarding your request.

    Sign off

    Sign the letter at the bottom and make sure to sign it formally by including your name, designation, and the name of your organization and its details.

    The proper format for a letter will help ensure that you and your organization’s needs are appropriately addressed. This also makes it easier for your request to be accepted by the recipient and ensures that it is properly followed up with and taken seriously.

    Sample Letters

    Given below are sample letters that you can follow for writing your permission letter to use a place for a photoshoot:

    Sample Letter 1: To a Historic Building’s Management

    Dear Ms. Eleanor Thompson,

    I am writing to request permission to use the interior and exterior of the Carlton Heritage Building for a professional photoshoot on February 15th, 20XX. My team and I are creating a historical-themed fashion editorial, and the unique architecture and décor of the Carlton Building perfectly complement our vision.

    We plan to conduct the shoot from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., ensuring minimal disruption to your regular operations. Our team will consist of ten individuals, including photographers, models, and stylists. We are committed to respecting the property’s historical significance and will take all necessary precautions to protect its integrity.

    We are willing to adhere to any guidelines you may have and can provide a certificate of insurance covering any potential damages. Additionally, we would be happy to share the final photographs for your promotional use.

    I look forward to your positive response and am available for any further discussions or site visits as required.


    Ava Martinez

    Creative Director, ModaFash Magazine

    Sample Letter 2: To a Private Estate Owner

    Dear Mr. Jonathan Clark,

    I am reaching out to seek your permission to utilize your beautiful Rosewood Estate for an upcoming bridal photoshoot on March 22nd, 20XX. The lush gardens and elegant architecture of your estate provide the ideal backdrop for our romantic and luxurious bridal theme.

    The shoot will involve a small crew of eight people and will take place from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. We intend to use the garden area and the main hall, and we assure you that all activities will be conducted with the utmost respect for your property.

    We will provide a detailed plan of the shoot and are willing to comply with any specific conditions or requirements you may have. Our team will also arrange for professional cleaning services post-shoot to ensure your estate is left in pristine condition.

    I am hopeful for a favorable reply and am happy to meet in person to discuss any details or concerns you may have.

    Kind regards,

    Emily Watson

    Project Manager, Elegant Brides Magazine

    Sample Letter 3: To a Corporate Office Building

    Dear Mr. Henry Lawson,

    I am writing to request the use of the lobby and rooftop of the Apex Corporate Tower for a business-themed photoshoot on April 5th, 20XX. The modern and sleek design of Apex Tower is the ideal setting to showcase our contemporary office wear collection.

    Our team of twelve, including photographers, models, and assistants, will be on-site from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. We are committed to ensuring minimal disruption to the daily operations of the building and its tenants.

    We will adhere to all building policies and safety regulations, and our team is fully insured. We are also willing to schedule the photo shoot on a weekend or outside business hours if that is more convenient for your operations.

    I am eager to discuss this opportunity further and am available for a meeting or a call at your earliest convenience.

    Best regards,

    Lucas Green

    Art Director, TrendSetters Magazine

    Sample Letter 4: To a Public Park Authority

    Dear Ms. Rachel Kim,

    I am contacting you to request permission to use Green Meadows Park for a nature-inspired photoshoot on May 10th, 20XX. The scenic landscapes and diverse flora of Green Meadows offer the perfect environment for our upcoming outdoor clothing line.

    The photoshoot will involve a crew of fifteen people and will take place from sunrise to noon. We plan to utilize the meadow and lake areas, ensuring that public access is not obstructed. Our team is committed to preserving the natural beauty of the park and will follow all guidelines to protect the environment.

    We are prepared to make a donation to the park’s conservation fund as a gesture of our appreciation. Additionally, we will provide all necessary documentation, including insurance and permits.

    I am hopeful for a positive response and am willing to work with you to address any concerns or special requirements you might have.

    Warm regards,

    Sophia Lee 

    Marketing Director, Outdoor Gear Co.


    The provided sample letters are useful guides for anyone seeking to write a professional request for using premises for a photoshoot. Each letter is structured carefully, adhering to the essential components of professional correspondence. 

    Firstly, the letters begin with a courteous and direct salutation, addressing the recipient by name, which adds a personal touch and shows respect. This approach is more engaging than a generic greeting and helps establish a connection with the recipient.

    The introductory paragraph in each letter clearly states the primary intent of the correspondence. This direct approach is critical in professional communication, as it respects the recipient’s time and sets a clear context for the request. The specificity of the date and purpose of the photoshoot provides transparency, a crucial aspect of professional etiquette.

    Furthermore, each letter is tailored to suit the nature of the location being requested, demonstrating an understanding of the setting and its relevance to the photoshoot. This customization shows attention to detail and a thoughtful consideration of the recipient’s perspective.

    The body of the letters outlines the logistical aspects of the photoshoot, including the number of people involved, the duration, and the specific areas of the premises to be used. This level of detail showcases organization and professionalism, as it anticipates potential questions or concerns the recipient might have.

    Additionally, each letter addresses potential concerns about disruption, damage, or specific conditions related to the use of the premises. By proactively mentioning adherence to guidelines, providing insurance details, and offering to meet additional requirements, the sender demonstrates responsibility and a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the location.

    The concluding paragraph in each letter is a polite call to action, inviting a positive response and expressing openness for further discussion. This is a strategic way to encourage dialogue and show respect for the recipient’s decision-making process.

    Lastly, the sign-off is formal and includes the sender’s name and position, reinforcing their credibility and the professional nature of the request.

    In summary, these letters serve as excellent guides due to their clear structure, direct yet respectful language, attention to detail, and anticipation of the recipient’s needs and concerns. They embody the key principles of professional communication: clarity, courtesy, conciseness, and consideration.

    Final Thoughts

    Writing a permission letter to use a place is something you should consider, especially if you are planning on working with many people or are taking large amounts of equipment with you. If you have already decided on the exact location where you want to do the photo shoot and do not want to face difficulties, you can consider writing such a letter in advance. This will help ensure that you can get permission, that the picture is taken without any problems, and that you do not face any interruptions.
    The letter can help you get the necessary approval from the relevant party and ensure that there is no trouble later on. You should always follow up with a call to the appropriate person to confirm your plans, ask them if they have any further questions, and find out if there are any additional requirements you need to follow. The templates we have provided will help you write the letter in an organized manner and help you get more done in less time.

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