Permission Letter for Photoshoot (Use Place)

When you want to use a specific venue for a photoshoot, you must ask for permission from the owner or the relevant authorities to avoid penalties, fines, or embarrassment when or after shooting. You any use the venue for engagement parties, wedding photoshoot, baby shoots, etc.

Sample Permission Letter for Photoshoot

Name of the recipient
Company address

Subject: permission for photoshoot

Dear sir/madam
My name is [your name] from [company name], I would like to ask permission to use your hotel’s swimming pool are on [date] for a photoshoot during our upcoming Beginners Training. We expect to have 45 trainees and five trainers for this event.

In this regard, I have attached a check of $250 as a fee for the event. I look forward to a positive and immediate response. For any clarification please contact me via [phone number] or [email]. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

[Your name]

Permission Letter to Use Place for Photoshoot

Subject: Letter of Request for photoshoot

Dear Jack,

I write this letter to ask for permission to use the leisure park for a photoshoot. This event will be part of the activities for our end of year part. We expect to have about 200 guests. During the event, we’ll capture some photos having your hotel’s name that we plan to share ion our website and social media pages.

We believe these images will also help market your hotel. Over the last eleven years, we have enjoyed doing business with you, and we hope this trend will continue. We appreciate your friendly and professional staff and their commitment to ensuring we get the best services.

We’ll be glad to get a response before the end of the week. You can reach us via (414) 308-9977 or email [email protected]

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards
Antony Slim
Eden Tour Ltd

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Permission Letter for Photoshoot

 Photoshoot Permission Letter