Sample Resignation Letter for Job Promotion (With Guide)

Often, you do not get your dream job immediately after college on the career ladder. For this reason, you may have to write a resignation letter in your career as often as you get a promotion or better employment opportunity. It may feel awkward to resign from your old job, especially if your new promotion is outside your current place of employment.

A flawless letter of resignation for job promotion is very important at every stage where you have to change jobs. This is to maintain a professional relationship with the soon-to-be-former employers and the organization of former employment. Writing this letter would require skills, politeness, and expertise. Hence, you may need professional help, and as such, this article has highlighted a step-wise approach to writing a flawless letter of resignation.

A job promotion resignation letter is, as the name implies, an official document that you write to your current job, informing them that you have to leave this job in favor of a better opportunity. The letter usually signifies the termination of your current job. It is a requirement at any place of employment as an official document to confirm your decision to leave the organization. You can send this through the organization’s official email or in person.

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      Writing a Job Promotion Resignation Letter

      To write this letter, you must consider that this is an official document. So, specific points must be present as part of the document. The following sample is provided as a guide to aid you in writing a resignation letter, and we will break down the information provided in the sample for your clear understanding.

      This would be a grave error and would negatively reflect your curriculum vitae. Hence, even when your boss has apparent pitfalls, never use the letter of resignation as a means to point out flaws and dissatisfactory behaviors.


      Milan Staves
      Market Surveyor
      Daisy Milling Company
      29 Office Avenue
      Blackwell City, Louisiana 40222

      September 23, 20xx

       Joyce Goldstone          
      Senior Manager
      Daisy Milling Company
      29 Office Avenue
      Blackwell City, Louisiana 40222

      Subject: Letter of resignation for a new job promotion

      Dear Joyce,

      I have written this letter to formally inform you of my resignation as a market surveyor at Daisy Milling Company with a month’s notice. I have instead gained employment as the new Vice President of marketing in another company. I believe that this is the next step in the furtherance of my career and will help me develop more professional skills and experience. I am tendering a month’s notice and will be formally leaving the company on October 23, 20xx.

      While working at the Daisy Milling Company, I have had the opportunity to work under some of the greatest minds I know and learned to be a better and more professional marketer. It was a memorable journey for me, and I am incredibly grateful for all the years of patient mentorship that I enjoyed. I am incredibly grateful that you hired me and allowed me to grow under watchful mentors.

      I am always ready to lend a hand whenever you need my services, in my remaining time here as an employee, or in times to come. I fully intend to complete all ongoing tasks under my care and properly hand over any documents in my possession to the right people.

      I am available for the next month to clarify all questions that you may have, or you can reach me at 556-134-8742 or am so grateful for your understanding and hope to maintain our professional relationship in the future.


      Sign (on the printed letter)

      Hence, you must incorporate the following information into your resignation letter for a job as provided in the sample above.

      Provide a formal header

      This lends an official air to the letter of resignation and must be brief and direct, addressing your superiors. This informs the reader of your intent even before they scan through your document and helps to summarize your letter in a few words. This is especially important, so you must choose the wording of the formal header with much thought. In the above sample, the formal header includes the writer’s name, address, and contact, as well as the date, recipient’s details, and the subject.

      Introduce yourself by mentioning your job title

      Most companies have lots of employees, so your name might not be familiar to your superiors. However, your title gives you an identity in that organization. So, as in the sample of resignation given above, you should use your job title as a means of introduction alongside your name. This helps the reader identify your post and gives them an idea of your work, which is necessary for clarity.

      Announce the reason for resigning

      This captures your intention to leave the organization. You must clearly state this fact, as it is the main objective of the letter. As in the resignation letter for the job promotion sample provided above, you must also professionally state that you are leaving for another job opportunity and be sure to convey your seriousness about leaving your present place of employment to your superiors. When stating your reason for leaving the company, you should be brief and direct while speaking about generalities without going into the specifics of your new employment.

      Mention the specific date of resigning

      It is important to mention the specific day of resignation from work in the body of your letter. Just as in the sample above, clearly stating your resignation date helps to avoid unfounded assumptions. It shows professionalism and diligence in completing your tasks and giving some notice before resigning from your current place of employment.

      Share your plan to complete your remaining work

      As a current employee of the company, ensure that you clearly state your intention of completing your remaining work before leaving the company, just as done in the sample of resignation for job promotion provided above. In this way, you will be able to assuage the fears of leaving a void in the company and have a smooth transition to your next place of employment.

      Express your gratitude for employing you

      As shown in the sample above, polite and professional gratitude in your letter of resignation will help maintain the professional relationship between you and your superiors even when you have left the company. It is essential to be courteous because your present employment will reflect in your resume, and you may need a referral from your old place of employment.

      Sign off

      This is a vital part of the official document as it concludes and wraps off your letter, as shown in the above resignation sample. You must use the appropriate wording for closing a formal letter. This lends a professional air to your letter of resignation for a job promotion.

      Resignation Letter for Job Promotion (Samples)

      In response to a recent job promotion that marks a significant milestone in your career, here you will find carefully worded letters to formally resign from your current employment.

      sample letter

      Dear Mr. Jonathan Smith,

      I am writing to formally announce my resignation from my position as Senior Marketing Coordinator at Orion Enterprises, effective two weeks from today. This decision comes after much consideration and is due to a significant promotion opportunity that I have been offered at another firm.

      My time at Orion Enterprises has been incredibly rewarding. I have grown both professionally and personally, thanks to the supportive and dynamic environment here. I am particularly grateful for the guidance from my colleagues and the leadership team, especially your invaluable mentorship.

      I assure you of my complete commitment to ensuring a smooth transition. Over the next two weeks, I am more than willing to train my successor, Emily Johnson, and ensure that all my responsibilities are handed over seamlessly. My aim is to leave my department in the best possible state.

      I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you and Orion Enterprises for the opportunities and experiences provided to me. I am looking forward to staying in touch and hope to cross paths professionally in the future.


      Alex Richardson

      Sample [Email Format]

      Subject: Farewell and Thanks – Sarah Thompson

      Dear Mrs. Angela Martinez,

      I am writing to you with mixed emotions to announce my resignation from my role as Lead Graphic Designer at Bluebird Media, effective two weeks from today. This difficult decision follows an unexpected offer to become the Creative Director at Vertex Innovations, a role that presents a significant step forward in my career.

      During my tenure at Bluebird Media, I have been fortunate to work on groundbreaking projects and collaborate with an extraordinary team. Your mentorship, Mrs. Martinez, has been pivotal in shaping my professional path and for that, I am eternally grateful.

      To ensure a smooth transition, I will focus the next two weeks on wrapping up my projects and preparing comprehensive handover notes for my successor, Michael Benson. I am available to discuss any specific requirements you may have during this period.

      Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you and the entire team at Bluebird Media. I leave with fond memories and valuable experiences. Please stay in touch, and I hope our paths cross again in the future.

      Best Wishes,

      Sarah Thompson


      The resignation letters provided are useful in several respects, making them valuable models for anyone looking to compose a similar letter. One of their most significant strengths is the clear and direct communication of the resignation, which is crucial in setting a professional tone. The writers begin each letter by immediately stating their intention to resign, along with a specific effective date, thereby avoiding any ambiguity. This clarity is essential in a professional setting.

      Another commendable aspect is the way the writers express gratitude and acknowledge the positive experiences and growth opportunities provided by their employers. This approach not only demonstrates professionalism but also helps in maintaining positive relationships, which can be beneficial in the future. The inclusion of specific details, like mentioning mentorship and the supportive environment, adds a personal touch that reflects sincerity.

      Moreover, the offer to assist with the transition process shows a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism. By proposing to train their successors or complete ongoing projects, the writers illustrate their commitment to the organization’s continuity and success, even as they plan to depart.

      Lastly, the letters conclude on a positive note, expressing a desire to stay in touch and keep the professional relationship alive. This is a strategic move, as networking is crucial in the professional world, and leaving a job on good terms can open doors in the future.

      In summary, these letters serve as excellent examples due to their clear structure, expression of gratitude, commitment to a smooth transition, and the maintenance of professional relationships. They strike the right balance between personal expression and professional decorum, making them highly effective for their intended purpose.

      Do’s and Don’ts

      When writing a resignation letter to inform your employer about a job promotion, there are specific rules that you must abide by to have the best letter and avoid burning the bridges that may matter in the future of your career path.

      The following are guidelines for what to do and what should be avoided when writing a resignation letter:


      When writing a formal resignation letter, be sure to do the following:

      Give appropriate time notice

      At most workplaces and organizations, a resignation will require notice of two weeks or more to aid your employer in getting a replacement and give you ample time to complete your ongoing project. Hence, in your resignation letter, you should always include the letter’s date and the date of resignation.

      Use formal business letter format            

      The letter of resignation for a job promotion is an official business letter that must follow the format of business letters. This implies that the letter must include the necessary details of business letters and the outline of a business document. You must avoid writing casual and unofficial letters to your boss, even when they are friendly towards you.

      Include relevant information

      Your letter must be clear enough to leave your superior and employers with no questions about your last day on the job, your involvement with replacing your position, and your availability on the current projects you are handling. It would be best to answer all the relevant questions in your resignation letter and other questions that are likely to come up.


      This is most important because your employers will not take a document seriously with lots of errors. Hence, you must go over this letter repeatedly and involve the services of others to aid you in the proofreading of this document. This will help ensure that the information is accurate and without errors.


      You should avoid these when writing your formal letter of resignation for a job promotion:

      Negative comments about your experience

      Your letter should not contain any negative comments about your present place of employment because this causes friction in your professional relationship with your soon-to-be former employer. Instead, emphasize the enjoyable experiences that you had during the time of your stay and how the job has developed your traits as an employee.


      Do not use your letter of resignation as a platform to table your grievances and complaints that you have about your workplace or any coworker. Instead, fill your letter with relevant details about the strengths of the organization.

      Critiques of your boss

      This would be a grave error and would negatively reflect your curriculum vitae. Hence, even when your boss has apparent pitfalls, never use the letter of resignation as a means to point out flaws and dissatisfactory behaviors.

      Too much information about your new place

      Be as plain as possible about your new place of employment without divulging too much information.


      Writing a resignation letter is a taxing yet important aspect of your transition between jobs for a job promotion. It creates a delicate balance between burning bridges at your old place of employment and maintaining a professional relationship. Therefore, you must have all the help you need to write the best and most professional letter to maintain excellent relationships at your past places of employment. For this reason, this article has provided you with a sample letter of resignation for a job promotion that will serve as a guide to help you create an excellent resignation letter.

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