Sample Resignation Letter for Job Promotion (With Guide)

Resignation letter for job promotion is the type of formal letter that an employee writes to the employer to let them know of their wish to quit from the job due to better job opportunities. Everyone has a desire to move from one job group to the other. When the promotion finally comes, nobody should stop you from getting the chance. This is a common scenario with people who start their jobs at the internship level. Even as you write such a letter, you should always do it professionally, even if the recipient is your friend.

Writing Tips

As you plan to resign, remember you have learned a lot during your stay in the firm. You should, therefore, ensure that you do the letter in the best way possible. Here are some of the tips to use:

1. Give at least a two-week notice

You don’t write a resignation letter without notice simply because you have come across a job promotion. This would mean that you are taking your current employer for granted. Therefore, write the letter at least two weeks before the day you plan to report for the last time.

2. Use an appropriate format

Based on the relationship that you have with your ex-boss to be, you may be tempted to write a very casual letter for resigning. This would be very wrong. Ensure you make it as official as you would do when asking for a job.

3. Include all the relevant information

The information should include the last date you would wish to report, your willingness to assist during the transition, and probably how you would want to make your department optimal before you leave. If you omit any of this information, you may not give the employer an easy time for the transition.

4. Be grateful for the season you have worked

Even as you leave, you should have in mind that your current position is giving you an upper hand in getting the promotion. Therefore, appreciate the employer for the season you have served in the firm and for the lessons you have learned. Even if there is something that did not amuse you in the firm, it is not the time to complain. Avoid any negative complaint as you resign.

Sample Resignation Letter for a Job Promotion

Rollan Junior
PO.BOX 12345-001

Dear Sir/Madam,


I take this opportunity to appreciate you for giving me a chance to be part of your employee from 20XX to date. I have had a good time, learning a lot. The privileges I got while working here were a great motivation for me. However, I feel it is time that I quit this organization.

I have gotten some promotion in a different organization, and I am thinking of considering it if you allow me. I will work on 4th Dec as my last day. Before then, I am willing to update my files, prepare my team members for the transition, and to do any other thing you would wish to be done in my department before I leave.

I am as well willing to be contacted in any way after I have left. I hope that you will get a better replacement for me. You are a great employer.

Thank you
Sincerely Rollan

Resignation Letter for a Job Promotion (Word Format)

Resignation Letter Email Example


I hope this letter finds you well. Thank you so much for allowing me to belong to this firm as an employee. I have learned a lot. Through this job, I have made a proper career foundation. However, change is inevitable. It is time that I feel I should quit this firm. I have been considered to fill a higher position in a given firm, and I think of accepting the offer if you allow me.

In this regard, I think that 4th Dec should be my last reporting day. Before then, however, I am willing to give the company a smooth transition. I am working on my database to have it updated. I will also prepare my team members for the change. I am open to being engaged further for a smooth transition and also to be contacted after I have left.

Thank you
Regards Rollan

Resignation Email for a Job Promotion (Word Format)