Sorority Recommendation Letter Examples (Free Templates)

Fraternities and sororities were formed to develop social interaction and to enhance cooperation and healthy competition for the people who have common interests, similar upbringings, habits and likings, social tastes, and intellect level.

Sororities are independent friendship organizations of female students in colleges and universities.

It is a privilege to be a member of a sorority. All members are expected to demonstrate their finest personal qualities.

Members of the sorority promote cultural interests, provide services, take part in campus activities, group interaction, promote friendships and work to improve themselves.

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    Sorority Recommendation Letter

    A sorority letter of recommendation is a document used to introduce a woman’s application into a specific sorority or women’s fraternity. Some sororities don’t need a letter of recommendation but, those that do, demand that the letter must be penned by an alumna of the said body the applicant desires to join.

    Remember: A letter of recommendation is only an introduction. It does not guarantee that the applicant will be admitted to the sorority.

    However, a letter of recommendation does give an advantage to the applicant seeking membership to the sorority.

    Every sorority organization has a specific date of the recruitment process. The applicant must follow the recruitment process deadline via the sorority website and through the recruitment office or the campus office.

    The candidate must start the application process at least a month before the recruitment application is invited. The recommender may also put a deadline to the writing of the recommendation letter. The candidate should keep a track of all deadlines associated with the recruitment process.

    The objective of the letter of recommendation is to illuminate the positive aspects and past accomplishments of the applicant. Moreover, to help and to convince the committee to give due consideration to aspiring candidates.

    The sorority committee explores women who will preserve the principles and challenges ascribed to membership, and how the candidate plans to be a proactive and engaged member of the sorority chapter.

    What is the purpose of a sorority recommendation letter?

    The main intent of a sorority recommendation letter is to explain the qualities, competence, and attributes of a woman. This includes such as;

    • Levels of education
    • Academic standings
    • Beliefs, outlook, and behavior towards life and work
    • Character
    • And, any other accomplishment in extracurricular activities, sports, or scholarships that an organization might want to furnish before granting membership.

    Things to be Included

    As a rule, a sorority recommendation letter contains 4-5 paragraphs which are divided into an introduction, 2-3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Furthermore, the letter always begins with a salutation ‘’ To Whom It May Concern’’. The letter should contain the following information;

    At the start, the recommender should write her name and identity. The recommender should mention her past achievements, full name, and membership details. Then, she has to cite the period of how long she has been a member of this organization.

    In the second section, the recommender states what the affiliation between her and the applicant is and the organization where they met. She should also exemplify how qualified she is to write a recommendation letter to introduce the applicant to the sorority chapter.

    The essence of the letter is where the recommender has to accentuate how the applicant qualifies to be considered to become a member of the sorority. The recommender highlights scrupulously the academic achievements, past work experience, character of the applicant, hobbies, and other relevant information. The intent is to endorse the candidate to the sorority examining committee by presenting her outstanding qualities

    The concluding statements are of only 2-4 sentences. The writer should end the letter by giving closing remarks that state the recommender’s support for the applicant. At the bottom the writer signs followed by her contact information.

    Writing the Sorority Recommendation Letter

    • A brief account of how the candidate and recommender know one another. It can be work-related, academic, or family association.
    • A draft of the candidate’s statement regarding her personality, beliefs, and overall attitude toward life and work. A brief description of the applicant’s goals and plans.
    • Academic grades/evaluations, awards, high achievement certificates in academic/sports, and proof of other extracurricular activities at the campus.
    • Resume stating the work experience of the candidate, and any relevant information the candidate wants the recommender to address in the letter.
    • Hobbies show the creative nature of the individual. The inclusion of hobbies in the recommendation letter creates more interest. The candidate must provide details regarding her hobby, like the display of any creative artistic work or dance performance. Any outstanding award in debating, drama/theatre, or sports excellence award.
    • Applicant’s current contact information, so that recommender can contact the candidate if necessary.
    • The name, title, Sorority/organization, and address of the person to whom the letter should be addressed.
    • The exact mailing address to which the letter should be sent. Some sorority organizations require that letters be sent in sealed and signed envelopes, which the candidate submit with the rest of the application. Others want recommenders to mail letters directly to them. The candidate should ensure to follow all directions and inform the recommender accordingly.
    • If necessary, provide postage stamps, address stickers, stationery, and envelopes. Some recommenders may prefer to use their letterhead for correspondence.

    Samples and Examples of Sorority Recommendation Letter

    Below are few sample letters for better understanding:

    Example 1:

    To whom it may concern,


    I am an alumnus of the prestigious Harvey Mudd College, California, and also a holder of the Kappa Kappa Gamma by virtue of having excelled in the Liberal Arts. My former high school pal, Ms. Rebecca Claremont, is also a sharp and astute liberal arts graduate.

    She undertook her studies at the little-known yet rigorous Bates College, Maine where she graduated with honors, just like I did. In light of this, I ask that you consider her also to receive and enter this wonderful sorority.

    Other than excellent academic track records, Ms. Rebecca has also demonstrated higher levels of tolerance of divergent opinions. In all, her charm, graceful character, conduct are unparalleled. This I believe will make her blend well with the rest of us and contribute to the furtherance of our society.

    Kindly grant her this wonderful opportunity!



    Amanda Jones

    (304) 880-5443

    Example 2:

    To whom it may concern,


    It is with great joy and ecstasy that I recommend Catherine Blaise for membership into our sorority Pi Beta Phi. I am a staunch believer in the development of women and their leadership skills. She has exhibited all the traits which are necessary and proper for consideration in our organization. Among these are exceptional leadership skills, unparalleled integrity, and top-notch honesty.


    Throughout our time in college, Catherine received positive reviews and awards from tutors and sports coaches alike. This included the coveted ‘Best Female College Athlete ESPY Award.’ Coupled with these are her inordinate passion for assisting those with special needs. This is mainly evidenced by her devotion to volunteer work.


    With all these excellent track records, I am left with no option but to recommend her for admissions to our sorority with passion. It is also my plea that you will recognize the potentially positive contributions she will most likely bring on board.




    Vivienne Rosaline,

    (717) 455-2201

    Example 3:

    To Whom It May Concern

    It gives me immense pleasure to introduce Miss Stefanie to this chapter of Robert College Sorority. I am Julia Thomas, my association with this prestigious sorority goes back to 2008 when I was doing my MS in the Department of Economics. My relationship as a teacher with Miss Stefanie started at Edison High School where she was doing her Cambridge O and A levels studies.

    During my interaction with Miss Stefanie, I found her to be very industrious. She always maintained her top position in all her exams and has graduated with commendable grades. Not only me but all the other teachers spoke of her in high esteem. Apart from being an excellent pupil she was a good orator and was always in the top three of all the debating competitions.

    Miss Stefanie participated in volunteer work which shows her humble and empathetic personality. She displays acceptance toward race and color and believes in women’s empowerment. Miss Stefanie is lucky enough to be enrolled in freshmen year at Robert College and is desirous to be part of this esteem sorority.

    Miss Stefanie is hardworking and wishes to pursue higher studies. Her pleasing personality and confident nature make her a perfect candidate. With her zeal and compassion, she will certainly prove to be an asset to this organization.


    Julia Thomas

    Senior Headmistress

    Edison High School


    Professional Tips for Writing

    Following are a few professional tips to be considered:

    Brief and concise

    The recommender should be precise and straightforward. There should be no superfluous and needless usage of lauding phrases. The letter should in active voice, no extra nouns, and avoid unnecessary wordy language.

    Address properly

    The letter of recommendation is of significant importance for the applicant. If wrongly addressed it will not reach the membership office before the application deadline and it will lose its purpose. The applicant should ensure to provide the exact contact details to whom the letter of recommendation is to be delivered.

    Proofread for errors

    It is very imperative for the recommender to proofread the letter before dispatching. Every line should be carefully checked using a ruler to avoid any mistakes. A letter without proofreading will have errors and it will cast a bad impression on the applicant on the judging committee.  


    We gather that the sorority recommendation letter highlights the attributes and past accomplishments of the applicant. It should be concise and formal. The Recommendation letter should be written in a way that reflects the positive aspects of the candidate’s personality.

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