Sorority Recommendation Letter (Sample Letters & Examples)

What is “Sorority Recommendation Letter? This is a letter which is drafted with the aim of stating just how qualified a woman is to join a sorority chapter or organization. Many organizations of these kinds require that the letter be drafted by an alumna of the said body. The letter is required almost exclusively by the sorority organizations which the applicant wishes to join and be a part of. It mainly proves that the applicant has the bare minimum qualities necessary for joining the stated institution. As stated above, it is drafted by an alumna of the institution in question. Almost always, the letter comes in when an applicant wants to join the sorority organization. Other than this, it has almost no use or applicability elsewhere.

What is the purpose of this Letter”?

It demonstrates the qualifications, competence and the attributes of the applicant. These include the levels of education, academic accomplishments, attitudes, characters, and any other special achievements which the admissions committee might want to be furnished prior to granting membership.

What to include?

The letter comprises 4-5 paragraphs which are broken down to the introduction, main body and conclusion. This letter itself contains the following information:

Name and Identity of the Recommender

The recommender i.e. the one who is actually drafting this letter starts by stating her name, past achievements and membership details. She then goes ahead to state the duration of time she has been a member of this organization and in what capacity.

Familiarly with the Applicant 

In this second segment, the recommender states how she is related to the applicant. Here, she says when and where they met. Then, she goes ahead to demonstrate to the admissions committee how qualified she is to draft such a letter on behalf of the applicant.

Applicant’s Qualifications

This is the crux of the letter. It is at this stage that the recommender demonstrates how the applicant fits the organization and its ideals. The recommender will typically go at great lengths to demonstrate the academic achievements, past work experiences, and the character of the applicant which makes her qualified for considerations.

Parting Shots

In this last stage, the recommender states how she recommends the applicant. Is it enthusiastically, with reservations, or hesitantly? She may leave the contact details for further follow-up and confirmations if necessary.

Sorority Recommendation Letter Samples

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Sorority Recommendation Letter Examples

Example 1:

To whom it may concern,


I am an alumnus of the prestigious Harvey Mudd College, California and also a holder of the Kappa Kappa Gamma by virtue of having excelled in the Liberal Arts. My former high school pal, Ms. Rebecca Claremont, is also a sharp and astute liberal arts graduate.

She undertook her studies at the little-known yet rigorous Bates College, Maine where she graduated with honors, just like I did. In light of this, I ask that you consider her also to receive and enter this wonderful sorority.

Other than excellent academic track records, Ms. Rebecca has also demonstrated higher levels of tolerance of divergent opinions. In all, her charm, graceful character, conduct are unparalleled. This I believe will make her blend well with the rest of us and contribute to the furtherance of our society.

Kindly grant her this wonderful opportunity!


Amanda Jones
(304) 880-5443
[email protected]

Example 2:

To whom it may concern,


It is with great joy and ecstasy that I recommend Catherine Blaise for membership into our sorority Pi Beta Phi. I am a staunch believer in the development of women and their leadership skills. She has exhibited all the traits which are necessary and proper for consideration into our organization. Among these are exceptional leadership skills, unparalleled integrity, and topnotch honesty.


Throughout our time in college, Catherine received positive reviews and awards from tutors and sports coaches alike. This included the coveted ‘Best Female College Athlete ESPY Award.’ Coupled with these are her inordinate passion for assisting those with special needs. This is mainly evidenced by her devotion to volunteer work.


With all these excellent track records, I am left with no option but to recommend her for admissions to our sorority with passion. It is also my plea that you will recognize the potentially positive contributions she will most likely bring on board.




Vivienne Rosaline,
(717) 455-2201
[email protected]

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