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Personal Training is private training to keep fit and healthy. One can involve a personal, professional trainer to help him/her with their training workout. A personal trainer is a professional with different knowledge to carry out and instruct on different steps of keeping fit and exercising. The training receipt is a document showing that the trainee paid money to the trainer as payment made for the training services. Training receipts help to keep records and track of payments made by each client.

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free Sample Training Receipt Template

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Free Sample Training Receipt PDF

    When is the Personal Training Receipt Used?

    A personal training invoice is used by a personal trainer to bill his/her clients for the training services and instructions provided. The payment can be made before training begins or after the training session. Personal trainers can be classified in different ways. The following are different types of personal trainers that can use training receipts.

    Yoga instructor: This is a personal trainer who provides instructions on how to connect your breathe while engaging yourself to be physical and mental exercises.

    Personal trainer: This is an individual with a general knowledge of keeping fit and healthy.

    Fitness instructor: It is an individual that gives instructions of keeping fit to individuals or groups.

    Strength coaches: This is a physical and fitness professional who provides exercise instructions to improve the fitness and physical strength of an individual.

    Holistic personal trainers: Holistic trainers are more than physical, fitness or even strength trainers. Holistic training is usually deeper than other training. It involves training the mind first and addressing body emotions before training to keep fit, healthy and shape. The client’s emotions and attitude affect the results of the physical training. A holistic personal trainer helps you change your attitude and balance your emotions to the workouts you are engaged to achieve the best results.

    Pilates trainers: This is an individual that instructs specialized exercises, meditation and stretching to their clients to build strength and flexibility. Pirates trainers also need training receipts to manage their client’s payments.

    Athletic trainers: These are certified professional individuals that prevent, examine, and treat bone and muscle injuries during sports.

    Dancing instructors: A dancing instructor is a person who trains people with different dance techniques and dramatic skills. Dancing instructors can specialize in different types of dances like salsa.

    Common Billing Methods of Personal Trainers

    1. The first method trainers can use to bill their clients can be based on per-session billing. This is where the clients pay either before the training session or after.
    2. Another method is package-based billing. In most training classes, the trainer divides the session into different packages. The trainer can choose to bill their clients per those packages.
    3. Finally, the month-to-month billing. This is where the client pays at the end of the training month.

    The Contents of Training Receipts

    Company details: This includes the name of the person who receives the money on behalf of the company, the company name, and the company address.

    Date and time: The date and time the payment was made are a must content in a training receipt.

    Client details: This includes the client’s name, address, and phone number.

    Package details: This section is divided into three packages. Each section consists of the amount paid, the trainer name, and the weekly, monthly and yearly dates respectively to the three packages.

    Signature: Finally, the name of who received and his/her signature.

    Bonus: If you are a trainer, you might be interested in our free workout log templates.


    Many trainers prefer the cash payment method for the training services provided, no matter the method of billing. Cash transactions are difficult to keep track of, and so trainers need a training receipt to help them keep the payment records for their clients. We offer a free training receipt template that can help you to keep a good track of your client’s payments.

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