Sample Authorization Letter to Collect Money on My Behalf

Getting money from the bank is a hassle in itself, but it can become more challenging when you can’t go get it in person. Many people will send someone in their place to collect money, but banks can easily decline this person if they don’t trust that they’re directly related to the bank account holder. Having an authorization letter can help tremendously with this.

A letter like this helps the bank to know that you’ve giving this person permission to access your account and make deposits and withdraw funds. This keeps controversy and complications at bay.

This is a formal document, so remember to type it, as the bank most likely won’t accept a handwritten letter. Keep a proper, formal tone throughout the letter and don’t make it too long and drawn out. Make sure that your letter has all necessary authorization letter contents and you get straight to the point to keep a steady business feel.

Sample Authority Letter to Operate Bank Account (Collect Money)

John Wilson
845 Magnolia Rd
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801

August 5, 2018

Olivia Perish
1027 1st St
Lake Charles, Louisiana 70605

Dear Ms. Perish,

I am writing this document in regards to my account number 745952 with your bank. I am currently on an important business trip and will not be back for several days. I ask that my wife, Vera Wilson, be assigned as representative over my account during my absence.

Please allow Vera to make deposits, withdraw money, and have full access to my account. I also have a safety deposit box, please let her have access to that as well.

I appoint Vera Wilson at 845 Magnolia Rd. Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801 to handle my banking. You can reach me on my cell phone at 337-458-8752 if you have any further questions. I look forward to continuing my services with your bank.

John Wilson


Sample Authorization Letter to Withdraw Money

Richard Brown
48 Clover Road
London- BBND 3LK
Contact No.: 4652748362
Savings A/C No.: 5481567494


The Manager
XYZ Bank,
London- UE5H7JU

Sub: Authorization to withdraw money

Dear Sir,

I, the undersigned, hold a savings account under the number 4652748362. I need to withdraw £5000 pounds from my account. However, I am due for surgery and cannot come to the bank to withdraw the money myself. I understand the amount I wish to withdraw is not small and I am the only one authorized to collect the money. Therefore, I state that my son, Mr. William Henry Brown to pull the mentioned amount from my savings. I hope that this letter is adequate in authorizing my son to access my account. I am sure you will take the appropriate actions.

Feel free to contact me on my cell number listed above. You can email me at

Attached below is the photocopy of my consent form.

Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Richard Brown

Authorization Letter Template (for Collection of Money on Your Behalf)

Below there is a template to help you form your own authorization letter:

(Your name)
(Your address)

(Manager’s Name/Bank)
(Bank Address)
(Bank Location)

Dear (Sir,Madam)

I, (Your Name) have a account with your bank under the number (Bank Account No.). I need to withdraw (Money amount) from my account. I cannot come to the bank myself to collect this money because (Explain reasoning here).

I hereby authorize (Name) to have access to my account, make deposits, and withdraw money.

I hope you accept this letter of authorization and allow (Name) to make the necessary changes to my account.

(Your Name)

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Authorization Letter Template to Collect Money from Bank

Sample Authorization Letter to Collect Money on My Behalf