15 Free Accountant Reference Letter Templates (Guide & Tips)

In the career world now and then people move from one organization to another. To facilitate this, chances are as a supervisor, you will be required to write them a reference letter. For most people, this is something they just do not know how to write. This article serves to help you out by giving you adequate information on how to write an accountant reference letter and to help you draft one for an employee or even a colleague.

What is an Accountant Reference Letter?

Certified accountants require reference letters to use in their applications for graduate school as well as for jobs. The reference letter is written to state the skills possessed by the accountant as well as their character, the experience they have, and the various achievements they have made concerning their accounting career.

Who Can Write This Letter?

The Accountant Reference Letter may be written by supervisors; in this case, the employers may be current supervisors or former supervisors. They may also be written by co-workers as well as customers who have had first-hand experience with the accountant in question and know about their traits. The accountant reference letters may also be written by other accounting professionals who have interacted first-hand with the accountant.

What Should be Included in It?

An accounting reference letter should contain more than two paragraphs of information, as a short letter might signify that the author does not know the one they are writing about very well. It might also signify that the author does not completely endorse the accountant they are writing about:

  1. The letter should be concise, straight to the point, and focus on key points to ensure it isn’t more than one page.
  2. The author should introduce themselves in the first few lines to outline their position in the company as well as their relationship with the accountant that they are writing about. The author should also indicate how long they have worked with the candidate (accountant).
  3. The other lines should contain information such as:
    • The applicant’s job title as well as the position they hold within the company.
    • The status of the applicant’s employment includes current employment, previous employment, and the nature of their current employment, in this case full-time, temporary, or part-time.
    • The dates that pertain to the applicant’s employment.
    • The author should include their judgment on the applicant’s abilities as well as their qualities.
    • The author should end positively and make a statement recommending the applicant for a position. The author should indicate their willingness to trust the accountant with their finances at any time or have an accountant work on their future projects.
    • The author should express faith in the accountant’s integrity.
    • The writer should also include their contact information for further correspondence about the applicant.

Free Template for a Reference Letter for an Accountant

[Your Full Name]  

[Your Position/Title]  

[Your Company/Organization Name]  

[Your Company Address]  

[City, State, Zip Code]  

[Your Email Address]  

[Your Phone Number]  


[Recipient’s Name or Hiring Manager’s Name]  

[Recipient’s Position/Title]  

[Company/Organization Name the Accountant is Applying to]  

[Company Address]  

[City, State, Zip Code]

Subject: Professional Reference for [Accountant’s Full Name]

Dear [Recipient’s Name or Hiring Manager’s Title],

I am writing to provide a professional reference for [Accountant’s Full Name], who has applied for the [Position Title, e.g., Senior Accountant] position at [Company/Organization Name the Accountant is Applying to]. As [Your Position/Title] at [Your Company/Organization Name], I had the pleasure of working with [Accountant’s Full Name] for [Duration of Employment] and am confident in recommending [him/her/them] for this role.

During [his/her/their] tenure with us, [Accountant’s Full Name] consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and an unwavering commitment to accuracy and detail in all aspects of accounting work. [His/Her/Their] responsibilities included [list key responsibilities], and [he/she/they] performed these with utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Key strengths that [Accountant’s Full Name] brings to an accounting role include:

Expertise in Financial Reporting: [He/She/They] has a strong grasp of financial reporting standards and consistently produces accurate and timely reports.

Analytical Skills: [His/Her/Their] ability to analyze financial data and provide insightful recommendations has been invaluable in our decision-making processes.

Proficiency in Accounting Software: [He/She/They] is highly proficient in [list relevant accounting software, e.g., QuickBooks, SAP].

Team Collaboration and Leadership: [Accountant’s Full Name] is a team player and has shown leadership in collaborative projects, often going above and beyond to meet team objectives.

[Accountant’s Full Name]’s professional approach, combined with [his/her/their] dedication to continuous learning and development in the field of accounting, makes [him/her/them] an excellent candidate for the [Position Title] role at your organization.

I am confident that [Accountant’s Full Name] will be a valuable asset to your team and contribute significantly to your organization’s financial management and success. Please feel free to contact me at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address] should you require any further information or insights regarding [his/her/their] qualifications and abilities.

Thank you for considering this reference. I am certain that [Accountant’s Full Name] will exceed your expectations and deliver outstanding results in [his/her/their] new role.


[Your Full Name]  

[Your Position/Title]  

[Your Company/Organization Name]

Sample Accountant Reference Letter

Subject: Professional Reference for Sarah Johnson

Dear Ms. Robertson,

I am pleased to provide a professional reference for Sarah Johnson, who has applied for the Senior Accountant position at Brighton Accounting Services. As the Chief Financial Officer at Greenwood Enterprises, I had the privilege of working closely with Sarah for over four years, where she consistently demonstrated exceptional technical proficiency and an unwavering commitment to accounting excellence.

  • Sarah’s role as a Lead Accountant in our organization involved a wide range of responsibilities, requiring a deep understanding of advanced accounting principles and practices. Her key contributions include:
  • Sarah played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of sophisticated financial models for revenue forecasting and risk assessment, which significantly improved our predictive capabilities and financial planning accuracy.
  • She was instrumental in ensuring our compliance with federal and state tax laws, as well as GAAP and IFRS standards. Sarah’s meticulous approach to regulatory reporting, including SEC filings, was crucial in maintaining our company’s strong compliance record.
  • Sarah led several initiatives to strengthen our internal controls, reducing inefficiencies and mitigating financial risks. Her keen eye for detail was invaluable during internal and external audits, where she effectively liaised with auditors to ensure transparent and compliant financial practices.
  • Proficient in advanced ERP systems, Sarah was a key figure in the integration and optimization of our financial systems, including SAP and Oracle. Her ability to leverage technology for financial management greatly enhanced our operational efficiency.
  • Beyond her technical skills, Sarah was a respected leader in our accounting department. She mentored junior accountants and managed cross-functional teams in high-stakes projects, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and professional growth.

Sarah’s departure is a significant loss for our team, but I am excited about the potential impact she can have at Brighton Accounting Services. Her blend of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and leadership skills makes her an exceptional candidate for the Senior Accountant position.

Please feel free to contact me at (555) 234-5678 or via email at michael.harris@greenwoodent.com for any further information. I am happy to provide more insights into Sarah’s professional abilities and accomplishments.

Thank you for considering this reference. I am confident that Sarah will be a tremendous asset to your team and contribute significantly to your organization’s success.


Michael Harris  

Chief Financial Officer  

Greenwood Enterprises

What Should Not be Included in the Letter?

You should avoid writing informally. In this case, the letter should remain business-like devoid of jokes and slang, as they might limit the applicant’s chances.

You should avoid including personal information that is irrelevant to the application. Information such as religion, race, age, nationality, or marital status should not be included.

You should avoid spelling mistakes or typos, as the letter should remain professional as it’s a very important letter.

The Do’s (When Having Someone Write Your Accountant’s Reference Letter)

  • Choose someone who knows you well enough.
  • Ask someone in person rather than via email.
  • Mention specific experience, skills, and qualifications that you would want to be included in the

The Don’ts

  • Don’t ask someone to provide false information about you.
  • Don’t choose someone because of their titles but because they know you.
  • Don’t wait till the last minute; secure the letter in advance.

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