Administrative Assistant Cover Letter: 14 Best Sample + Tips


If you want to apply for the post of administrative assistant, you should write a cover letter. The administrative assistant cover letter will then be attached with the resume, which will be submitted to the company’s hiring manager in which you are going to apply for the job. In addition, writing a cover letter for the job position of an administrative assistant will allow you to explain some details that could not be mentioned in the resume.

 If the administrative assistant cover letter is written appropriately, your chances of being hired will be more than the other candidates. So, you should make enough effort while writing it if you want your cover letter to lead you towards the interview for the post of administrative assistant.

Pre Considerations

The pre-planning will help you write the cover letter for the administrative assistant effectively. So following things should be considered in this process:

Find the right person to contact

It would be best to find out the exact name of that person who will have the authority of hiring the new employees for the post of administrative assistant. In some cases, the name of the hiring employer is mentioned at the end of the job description. Otherwise, you should try to contact the company to know the name of the hiring employer. As an administrative assistant, the employer’s name will add a personalized effect to your cover letter.

Research the company

You should also do some research regarding the work mode of the company in which you are going to apply as an administrative assistant. It will help you gather the information that can be incorporated into the cover letter after modifying it according to your skills. In addition, this research about the company can help you in many ways to show that you know about the company’s functioning process.

How to Format?

The administrative assistant cover letter is a formal document and should be written professionally by following the proper writing format. This cover letter can be formatted by following the given guidelines:

  • Margins on all sides of the page should be 1 inch.
  • Left alignment should be set as default for the whole document.
  • Professional font styles, such as Calibri, Times New Roman, Ariel, etc., must be used.
  • Line spacing should be 1 or 1.5.
  • Information should be provided in the form of separate paragraphs, and there should be enough space between the two paragraphs so that they can be differentiated easily.

The following information should be included stepwise in the cover letter for the job of an administrative assistant:


The header is an essential part of any letter as it contains information about the sender and the recipient. First, you will mention your full name and contact information, including the contact number and email address. Then the date of submitting your cover letter for an administrative assistant will be written on it.

Next, the name of the recipient will be mentioned in the cover letter along with their post and the address of the company. The subject line for the letter should be written in unambiguous terms, after which the professional salutation remarks will be added.


The starting paragraph will be an important one in your cover letter for the post of administrative assistant. It should be strong enough to grab the attention of the reader quickly. Moreover, this paragraph should be attractive enough that the hiring employer read it till the end.


This section explains other relevant details about you, such as why you feel fit for the specific job position, your academic background, skills, experiences, and other achievements. You can also talk about the facts based on which you have chosen to apply to that company. Mentioning these details in the cover letter can help the employer get a better idea about why to hire you for the post of administrative assistant in their company.


The conclusion of the letter is also essential as the introduction. The concluding lines of your cover letter should be attractive enough for the hiring manager reading it. While signing off, you should include any call-to-action statement for arranging a meeting or making a phone call. Then your signature should also be there at the end of the cover letter for the post of administrative assistant.

Writing an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Some essential components should be carefully considered while writing the cover letter for an administrative assistant. Following things need to be considered in this regard:

State the purpose by identifying the position you are applying for

There can be multiple vacancies available in a particular company, so you must explain the purpose of writing by specifying the name of that job position for which you are writing the cover letter. Writing this detail in the introductory paragraph will be essential so that the employer can understand what the cover letter is about.

Mention referral (if there is someone)

If any person refers you for a particular job position, you should mention that person’s name in the first paragraph of your cover letter. It will help the employer in recognizing you as the referred candidate.

Write about the relevant job experience and your role

If you have experience working in the same field, you should mention the number of years you have worked, the company’s name, and your previous role as an employee. It will strengthen your administrative assistant cover letter as you will have experience working in the relevant field.

Discuss your training

It is essential to include the details of your academic qualifications and any training program attended by you in the cover letter for administrative assistant. Adding the point of training sessions will be a plus point for your cover letter.

Highlight your administrative and interpersonal skills

There are specific duties and responsibilities associated with an administrative assistant’s position. Administrative and interpersonal skills are required to be possessed by an administrative assistant to develop positive relationships with the team members and the potential clients.

Some of the administrative skills may include the knowledge of data entry, how to deal with clients and customers via phone call, management of all the inventories, proceeding of bill payments, and keeping the record of everything in a well-managed way. In addition to these, some interpersonal skills such as better communication, dealing with people, doing multiple tasks simultaneously, collaborating, and problem-solving attitude are all essential to be mentioned in the administrative assistant cover letter.

Tip: You might have more skills, but you should only add those skills in the cover letter for an administrative assistant that are required according to the description of that job ad. It will give the employer a better chance to recognize how you can be a suitable candidate for this job position.

Explain why you want to work here

The main reason you are applying for the administrative assistant job position should be mentioned in the cover letter. You can relate this job post with the skills and goals you want to achieve in the professional field. Most importantly, you can write about some of the facts by which your skills can be fruitful for the company.

Call to action

In the end, you should mention that you will be waiting for their response and can indicate that they can contact you via phone call or through email also.

Thank them for their time to read your letter

It will be good to add thankful comments at the end of the administrative assistant cover letter. Adding such comments will express your gratitude towards the employer for sparing their time to read your cover letter.

Tip: The cover letter can be personalized by writing the company’s name in the body of the cover letter to which you are applying as an administrative assistant. It will also show your dedication towards getting a particular job position in that company.

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter (Template & Samples)

A template for how to write the cover letter for an administrative assistant has been provided below so that all the components can be incorporated easily:


 [Your Name]
[Your address]
[Your contact number]
[Your email address]

[Date of writing the letter]

[Recipient’s name]
[Recipient’s office address]
[Recipient’s contact number]
[Recipient’s email address]

Subject: [mention the subject of the letter]

Respected [Recipient’s name],

I am writing this letter to apply for the post of [Mention the name of post] in your [Write the name of company]. I have working experience of [Mention the duration of the previous job] as an administrative assistant in a well-reputed company [Write the name of previous company].

I have complete knowledge regarding the arrangements of meetings and making travel plans for the company’s staff. These skills are necessary for a company to improve day by day. I believe that any problem can be solved by [Write your skills] while working on a particular project.

I have seen the job ad for [Name of post for which you are applying] in your office, and I thought it to be an excellent opportunity for me to be a part of your company’s team. Furthermore, I have always been very interested in arranging different events and managing all the things related to an event, so my passion led me to choose the administrative assistant field. Therefore, I have selected this field because of my interest in this area.

I will be very grateful to you if you consider me a suitable candidate for this job position. I have attached my resume along with it also. You can contact me whenever you want to, or arrange an interview in this regard so that everything can be discussed in detail.

With best regards,



25 June, 20xx

John Becker
General Manager
Mercy Corps Company
1312 Adjunct St.
Yellowstone, NY 11032

Dear Mr. Becker,

I write this letter to express my interest in working as an administrative assistant for your company. Over the last five years, I have had an impressive career as an administrative assistant at Give way technologies.

If you decide to hire me for this position, you stand to gain due to the following strengths:

Extensive experience in the following administrative duties: office management, executive support, customer care, billing / invoicing, document preparation, payroll administration, meetings development and coordination, and project support.

Computer expertise with competence in all basic MS Office programs, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook.

A track record of office admiration systems, processes, and workflow

Excellent multitasking skills, including managing high-profile projects, assignments, meetings, and developing workable solutions to problems affecting your business.

I promise to dedicate my time and energy as an administrative assistant to grow your business. Please contact me via (211) 444-4444 or email me at [email protected]

I am thanking you for your time and consideration.


Phillip Toss

Sample [Email Format]

Subject: Administrative Assistant – Jane Marvel

Dear Mr. Diamond,

About your listing for an administrative assistant in your company, I, with this, submit my application. I have known Abase Supplies for close to seven years as a leading business in the City.

In the past six years, I have been an administrative assistant as American Today supplies Ltd. This opportunity has helped to shape me in all aspects of office administration. In my previous role, I was tasked with managing and ordering office supplies, accounting, scheduling appointments, welcoming and assisting customers, creating and updating inventories.

While at American Today supplies Ltd, I was working closely with all departments chiefly, among them being the marketing department where it was a crucial player in the successful launching and coordination of marketing campaigns. As a result, in the last three years, we have recorded a growth of 34%, 45%, and 36 %, respectively.

My experience in my previous role has been instrumental in polishing my organization, time management, problem-solving, proofreading, and editing skills.

I will be glad to meet you for a discussion on this administrative assistant position. I believe I have what it takes to replicate incredible results at Abase Supplies.


Jane Marvel

[email protected]

(232) 220-1144

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    Cover Letter Writing Tips

    Considering some of the additional points in your mind will help you write the cover letter for administrative assistant in a more effective manner. So following strategies should be observed in this regard:

    Don’t be too general

    The cover letter for the administrative assistant post should be brief. You should only talk about the specific job position. It would be best to stay focused on the relevant information only.

    Include examples to justify your skills

    You can also mention some examples from your previous job so that the skills mentioned in the cover letter for the administrative assistant can be justified. In addition, you can write about any event managed by you arranged in the previous company or any other such kind of experience.

    Match your letter with the job description

    You should ensure that the cover letter is written by following the company’s requirements as mentioned in the job description. Then, after carefully reading all the details, it will reflect that you have decided to apply for the administrative assistant job position.

    Avoid generic greetings

    The generic greetings such as “To whom it may concern”, “Respected Sir”, “Respected Madam,” etc., should be avoided. Instead, if you know the person who will be responsible for the hiring process, you should address them by writing their name in the cover letter.


    You should look at the whole document once it has been written. The proofreading process will allow you to trace any grammatical and sentence structure mistakes that can be resolved once identified. Moreover, it will also help you identify the areas where some information is not relevant. Therefore, the factor of proofreading your cover letter being written for the administrative post will be critical.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a good objective for an administrative assistant cover letter?

    The objective of writing an administrator assistant cover letter is to write some details related to the information mentioned in the resume and reflect your personal opinion about the particular job position you are applying for.

    How do you start an administrative assistant cover letter?

    The administrative assistant cover letter should be started by mentioning everything appropriately in the header. It will include your full name, contact information, and date. The name of the recipient and their complete contact details will also be written at the start. Then the subject line and salutation remarks will be added.

    Which administrative assistant’s technical and complex skills can be included?

    The technical skills for an administrative assistant may include using MS Office for data entry, managing the history of the records, using different software associated with the accounting and project management, etc. Other skills may also include effective communication over phone calls and in-person, doing multiple tasks, and collaborating with all the team members.

    How do you end an administrative cover letter?

    The cover letter for the post of administrative assistant must be ended gracefully. For this purpose, you should thank the employer for sparing their time to read your cover letter. So thanking them in advance will create a good image in front of them.

    How do you sell yourself in a cover letter?

    Selling yourself in a cover letter refers to the fact that you will mention why you are a suitable candidate for their company. It involves writing about those possible positive changes that you can bring to the company by using your skills for contributing to different areas of the company.

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