Immediate Resignation Letter Samples

No one can dispute the fact that ‘we don’t live in a perfect world.’ In other words, circumstances are always bound to intervene at one time or the other in our lives. When such sudden circumstances occur, sometimes the best thing we can do is to leave our jobs immediately, even if it’s not ideal. An immediate resignation letter enables you to quit your job without necessarily providing your boss with a two-week notice. The majority of people lack words to use when confronting their boss about their emergence exit. Therefore, if you find yourself in such a situation, you need not panic. Read on and find the best guidelines that will make you write a smooth immediate resignation letter.

Guidelines for writing an Immediate Resignation Letter

Section 1- Formal Letterhead

The first thing you should consider is to write your resignation letter on your official letterhead. You should never use your employer’s letterhead. The next thing is to follow the business letter format. Despite the circumstances, one thing you should always do is to be highly professional in your letter. As such, include your name and contact information. This should be followed by the date and the contacts of your addressee (your boss/supervisor).

Section 2- Salutation and Introduction

You need to address your recipient with a proper salutation and a brief introduction. Make it clear why you are quitting from your position. It’s not a must you go into details about your circumstance. However, you can provide a bit more convincing information. Also, indicate the last day of your work.

Section 3- Apologies and Gratitude

Sudden resignation can trigger bitterness and inconvenience to your employer. Therefore, always ensure you say positive things that will maintain a good relationship with the company. Offer your apologies and your willingness to help in the transition, in case time will allow you. Avoid promising things you won’t deliver. Also, show gratitude and praise to your employer and coworkers.

Section 4- Conclusion

The last thing you should do is to sign off your letter in a formal manner. As a courtesy, you can also include a conclusion paragraph (though not a must). In the paragraph, you can stress more on your gratitude as well as apologies for causing inconvenience to the company. Also, you can include your contacts so that they may reach you easily whenever they wish. Conclude your letter with a sign of and signature.

Note: You will leave the company, but your resignation letter will always be saved in the company record. Don’t ever use the words that close your doors forever to return to the company. Moreover, you may also require a recommendation letter from your previous employer to apply for a new job.

Immediate Resignation Letter Sample (With Reason)

Immediate Resignation Letter Sample (With Reason)
Octavio Ramirez
444 Milray St.
Brooklyn, NY, 030303
10th November 20XX
Steve McCann
Manager Greenworld Industries
678 Yolk Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 40004

Dear Mr. McCann,

Kindly accept this resignation letter as a notice for my immediate resignation from the post of an assistant accountant at Greenworld Industries, effective from 15th November 20XX. My main reason for resignation is that my family has to relocate to Australia due to immediate reasons.

Working at Greenworld has presented me with lots of opportunities to sharpen and grow my career to some considerable level. This is something I will forever be grateful for. What’s more, I have always been impressed by how the company operates. Right from the manager to the lowest-ranked employee, everyone is not only dedicated but compassionate. I hope you continue with the same spirit even after my departure. My gratitude also goes to my coworkers for providing such a positive working environment.

I will miss working with you. if you have any question or concern, please contact me at +1 (515) 555555

Thanks for your time.
Octavio Ramirez

Immediate Resignation Letter Sample (Word Format)

Immediate Resignation Letter Sample (Without Reason)

Frank Kellner
01234 Mexican Rd.
Blue Springs, NJ, 2323
10th November 20XX
Jane Cruz
Owner & Manager
Ridwetz Holdings
20 Passtown St.
Blue Springs, NJ, 232323

Dear Mrs. Cruz,

It is with great regret that I write this letter as my resignation, effective from 11th November 20XX. I want to offer my apologies for not providing prior notice. Kindly accept my resignation from the post of an assistant accountant at Ridwetz Holdings.

I cannot thank you enough for providing me with such a fantastic opportunity at your company. Working with you in the past five years has been instrumental in my personal growth and development. What’s more, I am grateful for working with a team of professional and compassionate individuals. I have made more lovable friends than I imagined.

I will genuinely miss your company. I do hope we stay in touch. You can reach me through (545)5555555 or [email protected]

Yours sincerely
Frank Kellner

Immediate Resignation (Without Reason) Word Format