Adoption Reference Letter Samples

Adoption Reference Letters are for those couples who wish to adopt a child for its bright future and well being. These types of letters can be sent from particular places like an adoption house showing the examples of the previous adoption from where the couple has managed to show surmount affection and love towards the babies or kids. It is also possible from any friends or associative advancing them to be exceedingly warm and are in a need of child. Such types of letters can be drafted in terms of PDF format or Word. 


Adoption letters are basically for your friends who are managing their lives without children. In simple words, it is a letter used by a parent to adopt a baby. 


The things that are required at the time of writing an adoption reference letter include the information

  1. About the person’s character
  2. Describing the strengths 
  3. Like how long you know them 
  4. Qualities that have been shown for parenting or adopting a child
  5. Description about each and everything of that particular person
  6. Personal information about your relationship or marriage.
  7. Skills of current parenting

All such things are generally needed in order to get an overview of the person’s character, ability, their knowledge and skills in handling or adopting the child. There is a number of parents without children, so with the help of adoption reference letter, they can possibly manage to bring happiness in their life by adopting the child. If you know such persons who are without a child, it is your duty to tell them about the adoption reference letter.

Things to include

Now we will talk about those things that should be included in an adoption reference letter.

  • Sign and print your name
  • The letter must contain appropriate date
  • It would be able to get easily scanned or fax to the home study provider but they also need to mail the original papers for their file to their home study provider.


Here is a sample adoption reference letter by which you can get the best idea how to write such letters in an informative way. 
To the one, it may concern
I have known to George and Hanna Smith for near about 9 long years. I first met them in our college and from there on we have been the best friends. We belong to the same community and are involved truly in a committee of cleaning the environment and our society to make them safe and beautiful.
I am having an absolute trust and faith in them as they care a lot about me and my well-being. They both have always shown a great patience and good kindness at the time of caring my children. I have personally observed them and I came to know that they execute their work with proper attention. 
The way they interact with my children is deliberate to watch. They are committed to each other and got married. Both of them are very kind and reliable person with a helping hand.
That is why I made a final decision to recommend them in adopting the child.

Sample of Reference Letter for Adoptive Parents

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Adoptive Reference Letter

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Questionnaire Adoption Reference Letter Format

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Sample of Personal Adoption Reference Letter

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