6+ Business Reference Letter Samples

A business reference letter is a recommendation provided by a business associate on behalf of an organization or an individual verifying the dealings and quality of the services offered by that individual or organization to a new client who wishes to hire them.In today’s world, it would be extremely difficult, to survive without recommendation and referral letters. We are witnessing a generic kind of employers or partners who want to know your market reputation and see those references before they hire your services.

It is thus important to have that business reference letter before you go knocking in that organization you wish to offer services to or partner with.

Uses of Business Reference Letters

These letters can be used when seeking a new job, a service contract, or a business partner.

  • It acts as an endorsement.
  • Details qualification of the person writing the letter.
  • Provides an insight into client or organization’s reputation referred in the letter.

Writing this letter can be a headache when you have no idea, but by going through these business reference letter samples, it will be the simplest letter you will ever write. To write a perfect business reference letter, remember there are few elements, which should always be included;

  • Names and personal contact details of individuals who will write and receive the letter
  • Business names of the organization that will write and receive the letter
  • Date 
  • Salutation
  • The qualification of the person writing the letter
  • General impressions of the person referred in the letter; character and responsibilities.
  • Nature of the relationship between the person writing the letter and the one referred to it.
  • Details of whether the client is fit for the job
  • The author’s willingness to work with the client again
  • How to be reached in case of follow up

With those few elements included in that business reference letter, you can present it anywhere and be sure to help your former employee or client get a positive feedback.

If you need to write a reference letter for your former employees or service provider, and you have no idea, you can learn it through a careful look at these business reference letter samples.

Remember these free accessible business reference letter samples, which are a click away can be downloaded in DOC or PDF and reformatted to suit your needs.

One of Business Reference Letter Sample




Sender’s Name

Sender’s Title

Sender’s Business Name

Sender’s Business Address

Sender’s City, State, Zip




Receiver’s Name

Receiver’s Business Name

Receiver’s Address City, State, Zip


Dear (receiver’s name)


It is a privileged that I am writing this letter, I am recommending the services of Smart and Clean Motion Pictures organization.


Smart and Clean Motion Pictures has been working for my organization for the past three years and their services were impeccable. They provided clean shots and captured scenery and moments perfectly.


Above that, they were reasonable and easy to work with due to their excellent interpersonal skills and non-ever compromising results. 


They were a game changer in the production and editing of my movies and because of them, we are receiving positive feedback from our clients. Our doors are opened for them to work with us again and again. 


For any additional information please contact us.


Best regard

Sender’s Name



Colleague Business Reference Letter

free business Reference Letter


Rental Business Reference Letter

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Sample of Business Reference Letter for a Company

business reference letter sample


Apartment Business Reference Letter

printable business reference letter


Business Reference Letter for Employment Format

business reference letter example


Sample of Business Construction Reference Letter

free download business reference letter



By going through our free and ready to download business reference letter samples, rewriting them as you deem, you will be able to perfect writing these letters within a short period of time on your own. Just remember not to leave the important elements when writing the letter.