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Daycare centers take care of young children when their mothers are away, mostly when busy working. After offering their services, they should issue receipts to the parents to confirm payment for the rendered services. A valid daycare receipt should include vital details such as the daycare name, address, date, contacts, information about the child, receipt number, name of the parent, and the amount paid, among other vital information.

In some states, individual daycare centers don’t issue receipts to their client since they are not registered. On the other hand, the professional daycare center provides receipts to parents. Some states do not allow daycare to conduct business unless they are registered. All in all, daycare centers must deduct tax on taxable income and submit these receipts to parents to claim child support tax credit.

Use Free Templates

Although you can make daycare receipts from scratch, the best option would be to download pre-made daycare receipt templates that you can customize to your desired fit. Please go through our list of daycare receipt templates and select one that fits your requirements and download and customize as required.

free sample Daycare Receipt Example

printable Daycare Receipt Template

editable Daycare Services Receipt

Dependent Daycare Service Receipt Example

edited Official Daycare Receipt pdf

free word Receipt for Daycare Expenses

Blank Daycare Receipt template

Daycare Payment Receipt sample

printable Daycare Tax Receipt in word

free Daycare Year End Receipt example

Editable Receipt for Dependent Daycare pdf

    Simple Receipt VS Daycare Receipt

    A daycare receipt is similar to ordinary standard receipts. Still, it differs in the instead of including a description of the item/product; it bears relevant information about the services such as the name of the child, information about the daycare center, tax deduction, etc.

    What does a Daycare Receipt include?

    A daycare receipt should include the following information:

    • The name of the parent, address and phone number
    • Information about the daycare center including the name, address and phone number
    • Details about the child: this includes the name of the kid, age
    • Information about the person who picks the child from the center. This can be the parent, guardian, or any other authorized individual. This should include the name of the individual, phone number, and ID card number.
    • The total amount paid: this should include an itemized list of the services offered alongside the price, or one can indicate just the total amount charged for the rendered services.
    • The number of daycare hours: This is a description of the total number of hours the child will be at the daycare.
    • Vital information about the daycare center: It’s also essential to include essential information about the daycare, such as the name of the nanny taking care of the children and the daycare’s social security number.
    • Tax: The daycare receipt should also include information about tax charged.


    Does the daycare deduct tax?

    The law requires daycare providers to report any taxable income. This means the daycare providers must issue receipts with tax deductions to their clients. If this information isn’t included in the receipts, parents can’t claim child support tax credit.

    What is a tax credit and how much you can get?

    A tax credit is a tax deduction that applies to American taxpayers who are qualified dependent on a child as long as the child is below 17 years at the end of the tax years. As mentioned in “, (05-02-2020)” the tax credit stands at $2,000 for each qualifying child dependent. The qualifying dependent is also eligible for $500 nonrefundable credit. The child tax credit is refundable for up to $1,400.

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