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A mechanic receipt is a written document given by a mechanic to his/her customer as proof of payment for the mechanic services offered by the mechanic. These mechanic services are not limited to any type, like car repair. Instead, it’s generally all forms of mechanical services.

Mechanic Receipt Templates

Provided below are free mechanic receipt templates which can easily be downloaded, modified and used according to the requirements of the professional mechanic accessing them. These templates have been carefully prepared to contain all the essential components required for the accuracy of these documents.

Free Auto Repair Receipt Template

Editable Computer Repair Receipt Sample

Printable Equipment Repair Receipt Format

    PDF Format

    Editable Auto Body Repair Receipt Template

    Free Blank Repair Receipt Example

    Editable Customer Repair Request Receipt Sample

    Free Equipment Repair Receipt Example

    Free Home Repair Receipt Template

    Printable Repair Request Receipt Template

    Editable Customer Repair Request Format

    Free Repair Order Receipt Sample

      Types of Mechanic Receipts

      There are two types of mechanic receipts. The difference is the number of sections between the two receipts.

      Mechanic receipt without spare parts: This type of mechanic receipt is issued when the mechanic does the repair work without bringing in the use of a new spare part. In the service description part, it has only one section to describe the kind of service offered.

      Mechanic receipt with spare parts: This type of mechanic receipt is used by a mechanic when the services offered include mechanic repair with the use of new spare parts. This receipt template has two sections in the service description part. The mechanic repairing service description and the spare part description part.

      Contents of a Mechanic Receipt

      Mechanic receipt word: The word mechanic receipt is the first part of this document. Though it is not a must part, but it is important to indicate it in a standard mechanic receipt. It helps in easy identification of the receipt.

      Mechanic company details: This is a must part of any standard mechanic receipt template. This includes the company name, address, city, email, and phone number.

      Customer details: This is also another important and must section in a mechanic or repair receipt. It includes the customer’s name, address, email, and phone number.

      Date and receipt number: A standard mechanic receipt must have a date when the services were offered and the date you expect to receive payments. It also consists of a unique receipt number.

      Service description part: This is the most important part of a mechanic receipt. This section is responsible for explaining each repair done in the simplest terms that the customer will understand. This section can be divided into two depending on the type of mechanic receipt. It can consist of service description only or service description and spare part description parts. This part also gives the cost details of each service and spare part — finally, the total for all services done including the tax if need be.

      Added information: This includes information and conditions that have not been covered on the receipt — for instance, the mode of payment.

      When Do You Need to Use a Mechanic Invoice?

      A mechanic invoice is used to request payment for services offered previously. It is dependent on the working and payment conditions of the mechanic or the mechanic company. Whether freelance or monthly basis. For freelance working, mechanics need to send a mechanic invoice to request payment anytime. For monthly payment, the mechanic invoice can only be sent at the end of the month.

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