14 Free School Fee Receipt Templates (Word | PDF)

fee receipt

A school receipt is simply a legal document that is given to a parent of a guardian of a given student as a proof or evidence that school fee has been paid. Any organization usually provides a receipt as a tangible link between the organization and its client to show that money has been involved in the transfer of the ownership of a good or service from the organization to the client. Even if the amount stated in the invoice is not fully paid, the receipt is still given, indicating a balance yet to be paid. Without the receipt, it might not be very easy to prove that a transaction has been done.

What is Included in a School Fee Receipt?

Student administration identity: One thing that should never lack in the receipt is the identification of the student. This includes the name of the student, the roll number, the grade and any other information specific to the student.

Date: Also, include the time of payment, the mode of payment used and the due date for the balance if there be.

Paid amount and balance: You also got to include the amount that has been paid for. If there is any balance not paid, also ensure that you include it.

Other charges: This section depends on different learning institutions. It might include the cost of transport, meals, tuition, special facilities, penalties, and any additional fees that are unique to the school and so the student.


Receipt Templates (Word Format)

School Fee Payment Receipt

School Fee Receipt Template

School Fee Payment Receipt Template 01

School Fee Payment Receipt Template 02

    Receipt Templates (PDF Format)

    Receipt for Driving School

    Receipt for School Admission

    Receipt for School Payment

    Receipt for School Tuition

    School Donation Receipt

    School Fee Receipt Sample

    School Book Log Receipt Template

    School Fundraiser Receipt

    School Payment Receipt Template

    School Tuition Fee Receipt

      Benefits of Using a Receipt

      It tracks the payment of school fees: Most parents don’t have time to keep going to school to check fee balances. Some even don’t think about calling the school accountants. It is through the receipts that they can track their payment. For instance, most of the parents check on the last receipt received to know what to pay next. They keep it with a lot of care since they don’t want to get into issues with the school administration.

      It acts as evident for fee payment: The school receipt is also ideal for both schools and parents as it serves as proof that some school fee was paid. For the school, errors of omission can be encountered in the balance sheet. At such a moment, the school receipt acts as proof that the ideal some money was received in school. The student can go ahead to getting the education services. If you send your child to pay some school fees, the only proof that you will have that the money was delivered to school is the receipt you receive. Ensure you check on the school stamp to ensure that you get a valid document always.

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