Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale (Free Forms & Templates)

Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale

A gun bill of sale is a document which proves the transfer of the ownership of guns from one person to another. It contains the names of the parties involved, the character of the gun and the costs involved. The document comes in handy while selling a gun to a third party. It may be used for litigation and settlement of tax dues. That is because it displays the costs involved in the process of this transfer as has already been stated.

What it represents?

It basically represents a change of ownership. Though not its core functionality, this document may also serve as proof of the ownership of the gun by a third party.

Why it is necessary?

Most states and jurisdictions require it as a mandatory document. You hence cannot avoid it somehow. Further to that, you need it as a seller to relinquish any subsequent liabilities that arise out of your gun use. As a buyer, this document may help you to obtain your original ownership certificate.

What Is a Federal Firearms License (FFL)?

A Federal Firearms License (FFL) is a US permit which grants individuals and corporate entities to engage in the business of importing and selling of ammunition and firearms. It also regulates the sales of these products within the states that make up the United States of America.

How Federal Firearms License (FFL) Provides Protection?

Carry out Background Checks

The agency carries out background checks of the individuals and corporate entities that apply for such licenses. This is to see that it issues out these licenses to only those who qualify and have what it takes to do a safe job.

Monitor the Use

It goes beyond the stated role by monitoring the use of these firearms and ammunition. Should it identify any issue with regards to the use of these items, it immediately puts in place strategies to counter the problem.

Receive Complaints

Any member of the public has a right to channel a complaint to the agency. The agency, on the other hand, is required by law to investigate and ascertain the validity of such complaints. Thereafter, it has to put in place measures that are aimed at solving the issue.

Identify any Design Flaws

Some gun problems often arise from the design flaws of these guns. Yet again, it is the responsibility of the agency to identify these flaws and handle them appropriately. It may, for instance, approach the manufacturer and advice the alteration of the design.

Study Statistics and Act Appropriately

From time to time, different agencies and organizations do conduct a study about gun violence and associated injuries. This agency is mandated to look into such statistics, determine their validity and make appropriate arrangements to remedy the adverse side effects.

FFL role at gun shops

Issue Licenses

As stated above, the primary role of this agency is to issue licenses to these shops and businesses. This it does after a thorough scrutiny of the suitability of these businesses. It only does so after it is satisfied that the stated organizations have what it takes to do a safe job.

Punish any Infractions

Definitely, businesses will from time to time flout the laid down rules of engagement. This agency is mandated to punish any such infractions. It may recommend the prosecution of those firms or withdraw the licensure altogether.

Handle any Emerging Complaints

As is the case with the buyers, the agency also receives and handles any complaints which the sellers and businesses might have. It, for instance, makes arrangements for the reconciliation of any discrepancies which might exist at any given time.

Important: Gun laws vary from state to state, county to county and city to city. It is hence in your best interest to find out what the regulatory regime your locality has with regards to gun ownership. As a general rule, liberal states and cities have stricter gun laws than their conservative counterparts.

Free firearm bill of sale forms

Firearm Bill of Sale For Gun Form 01

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Firearm Bill of Sale For Gun Form 03

Firearm Bill of Sale For Nevada Gun Form

Firearm Bill of Sale Mexico

Firearm Bill of Sale Ohio

Firearm Gun Bill of Sale Florida

Free Gun Bill of Sale Form

Missouri Gun Bill of Sale Form

Tips for buyer and seller of a gun

  • Ascertain your own need and budgets
  • Conduct thorough research on the subject
  • Ask as many questions as may be necessary
  • Steer clear of online reviews as they are misleading
  • Don’t fall for cheap guns
  • Beware of any counterfeits
  • Scrutinize the background of a would-be buyer (if you are a seller)


WOW! Guns are very delicate pieces of equipment. That is why it makes absolute sense to transfer it in the best manner possible. Only by adhering to the information we have furnished can you do a good job. We are confident that you can now go ahead transfer or purchase a gun safely.

Disclaimer: Information provided on this page is subject help the readers understanding the concept of this document. We DO NOT provide any guarantee for the accuracy of information.

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