Letter of Permission to Study While Working

Many companies allow their employees to study while working. However, there is a catch. Permission to that effect has to be sought before the same being granted. A ‘Letter Requesting Permission to Study While Working’ serves this purpose. This letter is drafted by the workers in question and is addressed to the supervisors or managers. It shows its cause why the break is necessary, when it takes effect and where the study will generally take place.

Sample Permission Letter for Study While Working

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Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

I am employed with your organization in the capacity of ____________ (capacity/job title). I draft this letter to seek permission from you to pursue my __________________ (course of study). I know it is against the organizational employment policy to engage in any duty besides work.

Nonetheless, I have put in place solid measures to make up for the time that I shall be away. I have already presented a plan that shall see me alter my work periods to set aside ample time to pursue my studies.

The _________________ (institution applied for) asked two things from me with regards to this issue. For one, they have requested that you send them an express written person directly. Then, they have also asked that you remit my annual fees _______________ (specify exact amount) directly to them___________ (account number).

You have to send the written person within a fortnight from now. The other will come in later after I have already received my registration number.

Feel free to reach out to me for any clarification if need be. I sincerely hope that you won’t let me down.

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Permission Letter for study while working

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