Letter of Permission to Study While Working (Sample Letters)

Many companies allow their employees to study while working. However, there is a catch. Permission to that effect has to be sought before the same being granted. A ‘Letter Requesting Permission to Study While Working’ serves this purpose. This letter is drafted by the workers in question and is addressed to the supervisors or managers. It shows its cause why the break is necessary, when it takes effect and where the study will generally take place.

Sample Letters Permission Letter for Study While Working

Sample Letter 01:

Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email






City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

I am employed with your organization in the capacity of ____________ (capacity/job title). I draft this letter to seek permission from you to pursue my __________________ (course of study). I know it is against the organizational employment policy to engage in any duty besides work.

Nonetheless, I have put in place solid measures to make up for the time that I shall be away. I have already presented a plan that shall see me alter my work periods to set aside ample time to pursue my studies.

The _________________ (institution applied for) asked two things from me with regards to this issue. For one, they have requested that you send them an express written person directly. Then, they have also asked that you remit my annual fees _______________ (specify exact amount) directly to them___________ (account number).

You have to send the written person within a fortnight from now. The other will come in later after I have already received my registration number.

Feel free to reach out to me for any clarification if need be. I sincerely hope that you won’t let me down.


Signature (hard copy letter)

FirstName LastName

Sample Letter 02:


Name of (Manager, Supervisor, Boss)

Name of Department

Institution Name

Office Address

SUB: Application for Permission to Continue Working as I Study

Sir/ Madam,

I am happy to inform you that I have successfully secured an opportunity to join (name of campus/ college) to study (name of course). It has been my dream to complete my studies, and this chance presents me with the perfect opportunity. However, I wish to continue working at the organization while still taking my classes because I need the working experience and the salary to fund my studies.

Since I started working in this organization, I have managed to complete my tasks on time and have always taken extra shifts. That is why I believe I am capable of handling school and work together. Therefore, my request is to allow me to be absent during class and exam time, and I will recover the time lost by taking extra shifts and working on my off days.

I have attached a fully detailed work schedule that shows the days and times that I will be absent for school work and indicates how the time will be recovered throughout the week. This plan gives you complete assurance that my work performance will not be affected by my school work, nor will it make me unproductive.

Kindly take into consideration my request and allow me the opportunity to be your employee and still improve my academic portfolio. You can reach out to me through my (phone number) or (email). Your response will be highly appreciated

Yours sincerely

Your Name

Job Title


Sample Letter 03:

Name of the Employee

Employee’s Address

City, State Zip Code

Phone number


Name of (Supervisor/ Manager/ Boss)


Name of Organization


City, State Zip Code

Dear MR./MS. Surname

RE: Request for Permission to Study While Working

My name is (mention your name), an employee of your organization working in the capacity of a (mention your job title).  I write this letter to ask for your permission to continue working in my capacity as I pursue my studies in (mention the course of study).  I am aware that the organizational policy does allow employees to engage in activities other than work. However, I would like to give you complete assurance that my studies will not interfere with my job performance and promise to cover up for the time I will be studying by taking extra shifts on days that I don’t have classes. I have attached a copy of my work schedule for every week, including how the class and study time will be recovered by working on my off days.

I am fully capable of multitasking, and you can be sure that all my working hours per week will not be interfered with; instead will be compensated with extra shifts and working on my off days. I want to retain my job while studying because I will depend on the salary to fund my school fee and cater for my bills. Therefore, my job is vital to me, and I would wish to keep working for your organization as I study. I will begin studying in (date, month, year) and complete the study in (date, month, year).

Your consideration to help out with my plight to continue working as I study would be highly appreciated. Looking forward to your response and you can reach me through my email or phone  


(Employee’s name).

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