Financial Controller Cover Letter (Samples & Examples)

The job of a financial controller is to oversee the smooth operations of the accounting department in a business. From preparing budgets to analyzing financial records, it can be a busy and demanding job. It’s a role that requires responsibility and good communication.

Some of the tasks a financial controller will need to do are:

  • Managing budgets and cash flow
  • Supervising a finance team
  • Preparing documents for payroll and financial analysis
  • Implementation of the accounting process
  • Preparing financial reports and financial risk assessments

Skills Required for a Financial Controller

When writing your cover letter, you want to highlight your skills.

The key skills are:

  • Being good with numbers
  • Having experience in the financial sector
  • Being an effective communicator
  • Having patience and being tactful
  • Being able to keep calm under pressure
  • Being assertive
  • Should have a degree in math, accounting, or business administration
  • Have experience using accounting software

You can download one of our templates or samples to get a better feel for how a financial controller cover letter should look.

Writing a Financial Controller Cover Letter

Cover letters will differ depending on the industry and job position. However, they do have a basic format that you should follow. A lot of employers look for a good cover letter when reviewing candidates for a position, and it can be the difference between getting hired or rejected.

The format of your letter should be:

  • Contact section—this should be set at the top middle or top left of the page. It should include your name, a contact phone number, and an email address. You can also add your postal address unless you are sending an email cover letter, where your contact details will be under your signature.
  • Employer address—this should be set to the left and just under the contact section. Be sure to address them professionally and include their job title or designation.
  • The date- the current date
  • Salutation/greeting—use their title, for example, Mr., Ms., Doctor, etc.
  • Body of the letter—you should have about 2 to 3 paragraphs. Your first paragraph should detail how you heard about the position and why you are applying. Your second paragraph should give a brief overview of your skills and explain why you believe you are the best candidate for the position. Your third paragraph should give details of any soft skills that you have—those that are not related to the field but that you feel would be beneficial to the position and the company.
  • Closing paragraph—in the closing paragraph, you should thank the hiring manager for their consideration, let them know when you are available, and give your contact details. 
  • Sign off and signature—you should sign off with something, such as “Kind Regards,” “Sincerely,” or “With Thanks,” and be sure to sign your name.

Those are the basics that all cover letters should have. To make your letter stand out, you need to personalize it to the position and industry you are applying to.

When writing your first paragraph, you should briefly explain what attracted you to the company or the position. In your second paragraph, aside from highlighting your skills, you should add some achievements of the company that you admire. This shows that you have taken the time to learn about the company. Also, mention your own achievements or successful projects, such as solving a difficult problem for the company you previously worked for. Make sure that you keep your paragraphs brief and to the point.

Sample Financial Controller Cover Letters

In this segment, you will find a valuable resource: two financial controller cover letter samples. These samples serve as instructive examples, illustrating how you can articulate your skills and experiences in distinct ways for optimal impact. 

sample 1

Dear Ms. Green,

It was with great interest that I discovered the opening for a Financial Controller at GreenTech Innovations from your recent press release. The forward-thinking and environmentally conscious ethos of your company is something I am very passionate about and keen to contribute to.

Currently, as a Finance Manager at Solar Solutions, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of financial management within the green technology sector. My expertise lies in not only managing financial records and reports but also in identifying financial opportunities that align with environmental sustainability. I spearheaded a project that optimized resource allocation, resulting in a 25% increase in operational efficiency while maintaining our commitment to environmental standards.

Furthermore, my ability to bridge the gap between finance and other departments has been key to my success. I believe in transparent communication and have consistently worked towards building strong, collaborative relationships across departments. This has not only improved interdepartmental understanding but also resulted in more cohesive and efficient financial strategies. My leadership and mentorship skills have been instrumental in developing high-performing teams that are as committed to our company’s goals as I am.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to GreenTech Innovations and support your mission to revolutionize the green technology industry. I would appreciate the chance to discuss how my experience and vision align with the goals of your company. Please feel free to contact me at (555) 789-0123 or via email at []( to arrange a suitable time for a conversation.

Kind Regards,

James Lancaster

sample 2

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I recently came across the Financial Controller position at XYZ Corporation through LinkedIn and was immediately drawn to the opportunity. The company’s innovative approach to financial management aligns perfectly with my professional aspirations.

With over seven years of experience in financial control and management, I have honed my skills in strategic planning, budget management, and financial analysis. At my current role at ABC Inc., I successfully implemented cost-saving strategies that resulted in a 15% reduction in expenses without compromising quality. My expertise in regulatory compliance and risk management makes me a strong candidate for this position.

In addition to my technical skills, I possess strong leadership qualities and a knack for problem-solving. I believe in fostering a collaborative work environment and have often been commended for my ability to motivate and guide my team towards achieving common goals. My adaptability and communication skills have enabled me to effectively liaise between various departments, ensuring smooth financial operations.

I am excited about the possibility of contributing to XYZ Corporation and would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss how my skills and experiences align with your needs. I am available for an interview at your earliest convenience and can be reached at (555) 123-4567 or via email at


Ella Jacobs
Encl.: Resume

Key Takeaways

For someone writing a similar letter, these examples serve as a comprehensive guide on how to effectively showcase one’s skills. 

  1. The letters are well-structured, with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. This layout makes the letters not only informative but also compelling to read.
  2. Each letter emphasizes relevant professional experiences and specific achievements. This approach not only showcases the writers’ capabilities but also provides tangible evidence of their impact in previous roles.
  3. Each letter is tailored to the respective company, showing that the writer has done their research and is genuinely interested.
  4. The tone is formal yet engaging, which is appropriate for a professional setting. It maintains a balance between formality and personal expression
  5. Both letters end with a call to action, encouraging the recipient to initiate further communication.

Cover Letter Tips

Keep it simple

While you do want to highlight your skills and grab the attention of the person hiring, make sure that you keep it short. Refrain from using long paragraphs explaining all of your accomplishments and so on, because that should be included in your resume.

Don’t Exaggerate

You should never lie about your skills or exaggerate what you are capable of doing. Employers will know right away if you have lied when you are unable to provide the skills you claim to have. It can end up ruining your reputation and costing you a job opportunity.

Easy to Read

In a cover letter, it is acceptable to either use a list or an essay format when listing your accomplishments. On average, the person hiring will take 6 seconds to skim your letter. The easier you make it to read, the better. You should use a font that is readable with a size of 11 to 14 points, make sure there is proper spacing between your lines, and choose a template that has a nice but simple look to it.

Be Specific

Instead of giving general descriptions of your achievements and skills, mention specific examples, statistics, or figures. Having numbers that support how good your performance is will be more impressive.

Avoid these common mistakes:

  • Focusing too much on yourself
  • Sharing all the details of every job you have had
  • Don’t turn your cover letter into a novel. One page with 2 to 3 paragraphs will suffice.

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