How to Write an Internship Offer Letter (30+ Free Templates)

Internship Offer Letter

The Internship Offer Letter is an official letter informing a student or individual that they have been selected for an internship role in a company or organization.

It provides essential detail about the position and the terms of the internship. Company managers or organization recruiters are often tasked with writing the letter.

The internship offer letter is used when companies or organizations extend an internship offer to shortlisted applicants. The letter can also act as a legally binding contract between the intern and the organization offering the internship. An internship offer letter is the first step an organization takes to start and build a working relationship with a selected candidate.

How to Offer an Internship

Understanding how to offer an internship will ensure that a company or organization finds and selects suitable candidates for positions. It also ensures companies and organizations form sustainable internship programs that can help identify talented or knowledgeable applicants.

The following is a guide on how a company or organization can offer an internship:

Create a position

Companies should review their business needs to help them identify gaps that an internship program can fill to ensure they reach set goals. Factors such as customer need and market demands should be considered. A review of a company’s staffing model will help identify how many interns an organization requires to reach its goals and the skills candidates must have.

Once positions have been created or identified, the company should post the position or offer online or through a credible staffing agency. The post should contain information about the requirements that should be met by individuals applying for the internship position.

Review applicant’s resume

Companies must then review applicants’ resumes to help them come up with a shortlist of qualified candidates. The qualifications of the selected candidates should match the requirements indicated in the job posting.

Companies should also consider recommendations written on behalf of candidates. Third-party perspectives help organizations learn more about who the candidate is and what makes them qualified.

Hire intern

Qualified shortlisted candidates that meet a company’s requirements should be hired, if available. Hired interns should be adequately informed of what their duties and responsibilities will be. Companies should also inform hired interns of the procedures and policies that govern their operations.

Assign a supervisor

Next, a hiring manager should assign a supervisor with in-depth knowledge of the skills and qualifications required to fill the positions. First, supervisors should be informed of who the potential interns are. Next, the supervisor should review each intern’s resume to familiarize themselves with the selected candidates’ skills. Finally, the supervisor oversees interns’ work, evaluates him, and provides feedback on their progress.

Send an official internship offer letter

If the supervisor is satisfied with the candidates selected, the hiring manager should send official internship offer letters. An internship offer letter should address each candidate directly. Details of what will be required of each intern should be provided in the internship offer letter.

Step by Step Process of Creating the Letter

A recruiter or hiring manager writing an internship offer letter should follow a well-outlined step-by-step process. The process will ensure that the elements of the internship are well outlined.

The following is a guide that can be used to help in the creation of an internship offer letter:

Address the recipient

First, the date of the letter accompanied by the recipient’s name and address should be indicated in the internship offer letter. The recipient’s address should include the area, state, and zip code. In emails, a subject line should be indicated to ensure that the applicant is aware of what the letter is about.

Next, a professional welcome that contains the recipient’s name, such as ‘Dear XYZ,’ should be indicated in the letter.

Identify information about the company and position

The introduction should contain basic information about the company and the position. The internship offer letter should explain who the company is and what position the recipient is being offered.

The writer should also indicate what department the recipient will be working in. The basic company information will help remind the recipient of the company’s profile.

Provide details of the position’s duration and schedule

Next, details should be provided explaining when the internship will start, the length of time the program will last, and what schedule the intern will be required to follow. Information concerning the position’s duration and schedule helps the recipient decide if the working terms of the program are acceptable.

Further details explaining if the position is paid or unpaid and the identity of the intern’s supervisor should also be indicated.

Mention the next steps for the hiring process

The internship offer letter should contain information on any pre-screening exercises required by the company. Measures such as background examinations or drug tests, among other pre-screening requirements, may be stated.  If the internship is dependent on successful completion of the pre-screening criteria, then a statement declaring this should be mentioned.

The letter should also outline documentation required on the intern’s first day or the next steps that the interns will be required to take. Information on the next steps helps speed up the hiring process and enables the prospective intern to have an idea of what is expected.

Include legal disclosures as needed

Legal disclosure terms such as non-compete agreements that may be applicable to the intern can be indicated.  The disclosures will help ensure that prospective interns are informed of any non-negotiable legal terms the company has implemented. The inclusion of legal disclosures in the internship offer letter is optional.

Statement concerning the full extent of the agreement

The internship cover letter should contain a statement clarifying that the extent of the agreement only stretches up to the terms outlined in the letter.  Therefore, prior discussions about the position do not apply.

The statement helps ensure that the prospective intern knows what to expect from the company prior to accepting or rejecting the offer. The hiring manager should include a statement explaining that any changes a prospective intern would like included must be made informal writing.

Provide contact information

The hiring manager should provide the contact details of someone the intern can reach out to in the company for any necessary discussions. The information should include the individual’s name, phone number or email, job title or department, and a response deadline. 

The contact information will help ensure that the prospective intern has an idea of how to make clarifications before making a decision on the offer


The letter should be closed with a formal salutation such as ‘sincerely’ or ‘Yours faithfully.’ The writer’s name and job title should be indicated below the salutation. This helps ensure that the letter adheres to the appropriate business format.

Include an acceptance section

An acceptance statement should be provided in the internship offer letter. The statement should indicate that the prospective intern accepts the offer and terms stipulated in the letter with spaces provided for indication of the intern’s printed name, signature, and date of the offer. The acceptance section should be included after the close of the letter.

Unpaid Internship

A company or organization can either offer a paid or unpaid internship. A paid internship means that interns will receive compensation throughout their work with a company.  On the other hand, an unpaid internship means that no compensation will be awarded to interns working in the organization. Interns may be considered as ‘contractors’ or ‘temporary’ workers by a company.

A company can also opt to consider paid interns as traditional employees, which would mean they are subject to employment laws. An unpaid internship should meet specific criteria to ensure both the intern and the company clearly understand their working relationship.

The unpaid internship should provide similar training that would be provided in an educational environment, should benefit the intern,  should not displace employees but instead interns should work under the supervision of the staff, should not derive any immediate advantages to the company from the intern’s activities and may on occasion imped company operations.

It should not guarantee a job to the intern upon the conclusion of the program and should not include any wages for the duration of the internship.

Internship Offer Letter Template


[Recipient’s name]

[Recipient’s address]

[City, state, and Zip code]

Dear [Recipient’s name],

I am pleased and delighted to extend to you an offer for an internship position for [title of position] on behalf of [company name] within the [department name]. The internship is scheduled to begin on [state date]. This will be a paid internship for [duration period] and will end on[end date].

You will be expected to work for [number of hours] per week. Your duties and responsibilities will include [brief job description]. You will be paid [dollar amount] per hour, including [benefits]. Your supervisor will be [name of assigned supervisor]. The internship with the company is ‘at-will,’ meaning you or the company may terminate the internship at any time. This can be done with or without cause or notice. You will be required to successfully complete [screening criteria]. Please ensure you bring [necessary documents] on the first day to finalize your profile.

For any questions, concerns, or clarifications you would like made, please contact [contact’s name and phone number or email] in our Recruiting Department. Welcome to the [company name]. We look forward to working with you.


Manager’s name]

[Professional Title]

I,[Intern’s name], accept the above offer and will commence the internship on [ provide the date]

[Intern’s signature}

[printed name]


Sample Internship Offer Letter


Brian Waters

156 Main Street

Anytown, CA 52899

Dear Brian Waters

I’m pleased and delighted to extend an offer for the internship role of a graphic design intern on behalf of Legacy Advertising Agency within the Creative Department. The internship is scheduled to begin on June,3,2020. This will be a six-month paid internship, and it will end on November,10,2020.

Your duties and assignments will include designing print and digital material, image retouch and manipulation, and creating marketing campaigns. You will be paid $35 per hour, not inclusive of benefits. Your supervisor will be Ray Smith. The internship with the company is ‘at-will, meaning you or the company may terminate the internship at any time. This can be done with or without cause or notice. You will be required to successfully complete a background check and drug screening. Please ensure you bring your portfolio on the first day of finalizing your profile.

For any questions or clarifications you would like made, don’t hesitate to contact Mark Green(888) -444-2346 in our Recruiting Department. Welcome to Legacy Advertising. We look forward to working with you.


Anne Winters

Art Director

I, Brian Waters, accept the above offer and will commence the internship on June,3rd 2020.

[Intern’s signature}

[printed name]


Free Downloads

Following are some free downloadable templates for you:

Final Thoughts

Companies or organizations use an internship offer letter to inform candidates of their selection for an internship. The letter contains vital information about the internship position and the company’s terms. The internship offered can either be paid or unpaid. The internship offer letter’s contents should be well-detailed and outlined. This will ensure that candidates are well-informed of what to expect from the company or organization.

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