New Mexico Bill of Sale for Car/Boat | Form MVD-10009

In the state of New Mexico, when buying or selling a vehicle or car in a private sale, you will need to use a Bill of Sale (Form MVD-10009). It acts as legal proof that the vehicle was transferred to a new owner. While it isn’t a requirement, it will be needed if you have lost the vehicle’s original Certificate of Title or the title doesn’t have the room needed to properly fill in the form. 

It also protects the buyer and seller from liability if there is an issue with the vehicle. For example, if the buyer gets into an accident with the vehicle after it has been sold, the seller can prove that they were not in the ownership of the vehicle at the time. It’s advisable to have it for this reason, regardless of whether it is needed for registration or not. 

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    Other Documents and Requirements 

    In order for it to be considered legal, it must be signed by both the seller and the buyer. There is no requirement for it to be notarized.

    New Mexico’s state and federal laws require the seller to complete Form MVD-10187 (Odometer Disclosure Form). This is required for vehicles that are less than 16,000 pounds in weight and under 10 years old. The purpose of the Odometer Disclosure form is to prevent fraud.

    The following must be on Form MVD-10187:

    • The odometer reading, in miles (no tenths)
    • One of the following options:
      • The Actual Mileage
      • The Mileage in Excess of Mechanical Limits
      • Odometer Discrepancy (Not Actual Mileage)

    If someone else will be registering the vehicle for you, they are required to complete Form MVD-11020 (Power of Attorney).

    If the vehicle was given as a gift or the vehicle was sold under the market value of the vehicle, you will need to complete Form MVD-10018 (Affidavit of Gift of Motor Vehicle). This document must be notarized.

    Creating a New Mexico Car Bill of Sale

    The New Mexico Department of Motor Vehicles has its own form for Bill of Sale that you can download and fill out. However, you can create your own document or use a template.

    The following details are required for the bill of sale to be considered legal:

    • Date of sale
    • The exact amount of the sale 
    • Details about the vehicle, must include the VIN, year, model, make, body type, and engine number. You also need to include the vehicle’s license plate number and the state it is registered in.
    • Odometer reading
    • If the vehicle was purchased from a dealership, you will need to include the dealership’s details, including the name and license number of the dealership.
    • If the vehicle has a lien attached to it, you must include the lienholder’s name, full address, lienholder number (if available), the date that the lien was filed, and the maturity date of the lien
    • The full and legal names of both the seller and the buyer (printed)
    • The signatures of both the buyer and the seller and the date that the document was signed

    Registering a Vehicle in New Mexico

    In the state of New Mexico, in order to legally operate a vehicle on public roads, you must register and title the vehicle first. The buyer has 60 days from the date of purchase to register the vehicle. 

    Where to register/renew a vehicle in New Mexico?

    When registering a vehicle for the first time, you must do so in person at your nearest Motor Vehicle Department field office. 

    You are required to renew your vehicle registration annually, which can be done online, in-person at your local MVD, or by mail.


    For the online service, you will need to have the following information:

    • The Control Number, which can be found on your renewal notice.
    • The VIN (last six digits) and license plate number
    • Credit or debit card details. The MVD accepts Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express)

    By mail

    When registering by mail, you will need to send in the registration renewal reminder and payment for either one or two years of registration. Checks should be made payable to the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division. Credit cards and cash are not accepted for mail-in renewals. This should be sent to: 

    Registration Renewal Section
    Motor Vehicle Division
    PO BOX 25129

    Required Documentation 

    When you register your vehicle, you will need to have the following required documents:

    • A valid and current driver’s license
    • Form MVD-10009 (New Mexico Bill of Sale)
    • Form MVD-10187 (Odometer Disclosure Form)
    • The vehicle’s Certificate of Title. If the title has been lost, you can apply for a duplicate using Form MVD-10901 (Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title)
    • Two documents that show proof of residency in New Mexico. This can include your lease or rental agreement, pay stubs, utility bills, or medical bills.
    • Form MVD-10002 (Application for Vehicle Title and Registration)
    • The Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin 
    • Funds to cover Registration Fees
    • If someone else will be registering your vehicle for you, they will need to complete Form MVD-11020 (Vehicle Power of Attorney for New Mexico)
    • Proof of insurance with a New Mexico provider. You can use a copy of your policy document, insurance card, or a letter from the insurance provider that confirms your coverage. The insurance must meet the Minimum Requirements:
    • $10,000 to cover liability of property damage (per incident)
    • $25,000 to cover liability of bodily injury or death (per person)
    • $50,000 to cover liability of bodily injury or death (2 or more individuals)

    Other Documents That May be Required

    In certain circumstances, you will be required to supply additional documents:

    • Form MVD-10018 (Affidavit of Gift of Motor Vehicle) – this is required if the vehicle that you are registering was gifted to you
    • An Emissions Certificate Inspection – required for people living in the county of Bernalillo
    • If the vehicle has a lien against it, the lienholder will need to do one of the following documents:
    • On the title, in the section marked as Release of Lien, the lienholder must sign off
    • Provide you with Form MVD-10041 (Release of Lien)
    • Supply a letter, on company letterhead, of the release of lien, which must be signed by the lienholder and notarized

    Emissions Testing

    If you live in Bernalillo County, and your vehicle is 35 years old or newer, you are required to have a vehicle emissions test done. This must be done annually when renewing your registration. Emissions compliance is checked automatically when renewing. For in-person registrations and renewals, you will not need the emissions certificate because this is done electronically.

    Emissions testing can be carried out by an MVD-approved testing station.

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