Sample Permission Letter for Sports Practice (Writing Tips)

If you pursue sporting as a side hustle or for merely keeping fit, you do not doubt to seek permission from your place of work to attend to the practices. For this, you will need to draft a “Permission Letter for Sports Practice” to that effect. In many cases, it is the students who have to draft it. As its name implies, the latter merely expresses an intention to break away from the normal schedules to attend to sports practices. It may be used by the teachers and school administrators to show the course why a student has to skip classes and any other activity in between.

Sample Permission Letter to Sports Practice

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I am duly enrolled as a student in your school. At present, I am in my ____________ (year of study). Other than that, I am also actively involved in _____________ (sporting activity). For this, I am required to spend some of my school hours to the practice therein.

I cannot attend to my studies and the sporting practices at the same time. That is why I ask that you absolve me from having to attend the afternoon lessons throughout the semester.

My coach asked that you speak to him directly over the issue. Reach him on XXX-XXX-XXXX. Kindly let me know how else I may be of help.


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Writing Tips

To be able to draft a quality letter of this kind, you have to adhere to many tips. Below are some of the ones that have been tried and tested to deliver awesome outcomes:

Tip I: Use simple and understandable language

Always use simple and understandable language to convey your message. Remember a simple language is more likely to be understood and avoid any ambiguities at the same time. Break the long sentences and tough words in simpler versions.

Tip II: Maintain it short and concise

Overall, the letter has to be short and concise. It should focus on the core theme of the sporting activity, and nothing more. If any grey areas have to be clarified, ask the reader to reach you privately via your telephone contacts.

Tip III: Employ the right tone

Other than the language, the tone has also to be right. The best tone is the second person professional. This means talking to the reader by using the ‘you’ words extensively. At the same time, you have to persuasive enough rather than shout or yell at the reader.

Tip IV: Use a formal format

Being an official letter, the format you use should also be formal. As such, it has to follow all the stipulations and arrangements that a formal letter has to go through. This way, it will also imbue a sense of seriousness to the recipient and reader.

Tip V: Highlight the major aspects of your sporting activity

As a last consideration, you should also highlight the major aspects of your sporting activities. This is to give the reader a sneak preview of the kind of activity you intend to engage in. Other than that, it also makes the reader prepare psychologically for your own absence.