Sample Permission Letter for Sports Practice (Writing Tips)

It is an official letter written and addressed to the senior authorities in a school, requesting permission to be exempted from the regular schedule to participate in sports practice. Permission letters help you attain the approval of authorized personnel to your request, either at school or a workplace. Students who actively participate in extracurricular activities like sports need these letters for sports practice commonly.

To get such permission, the permission letter must be compelling and perfectly crafted. Every aspect of the it matters, including essential elements like diction, tone, and emotional appeal. This article contains the standard method of writing a permission letter for sports practice, including proven tips, samples, and templates to help you write an excellent letter yourself.

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    Writing a Permission Letter for Sports Practice

    The permission letter should follow the universally accepted guidelines of other formal letters. Hence, given below is the recommended format for writing it:

    Address the letter

    This is the first part of your letter, and like every other formal letter, it should contain two addresses — yours and the recipient. This section of the letter should start with your details which include your name, state, city, & zip code (address), telephone number, and mail. The recipient’s name, the title of authority, name of school/institution, and address are the necessary recipient’s details to mention.  You must also include the date the letter is written on in this section of the letter. If any of these details are missing, your letter’s address section is incomplete.


    The salutation comes after the address section of the letter. It can be as generic as ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or as specific as ‘Dear Mr./Mrs. (Include the last name)’. Other forms may include Respected Sir/Madam, Distinguished Sir/Madam, etc. As basic as it may seem, this section is an essential part of any letter.


    The subject or title of your letter introduces the purpose of the letter to the recipient. It’s meant to be concise but greater than 6-7 words. The subject of a permission letter is usually ‘Permission Letter For XXX Sports Practice.’


    This is the foremost part of the letter. It’s the section of the letter where you introduce yourself by providing your name, grade, name of the school, and any other relevant information.You should utilize the second paragraph of your introduction to state the purpose of writing before elaborating the subsequent parts of the letter.

    Main body

    The main body of the letter is where you provide detailed information about your purpose of writing the letter. It should contain four important points that can help you persuade the recipient.

    These points include:

    Details of the sports activity

    Your letter’s main body should contain necessary details like the name of the sport, the kind of tournament you are practicing for, the date and timing of the tournament, and other details that can add to the tournament’s credibility.

    Reasons for participation

    You should also include why participating in the sports practice and the tournament is essential. You can give a brief overview of your achievements and development so far and how strong your passion is for the sport.

    Highlight your expectations

    It’s necessary to state the results you expect your letter to bring clearly. Your purpose of writing is to get permission to skip classes.  Hence, highlight that you require an exemption from academic duties during the time periods of sports practice.

    Assure your recipient

    This is another necessary point to include in the main body. You can either give assurance of success in the competition that will improve the school’s reputation further, or an assurance that you will make up for missed classes with a personal tuition.  

    Whatever assurance appeals to you, ensure to add it to your letter. This proves that you are aware of your responsibility as a student, and you are ready to bear whatever may result from actions.


    This section of the letter should express how much getting positive response would mean to you and indicate how prompt you want a response.

    You should add the following things to make your closure more effective:

    Details of your coach

    Providing details of your coach for follow-up makes your request more credible and increases the chances of getting a favorable response.

    Appreciation for the recipient

    Thanking the recipient is an acknowledgment of their effort for taking out time to read your permission letter. It’s also a sign of optimism for getting a favorable response. It usually has a positive effect when written effectively.

    Sign off

    The last part of the closure part of the letter is where you sign off. For example with the words “Sincerely”, “Respectfully”, or “Regards”. For handwritten letters, you can include your name and append your signature. 

    Tips for Writing Letter

    With everything mentioned above, you should be able to structure your permission letter excellently. Therefore, here are tips you should keep in mind when writing a permission letter for sports practice to ensure your letter remains as effective as possible.

    They include:

    Avoid ambiguous words

    The beauty and effectiveness of your letter lie in it being understandable by the recipient. Hence, ensure you write in plain language. Too much of complex vocabulary or figurative expressions will make your letter tiresome to read.

    Remember, it’s a letter of request, not an essay competition. Use the simplest synonyms for a word, and ensure you avoid using compound sentences.

    Apply K.I.S.S

    You must have come across the K.I.S.S rule in writing a lot of times. It simply means Keep It Short and Simple. Ensuring that your letter is concise and straight to the point helps you make the most of the little time the recipient has to spare for reading it.

    However, while ensuring it’s concise, be sure that it covers your main reason for writing. It should highlight the core things about the sports practice and how important it is. This makes your letter effective enough to get you permission.

    Utilize appropriate tone

    This is the most vital aspect to consider. The tone of your permission letter can make or mark your request. Ensure that you sound as persuasive as possible without making it seem all about yourself. You don’t want to sound authoritative, as this is one of the reason for rejected requests. Instead, be as polite as possible using words like “Can you, may I, I’ll be glad if…” etc.  The second person professional tone, which requires extensive use of ‘You,’ has been famously regarded as the most effective tone for writing a permission letter.

    Use a Formal Format

    Irrespective of your relationship with the recipient, your letter should remain formal. Permission letters are official, and the format provided in this article is the only acceptable standard.

    Provide accurate information

    Some recipients of permission letters make sure to inquire about your acclaimed sports practices to verify the information you provided. Ensure that every detail you provided in the letter turns out the same after fact-checking to avoid a more severe ordeal than being rejected.

    Highlight Major Aspects of Your Sporting Activity

    The recipient needs to get a good understanding of the sport you are involved in, what it entails, and how it benefits the school. Utilize the main body section of your letter to highlight the important details of the sport.

    Mistakes to Avoid

    Permission letter for sports practice is like every other formal letter, so you should follow every rule regarding writing formal letters. One of the vital things to avoid is using the wrong tone. This may have a negative effect on the outcome of your letter.

    Writing Mistakes to Avoid

    Below are the writing mistakes that you should avoid while writing your letter:

    Addressing your letter to the wrong recipient

    Your letter should be addressed directly to the person with authority to give you permission for the request. Addressing your letter to your school’s Principal when it’s meant for the Head Teacher can leave your letter unread or unattended to.

    Overlooking proofreading and editing

    Your first draft can never be your final draft, which is why it’s vital to proofread and edit to avoid obvious errors and make your letter more appealing to read. With proofreading and editing, you can break complex sentences into easy-to-read ones, replace ambiguous words with simpler terms, and improve the quality of your piece.

    Also, don’t wait until the last minute when you have to start rushing the writing process of your draft to submit it. Ensuring you’ve submitted your letter as early as possible increases your chance of getting permission and also of having a great letter.

    Sample Letters

    Below are the template and sample letters that you can use to write your own letter:


    [Your Name]
    [Your Address]
    [Your City, State Zip Code]
    [Your Phone Number]
    [Your Email]


    [City, State Zip Code]

    Respected Mr. /Ms. Last Name,

    Subject: Permission Letter for Sports Practice

    I am duly enrolled as a student in your school. At present, I am in my ____________ (year of study). Other than that, I am also actively involved in _____________ (sporting activity). For this, I am required to spend some of my school hours to the practice therein.

    I cannot attend to my studies and the sporting practices at the same time. That is why I ask that you absolve me from having to attend the afternoon lessons throughout the semester.

    My coach asked that you speak to him directly over the issue. Reach him on XXX-XXX-XXXX. Kindly let me know how else I may be of help.


    Signature (hard copy letter)

    First Name Last Name

    Sample 01

    Your Name
    City, State, and Zip Code
    Mobile number


    Recipients Name
    City, State, and Zip code

    Subject: Permission Letter for XX Sports Practice

    Dear Sir/Madam or Distinguished Mr./Mrs. ( Last name)

    I’m a registered student in your school, presently in my (grade) of study. I’m known for my extracurricular interest in (sporting activity), where I’ve been putting my best to one day represent the school on bigger stages.

    However, academic activities are currently hindering my progress in (Sports activity) due to constraints to sporting practices. Thus, I seek your permission to exempt me from attending afternoon lessons throughout the semester.

    I’ve come to this conclusion after careful thoughts and professional advice from my coach, whom you can reach on XXX-XXX-XXXX to discuss the issue further.

    I am looking forward to a favorable response.



    Sample 02

    Peter Davidson,
    City, State, Zip Code
    Phone number

    February 09, 20xx.

    Mr. John Snow,
    School Administrator,
    Springfield High School,

    Respected Mr. Snow,

    Subject:Permission Letter for Sports Practice

    I, Peter Davidson, a 6th-grade student of Springfield High School, write to inform you of my selection as part of the players to represent our school at the States Championship Football  Tournament being held at the State’s National Stadium.

    Our School will be competing with other top schools, but with adequate preparation, we can return victorious. Hence, I need to focus more on practicing for the time being, which is why I request you to kindly grant me a half-day leave for the next 5 days, starting from the following Monday, i.e., 21st- 26th March, for extra practice.

    The tournament is set to hold from 29th of February to 5th of March, around 2-4 p.m daily. It’s an avenue to express my passion of school competitions in a bigger tournament, and I promise not to let you down.

    I assure you that as soon as the competition ends, I’ll catch up on academics in no time. You can do well to reach out to the school coach for further details, sir, as I look forward to a positive response.

    Thanking you in anticipation,


    Peter Davidson,

    Signature (for handwritten letter)

    Final Thoughts

    By following the format provided in this article and applying the highlighted tips, you should face no challenge in writing a permission letter for sports practice. The free templates provided along with the samples will also aid in writing the letter.

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