Sample Permission (Authorization) Letter to Use Property

A letter of permission is an essential formal or informal document that must be written to seek or grant consent for a vital plan. It is crucial if you need permission to access something, go on vacation, leave work early, or even attend a family event. The primary purpose of such a letter is to ensure that you avoid any problems by adequately notifying the appropriate party.

As a requester or permitter, you might need consent regarding using a property. In this case, ensure you remain focused on the letter’s subject by clearly stating your reason for it. Also, keep in mind that this letter of permission to use property should always be polite and brief.

What is a Permission Letter to Use the Property?

It is an official letter written by either a requester or permitter to use a particular property. The requester writes it to seek permission to use the property, while the permitter writes it to grant permission for a particular property to be used. These parties must prepare it, as it is an essential document in either situation.

Free Samples

Free Printable Permission to Use Property Letter Template for Word File

Free Printable Permission to Use Property for an Event Letter Sample for Word File

Free Printable Permission to Use Property Email Template for Word File

Free Printable Permission to Use Property for a Wedding Letter Sample for Word File

    Format of the Permission Letter to Use Property

    Since it is an official letter, both parties must observe the standard format for writing it. You can achieve a standard, formal, and professional letter by following the format of this letter shown below.

    Address (sender and receiver)

    At the start, it is a requirement to include the sender’s and receiver’s addresses. The receiver’s address should always come first when writing the address. Ensure that the address is complete and contains the correct details.


    Salutation is important in professional letters like this one. You must therefore include a salutation in the letter. Ensure that the greeting is appropriate, polite, and respectful, since you intend to remain professional.

    Subject line

    The subject line will act as the title of the letter of permission. Your subject line should be written in capital letters, contain a few words, and be underlined. The primary function of this subject line is to state the explicit purpose of the letter, which can either be granting or seeking consent.


    The body section of the letter is meant to give reasons for granting or seeking permission to use a particular property. You must write at least two to four convincing body paragraphs. The body focuses on providing more details about the permission being given or sought.


    This is the final part of the letter. You are required to provide your name and contact information. For a formal letter, the closure should also be official, and this can be achieved by using phrases like “Sincerely” or “Regards.”

    Writing a Permission Letter to Use the Property

    You can quickly write it as a property by following the above format. The most important thing is to know how to craft the letter, depending on whether you are the permitter or the requester. The following steps will highlight how to write it effectively.

    Situation 1: If you give someone permission to utilize your property

    As a permitter, you will be required to write it so that you can allow someone to use your property. This means that although you will use the format provided above, there are details you will need to include in your letter that will be different from a letter written by a requester.

    Here is the information you should include in it as a permitter.

    • Provide the name of the entity/person using your premises: You must ensure that you adequately address the person or entity that will use your property. This can involve mentioning their name to identify them.
    • Specify the property’s details (location, number): It is also vital that you mention the property’s exact details, including its name, location, and even number. This way, you can avoid confusion, especially if you have various properties.
    • Include a list of allowed and disallowed activities within the premises: It is also advisable to mention in the letter that permission was sought by listing all the activities that have not been allowed on your property. This will act like terms and conditions for allowing the person or entity to use your premises.
    • Provide the start and end dates of this permission: Ensure that you include the dates during which your permission is valid. This will include the start date of the authorization and the end date. Providing exact dates will prevent any form of struggle when it is time for the person or entity to leave your property.
    • Ask the permitted party to take care of the premises: You also need to make it clear to the person or entity who wishes to use your property that they must take care of the place. You can mention the consequences that may arise if any damages are made during the stated period.

    Situation 2: If you request permission to use someone else’s property

    If you are a requester looking to use someone else’s property, you should include the information mentioned below in your letter to use the property. With these details, you will provide enough information to convince the property owner to allow you to use their premises.

    Here is what you should include in your letter as a requester:

    • Give details of the premises: Ensure you introduce yourself and provide exact details of the property you would like to use. This entails giving information about the name and location of the property.
    • Specify when you need the premises and for how long: You also need to state the exact period when you need to use the property. This will make it easy for the property owner to establish if it will be possible for you to use the property.
    • Specify the reason: It is also important to mention the reason(s) why you need to use the property. This will present you as transparent and honest to the letter’s receiver.
    • Promise that you will take care of the premises and hand them over in good condition: To improve your chance of getting the property you seek to use, ensure that you promise to take care of the property in your letter. In addition, ensure that you convince the property owner that you will not damage their premises.

    Free Templates

    Template for a Letter Granting Permission to Use Property

    [Your Full Name]

    [Your Address]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    [Your Contact Number]

    [Your Email Address]


    [Recipient’s Full Name]

    [Recipient’s Address]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    [Recipient’s Contact Number]

    [Recipient’s Email Address]

    Subject: Permission to Use Property – [Specify Property Address/Description]

    Dear [Recipient’s Full Name],

    I, [Your Full Name], the owner of the property located at [Property Address or Description], hereby grant permission to [Recipient’s Full Name] to use the aforementioned property for the purpose of [Specify Purpose] from [Start Date] to [End Date].

    This letter is to confirm that I have given my consent for the property to be used under the following conditions:

    • The property shall be used exclusively for the purpose mentioned above and for no other activities without prior written consent from me.
    • [Recipient’s Full Name] agrees to maintain the property in its current condition and shall be responsible for any damage or loss that occurs during the use period.
    • All applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to the use of the property shall be adhered to during the period of use.
    • [Optional: Any specific conditions or restrictions you wish to impose.]

    Please note that this permission is revocable at any time at my sole discretion, and failure to comply with the terms outlined in this letter may result in immediate revocation of this permission.

    I trust that [Recipient’s Full Name] will use the property responsibly and ensure its care and maintenance during the usage period. By signing below, both parties acknowledge understanding and agreement to the terms specified in this letter.


    [Your Signature]

    [Your Printed Name]

    Acknowledgment by Recipient:

    I, [Recipient’s Full Name], acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions specified in this letter for the use of the property located at [Property Address or Description]. I understand that failure to comply with these terms may result in the revocation of permission to use the property.

    [Recipient’s Signature]

    [Recipient’s Printed Name]


    Template for a Letter Requesting Permission to Use Property

    [Your Full Name]

    [Your Address]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    [Your Contact Number]

    [Your Email Address]


    [Property Owner’s Full Name]

    [Owner’s Address]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    Subject: Request for Permission to Use Property – [Specify Property Address/Description]

    Dear [Property Owner’s Full Name],

    I am writing to you as [Your Role/Position] of [Your Organization/Individual Name], located at [Your Address or Organization’s Address]. I am reaching out to kindly request your permission to use your property located at [Property Address or Description], specifically for the purpose of [Specify Purpose], from [Start Date] to [End Date].

    The reason for this request stems from [Explain Reason for Request], and after careful consideration, we believe that your property is ideally suited for our needs due to [Explain Why the Property is Suitable]. I assure you that the intended use will be conducted in a respectful and responsible manner, with all due consideration given to maintaining the condition and integrity of your property.

    To address any concerns you may have, I would like to highlight the following commitments:

    • We will ensure that the property is used strictly for the stated purpose and within the agreed-upon time frame.
    • We are committed to leaving the property in the same condition as it was prior to our use, or better.
    • We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to the use of your property.
    • [Optional: Any additional commitments, such as insurance coverage, compensation, or improvements.]

    I understand the importance of your property and assure you of our highest respect and care for it during our use. We are also open to discussing any terms or conditions you may wish to apply to this agreement.

    Would it be possible to arrange a meeting or a conversation at your earliest convenience to discuss this request further? I am keen to address any questions or concerns you may have and to provide any additional information required.

    Thank you very much for considering our request. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you and hopefully to your positive response. Please feel free to contact me directly at [Your Contact Number] or [Your Email Address].


    [Your Signature (if sending by mail)]

    [Your Printed Name]

    Sample Letters for Property Use

    sample 01

    Subject: Permission for Use of Private Land for the Maple Grove Annual Fair

    Dear City Events Committee,

    I am writing to you as the owner of the property located at 789 Country Road, Maple Grove, MN. It is with great pleasure that I grant permission to the Maple Grove City Events Committee to use this property for the upcoming Maple Grove Annual Fair, scheduled from July 15 to July 20, 20XX.

    This decision comes after careful consideration and discussion regarding the event’s requirements and the suitability of my property for hosting such a significant community gathering. I am confident that the location will provide an excellent setting for the fair and contribute positively to its success.

    Please note the following terms under which I am granting this permission:

    • The property is to be used solely for purposes related to the organization and execution of the Maple Grove Annual Fair.
    • All necessary permits and insurance required by the City of Maple Grove and the state of Minnesota must be obtained by the City Events Committee prior to the event.
    • The City Events Committee agrees to restore the property to its original condition upon the conclusion of the fair, addressing any damage that may occur during the event.
    • The Committee will provide a detailed plan of the event layout and infrastructure setup to be approved by me no later than one month before the event start date.

    I trust that the Maple Grove Annual Fair will be a memorable event that brings joy and community spirit to our city. I am happy to contribute to its success by offering my property for its duration.

    Should you require any further information or wish to discuss these arrangements in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me at the number or email provided above.

    Thank you for your efforts in organizing this event. I look forward to seeing the community come together and enjoy the festivities.


    John Smith

    sample 02

    Subject: Request for Permission to Use Your Property for Community Garden Project

    Dear Mrs. Thompson,

    I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Maria Gonzalez, and I am the Director of Community Outreach at Harmony Non-Profit Organization, a community-based group dedicated to fostering environmental awareness and community engagement in Springfield. Our mission is to create spaces that bring people together to learn, share, and grow.

    We are reaching out to kindly request your permission to use your vacant property located at 789 Greenway Avenue for a new initiative we are excited to launch – a community garden project. This initiative aims to transform underutilized spaces into vibrant areas where community members can come together to grow fresh produce, learn about sustainable gardening practices, and foster a sense of community.

    The reasons we believe your property would be an ideal location for this project include its accessible location, suitable land for gardening, and the positive impact this project could have on the neighborhood’s aesthetics and community spirit.

    Should you graciously grant us permission to use your land, we commit to the following:

    • Ensuring the property is maintained and kept tidy by our team of volunteers and participants.
    • Providing all necessary tools, seeds, and resources required for the garden.
    • Holding regular workshops and events open to all community members, focusing on gardening, sustainability, and healthy living.
    • Restoring the property to its original condition, should the project conclude or at your request.

    We are more than willing to meet with you to discuss this proposal in further detail and address any concerns or conditions you may have. Harmony Non-Profit Organization is committed to making this project a success and a source of pride for the Springfield community, with your support.

    Thank you very much for considering our request. We believe that with your help, we can create a meaningful and lasting contribution to our community. Please feel free to contact me directly at (217) 555-0198 or via email at to discuss this further.

    Warm regards,

    Maria Gonzalez

    Director, Community Outreach

    Harmony Non-Profit Organization

    Letter Writing Tips

    It would help to observe the following tips when writing it to use the property. With these particular considerations, you will be able to write a compelling and convincing letter.

    Some of the tips that you should have in mind are as follows:

    • Avoid errors: Ensure you go through your letter and proofread it after writing to avoid spelling and grammar errors. This will ensure that you maintain a positive and professional impression with the receiver.
    • Use formal language/right tone: It is a formal letter. Therefore, you should use formal language and maintain the right tone when requesting or granting permission to use the mentioned property. Your letter should also be brief and not contain any irrelevant information.
    • State the correct information: When it comes to addressing, ensure you provide the correct information. Also, all the critical details in the letter must be precise and correct. The address of the letter’s receiver must be written in an organized manner.
    • Provide appropriate reasoning: If you seek permission, always provide a proper reason for your request. Ensure you focus on those necessary points to avoid having a long letter of permission to use the property.
    • Be specific with your request: Ensure you focus on the subject while requesting to use a particular property.


    Focus on mentioning the property, requesting consent, and providing the necessary reasons.

    • Write in the second person: Use the second person, “you,” to write the letter. You can address the letter’s receiver and inform them of your request or permit them.


    Either the person requesting permission or the person granting it can write a formal letter allowing someone to use the property. Whether you are allowing someone to use your property or you are requesting to use someone’s property, a verbal agreement is not enough. It is best to write a proper and effective letter to use property. This way, there will be a formal agreement on what must happen once permission is granted. A permitter will be able to protect their property from damage and a requester will have the proof needed to use someone else’s property. When writing this, it is best to stick to the subject, proofread to avoid any errors, and use a polite tone.

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