Temporary to Permanent Employment Request Letter Examples

The transition from temporary to permanent jobs is a very common occurrence in the corporate sector. If the working conditions of an organization are to the liking of an employee, it is only expected that said employee pursue a long-term relationship with the company, especially if they were brought in on temporary hire. When seeking a more permanent role in a firm, your primary goal is to give your employer the best impression.

Such a request can be made using a letter written by a temporary employee to the management of an organization seeking a permanent contract with said firm. The letter is expected to be written in humble and polite terms, given that it is a request, but it is also expected not to lose any of its formality.

In some organizations, you are required to fill out a form to transition to a permanent employee. It is advised that you do not stop at that, you should write a letter to the supervisor in charge of hiring permanent employees too. This is a really good way to introduce yourself. It also gives you an edge over the others who stopped to fill out the form and lets the employer know that you are serious about securing a permanent role. This is especially true if you have been working for several months as a temporary employee. Your employer will get the impression that you are quite satisfied with your position and do not want a permanent role unless you tell them otherwise.

Depending on the agency you are working with, you may be required to fill out more job application forms and complete some paperwork with the Human Resources department of the organization.


An instance is the Federal Agencies. It would interest you to know that these agencies do not give the same status to temporary employees as they do to their permanent employees. Transitioning from a temporary to a permanent role here is not going to be quite as easy.

It is important to keep in mind that your letter of request will do the speaking for you.

So, as a matter of priority, it should be properly structured to convey your intentions clearly and swiftly. You might have to compete for your job with others who are more likely to be hired because they have previously worked for a federal agency or are veterans.

In this piece, we have assembled a detailed step-by-step procedure that helps you create this letter and also ensures that you bag the employment.

Free Templates

Temporary to Permanent Employment Request Letter - Word Format

Free Temporary to Permanent Employment Request Letter Example

Editable Temporary to Permanent Employment Request Letter Form

Printable Temporary to Permanent Employment Request Letter Sample

Free Temporary to Permanent Employment Request Letter Sample

Editable Temporary to Permanent Employment Request Letter Example

    Components of the Letter

    The following information should be included in it;

    Contact information

    The importance of adding this bit of information must be emphasized. You need to ensure that your employer has multiple ways to contact you.

    Your contact information should include:

    • Personal Phone Number: This is a number that should always be available and, if possible, always on your person. You never know when your employer might decide to reach out.
    • Email Address: Endeavor to use a working email address should your employer choose that medium to communicate
    • A Business Extension: This is not a compulsory addition. However, it enriches your application when provided. It shows that you work hard and can effectively manage a business. It gives your employer confidence in your skills. So, if you have a business extension, don’t be shy to include it in your contact information.

    Tenure of employment

    It is important to let your employer know how long you have been working with the company in your temporary position. Also, you should mention the department to which you were assigned and in what capacity you work/worked.

    Doing this is important because the management you are writing to might have no idea where in the company you have worked, what skills you have, or if you have worked long enough to be considered for a permanent position. Even if it is a small company, do make sure always to give specific details. Do not assume the recipient of your letter already knows. If there are jobs that you have done with similar skills in the past, it is advisable to cite them too. Remember, the goal is to make the best impression.

    Skills and qualifications

    Your task here is to impress the supervisor in charge of hiring by writing about all the skills you have acquired and how much you have developed since you began working with the company. Bring to their knowledge that you are already trained in the field, and it would be much easier for you to blend into a more permanent role. Assure your hiring supervisor that you are already abreast with the inner workings of your assigned department. A lot of employers would rather not have to go through the onboarding process of training new employees. They would rather work with an experienced person. You are already trained; use that to your advantage.


    This part of the letter is usually typed one line after the last paragraph of the letter. It stays on the same line as the date. Only the first letter of the first word is capitalized. There are only a few complimentary closes that are generally acceptable depending on the type of formal letter being written. The only punctuation written after closing is a comma.

    • For very formal letters, the accepted closing is ‘Respectfully yours’.
    • For a more friendly and slightly personal formal letter, the closings used are ‘Cordially yours’ and ‘Best regards’.
    • For business letters, the common closings are ‘Sincerely’,’ Kind regards’, and’ Yours truly’.
    • Signature

    It is a rule that signatures come after the complimentary close, with four blank lines separating them. It is required that the name be written in full, and underneath the name should be a signature. A title can be added if necessary.

    Professional Template

    [Your Name]

    [Your Address]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    [Email Address]

    [Phone Number]


    [Manager’s Name]

    [Manager’s Position/Title]

    [Company’s Name]

    [Company’s Address]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    Subject: Request for Conversion to Permanent Employment Status

    Dear [Manager’s Name],

    I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express my sincere interest in transitioning from my current role as a [Your Current Position] under a [temporary/contract] employment arrangement to a permanent position within [Company’s Name]. Having been a part of the [specific department or team] for [duration of employment], I have developed a profound appreciation for the company’s culture, values, and objectives.

    Contribution to the Company:

    During my tenure, I have been privileged to contribute to various projects and initiatives, notably [mention specific projects, achievements, or responsibilities], which have furthered our team’s goals and the company’s mission. My commitment to excellence, coupled with my ability to [mention specific skills or qualities, e.g., work collaboratively, solve complex problems, etc.], has enabled me to add value to our team and the broader organization.

    Reasons for Seeking Permanent Employment:

    The opportunity for permanent employment with [Company’s Name] is of great interest to me for several reasons. Firstly, I am eager to continue contributing to our collective success with a long-term perspective, deepening my engagement with ongoing and future projects. Secondly, securing a permanent role would allow me to further invest in my professional development within the context of the company’s growth and evolution. I am particularly drawn to [mention any specific company initiatives, values, or opportunities], and I am enthusiastic about the prospect of contributing to these areas with a more sustained commitment.

    Request for Consideration:

    In light of my contributions and the alignment of my professional aspirations with the company’s goals, I respectfully request your consideration for a permanent employment contract. I am fully committed to the mission of [Company’s Name] and am eager to continue contributing to our success in a more permanent capacity. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss this request further and explore how I can continue to contribute to our team and the company at large.

    Thank you very much for considering my request. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with [Company’s Name] and am hopeful for the chance to discuss this matter further. Please let me know a convenient time for a meeting or any additional information you may require from me. I am looking forward to your positive response and am available at your convenience.


    [Your Name]

    Sample Letter to Request Permanent Employment

    Subject: Request for Transition to Permanent IT Consultant Role

    Dear Ms. Carter,

    I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. As an IT Consultant with Dynamic Solutions Inc. for the past 18 months, I have had the distinct pleasure of contributing to a variety of projects that have not only challenged me but also allowed me to grow significantly in my professional capacity. It is with a sense of commitment towards our shared goals and a vision for what we can achieve together that I am writing to express my desire to transition into a permanent role within our esteemed IT department.

    During my tenure, I have been fortunate to lead the cybersecurity overhaul project, which was a critical initiative for our company’s operational security. This project resulted in a 40% reduction in vulnerability reports within the first six months of implementation. Additionally, my role in migrating our internal systems to a cloud-based infrastructure has enhanced our operational efficiency and scalability, preparing Dynamic Solutions Inc. for future growth.

    My commitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement led to the initiation of a monthly IT innovation workshop within our team. This initiative has not only boosted team morale but has also sparked several innovative solutions that are currently in the pilot phase, aimed at enhancing our client service offerings.

    The strategic direction of Dynamic Solutions Inc., especially your vision of integrating AI and machine learning technologies into our client solutions, resonates deeply with my professional aspirations. I am particularly excited about the potential for these technologies to revolutionize our approach to problem-solving and value creation for our clients. My background in AI, coupled with my recent certification in machine learning, positions me well to contribute to these initiatives.

    Given my dedication to our team’s success, my alignment with the company’s strategic goals, and my contributions to our key projects, I respectfully request your consideration for a permanent IT Consultant position. I am eager to continue this journey, deepening my engagement with our projects and contributing to the long-term success of Dynamic Solutions Inc.

    I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how I can further contribute to our team in a permanent capacity. Please let me know a convenient time for you, as I am keen to explore how we can continue to work together towards achieving the company’s ambitious goals.

    Thank you very much for considering my request. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of such impactful projects and to have worked alongside such a talented team. I look forward to the possibility of solidifying my commitment to our team and contributing to the exciting future that lies ahead for Dynamic Solutions Inc.


    Jonathan Doe


    The letter effectively conveys the petitioner’s desire to transition into a permanent role within the company’s IT department while highlighting their contributions, achievements, and alignment with the company’s strategic goals. The opening paragraph sets a positive tone and establishes the petitioner’s commitment to the company’s success. By outlining specific projects and initiatives they have led or contributed to, such as the cybersecurity overhaul project and the implementation of cloud-based infrastructure, the petitioner demonstrates their value and impact within the organization. Furthermore, they showcase their proactive approach to fostering innovation within the team through initiatives like the monthly IT innovation workshop.

    The letter also emphasizes the petitioner’s alignment with the company’s strategic direction, particularly in the integration of AI and machine learning technologies. By mentioning their background in AI and recent certification in machine learning, the petitioner positions themselves as a valuable asset in driving these initiatives forward. The respectful and professional tone maintained throughout the letter enhances its effectiveness, while the petitioner’s willingness to discuss further details and contribute to future projects underscores their enthusiasm and dedication.

    Overall, the letter effectively presents a compelling case for the petitioner’s transition to a permanent IT consultant role, drawing attention to their achievements, alignment with company goals, and eagerness to continue contributing to the organization’s success.

    Tips to Get Permanent Employment

    A lot of companies prefer to work with temporary employees because they want to confirm if or not the employees are worthy of a permanent position. Or sometimes, the companies might just enjoy the flexibility that comes with hiring temps.

    Whichever the case, it is possible to change status from temporary to permanent employee using these deliberate methods:

    • Be 100% reliable- Prioritize showing up on time, make sure to deliver quality work on or before a given deadline, and always communicate with your team members or colleagues. Make sure to be available when your presence is requested.
    • Be enthusiastic and have the right mindset- You need to show commitment, be enthusiastic, and be flexible. Show up earlier than others to work and sometimes offer to stay late. Treat the job like full-time employment. Remember, your goal is to achieve permanence in the firm.
    • Be genuinely interested in the job- Take the job seriously. Do not be that temporary staff that is lax. As dramatic as it may sound, you need to give your employers and co-workers the impression that they cannot function properly without you around. Show up and be consistent. Be proactive and offer help and ideas whenever you can.
    • Build personal relationships- You need to be visible. Get to know the leaders on the inside who partake in the hiring process. Make sure to be polite, shake hands, and introduce yourself to people.
      Do not overlook your colleagues, be friendly to them too. They can spread the word about a “great temp” in a certain department. A good working relationship with everyone can fetch you just about anything.
    • Exceed expectations- Make sure to always do slightly better than is expected of you. This is because if you do just that which is expected, then there is nothing spectacular about you. This works against your goal of wanting to be seen. So even in little things, exceed expectations.

    In summary, combining the format given to write this letter with the tips and tricks presented above will give you a good edge over your competitors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long can a temporary employee be considered temporal?

    According to the United States Department Of Labor (DOL), temporary work is defined as an appointment designed to last one year or less. It is also defined as a job that has a specific end date. But ultimately, the employers can decide when a temporary worker’s employment starts and ends. Oftentimes, the end date is the same day as the completion of a particular project or the return of a permanent staff member. Just like leased, part-time, and seasonal workers, temporary workers are a part of the contingent workforce, and that makes them ineligible for employment benefits.

    Can a temporary job become permanent?

    The simple answer is Yes, a temporary job can become permanent. There is no guarantee of this, however, but if you do play your cards right, then you can easily bag a permanent position.

    Final Words

    As simple as it sounds, transitioning from a temporary to a permanent job is not a swift process. Depending on the nature of your temporary employment, it might take you weeks or even months to perfectly position yourself for the role. It is advised that you start preparing for a permanent role as soon as you begin your temporary employment. These things have to be put in place to ensure you are not found lacking in any aspect.

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