Thank You Email After Phone Interview (28 Best Examples)

After a phone interview, a thank-you email can be decisive for selection. Thanking the interviewer for the opportunity and being respectful reminds the recruiter that you are interested in the position and waiting for feedback.

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    Pre-Writing Considerations

    Many people after a phone interview are passively awaiting feedback, and this passivity can indicate that one is not as interested as others candidates. The information that follows is an article about why it is essential to send a thank-you email, when is the right time to send a thank-you email and what to write in a thank-you email.

    A thank-you email after a phone interview is an excellent opportunity to show your interest in a job position. It also shows that one can communicate professionally. From the moment the recruiter receives a thank-you email, one’s application can be seen with a new perspective, as one has taken a step beyond the rest of the candidates. In addition to thanking the interviewer, one can take the opportunity to reinforce some points that make one the ideal candidate for the position.

    One should send the thank-you email when one’s meeting with the recruiter is still fresh in their mind to make an easier connection between the email sender and the person they interviewed over the phone. Do not wait more than 24 hours to show the gratitude for the opportunity.

    Thank-you email vs Thank-you note

    Most people recommend that a thank you note via email is well accepted by most companies as it is easy, and one can receive a quick response. In addition, a note sent by mail takes a few days to arrive and can be placed on someone’s desk for days without them noticing. Still, highly conservative companies may pay more attention to the paper version.

    Writing a Thank You Email

    The best way to craft a thank-you email is to create a unique, personalized message. It is not ideal for the message to be over-standardized, as this denotes a lack of commitment and little concern for quality. What follows is guide covering the process of crafting a personalized thank-you email:

    Gather information during the interview

    In preparation for writing a thank-you email, take notes during your phone interview. Make sure that one has written the name of the person who conducted the interview (after asking about the correct spelling) and their title. Also, confirm the email address of the persons involved in the interview. Finally, write down the questions that were asked during the conversation and, in particular, write down any issues that came up that were not fully addressed.

    Subject line

    The subject line of the thank-you email should not be informal. Emails with the subject “Hi” or “Contact” do not look professional and may get flagged as spam. Make the goal clear. Do not exceed 75 characters in the title, if possible, as some email clients do not display more than 40 characters in the title, so keep in mind that the message may not even get displayed completely.

    Following are examples of subject lines that one can use in a thank-you email:

    • Thank you: interview for [Name of position]
    • Thanks: interview for [position]
    • Thanks for the interview [position] on [date]
    • Thank you for the opportunity: [position]
    • Thanks for the interview opportunity: [position]
    • Thank you for taking your time: [position]
    • Thanks for your time: Interview for [position]
    • Thank you for your time: [Name of interviewer]
    • Thank you for the meeting: [Name of interviewer]
    • Following up on our conversation: [Name of interviewer]

    Appropriate greeting

    Use a formal, professional greeting that suits the industry and mention the name of the interviewer. Avoid informal greetings even though some companies do accept them. Use the appropriate vocative whenever possible.

    For example,

    Dear XYZ.

    Body paragraph

    In the body paragraph, introduce by stating the name and the position for which one has applied, and proceed to say thanks for the opportunity. The body paragraph is key to reaffirm one’s interest in the position and the company. To make the most of it, highlight a positive aspect of the company and briefly show how one’s skills would contribute to the position.

    Show the understanding of the company’s needs, highlighting the key phrases used by the interviewer and reflecting them in your email. However, keep the tone of the letter formal unless the company has a different policy.

    For example:

    “My name is ABC, and I am writing to thank you for the time you dedicated to me in the interview last Monday, June 11, for the position of [job title] in your company [state name]. The interview allowed me to learn more about your company and your team. It helped me better understand the position’s expectations and growth objectives. I am convinced that my technical skills and my knowledge of the sector will make me successfully perform the role of (name of the vacant position).”


    To close the email, let the interviewers know that one is open for providing more information, answering any questions that were not addressed in the interview, and references that the company requires. In case there is a subsequent interview, take advantage of the closing section to request the date.

    For example:

    “As you could see in the interview, my training, ability to lead teams, and knowledge of the sector are adjusted to your requirements, so I think I could add value to the department.

    I am waiting for you to confirm the time and date of the next interview, as well as to complete any additional information that is required.”


    Adding a signature to an email is a part of professional communication. It is recommended to mention one’s first and last name and add the contact information since this will facilitate the interviewer’s if he wants to contact for any additional information.

    For example:

    Contact number
    Email address

    Sample Thank You Emails after Interview

    Following are a few samples for developing better understanding about the sentence structuring and format:

    Sample 1

    Subject: Thank You – Content Writer Interview

    Dear Mr./Ms. XYZ,

    Thank you very much for taking out time from your busy schedule to take my interview at 4 pm today for the Content Writer position at ABC Company. This job seems like a perfect match for my writing skills and abilities.

    During the conversation, you stressed the point that the employer would prefer to hire a person who can work from home as well apart from the office hours during the month of October. I would like to assure you that I would go the extra mile, as I am available for hire in October and November.

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards,
    First Name Last Name
    Email address
    Phone Number
    Link to LinkedIn Profile

    Sample 2

    Subject: Thank You- Customer Service Representative Interview

    Dear Mr. / Ms. XYZ,

    Thank you very much for considering me a potential candidate for the Customer Service Representative Position at ABC Company. As per our phone conversation on 14th September 2018, at 3 pm you specifically asked me if I have a similar experience in past. I told you about the previous job, my skills, and my abilities, which make me a perfect candidate for this position.

    I would like to bring to your attention that I am currently enrolled in a reputable university. I would be taking this role for a part-time position. However, as we discussed there are chances of growth in the ABC Company and I might turn out to be an asset for the firm.

    I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you once again for considering me for this position.

    Best Regards,
    First Name Last Name
    Email address
    Phone number

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        Common Mistakes and How to Avoid them

        Forwarding the email to the wrong person, either by misspelling their name or using the wrong email domain, is the most common type of mistake. To minimize this risk, write down the details on the day of the interview.

        Note That: Add links to your non-professional social networks and send more than one thank you email to the same person is also a mistake that makes you look unprofessional.

        Asking about your candidacy several times is another common mistake that will make you look desperate. Similarly, justifying yourself for a bad interview also makes you look desperate. What you did in the interview cannot be undone, so focus on the message you want to convey.

        Using the email address of your current job to send the email to the interviewers is another mistake that one needs to avoid as doing so will show lack of concern of enthusiasm as well as professionalism. Instead, you should always email the interviewer using your general professional email.

        Professional Tips

        A thank-you email, if written properly, can bring one closer to getting a job. Following are some tips that can help in crafting a professional thank-you email:

        • Brief message: Keep the thank-you message brief but take the chance to tie together information exchanged in the interview. Also, take the opportunity to briefly highlight any quality one posses that have to do with the vacancy; however, do not add any unnecessary details.
        • Customized email: The email must be addressed individually and personalized to each of the interviewers. Never send them the same message. It shows that one is not interested in the job and is unwilling to put in the effort. Interviewers can also interpret it as unprofessional.
        • Keep it simple: Keep the subject simple and in the email, the message refers to the time and date of the telephonic conversation. Mention the brief overview of the interview and highlight the strengths, which make you a good fit for the said position.
        • Formal tone: The message should be formal in tone. Use the email address from which the phone interviewer has emailed. Using this email address would make sure that the message does not end up in the spam folder of the sender.
        • Verify interviewer’s email: Before sending the thank-you email, make sure that the address of the interviewer is correct. One can verify the email even by asking them, and some companies have these details provided on their websites.
        • Proofread: Proofread the email for spelling and grammatical mistakes to avoid giving the appearance of sloppiness or lack of knowledge of the language. If possible, ask someone who is trustworthy to proofread the email.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How long a thank you email must be?

        The ideal size of a thank-you email is less than one page, however in some cases a one page letter is also acceptable.

        How soon should you send a thank you letter after an interview?

        It is extremely important to thank the person within 24 hours of the interview. However, if possible write an email or a thank you letter as soon as possible. With the help of a letter, the interviewer would also get an idea that you are really good at following up, which is a good sign.

        How do you thank someone before an interview?

        When there is a call for the interview or someone wants to know the availability of the person, it is wise to send a thank you note before the interview as it would depict the good manners of the candidate and would keep you in the good books of the interviewer. Through email it is possible to reply right away; however, on phone, you can thank the person when scheduling your interview especially if there is a voice message left for you.

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