Salary Verification Letter – How to Write (Free Templates)

To qualify for a mortgage, apply for a loan, or enroll in a saving scheme, there is usually the need to prove to the financiers how much an applicant is earning. To do this, the applicant has to provide evidence of current and future income. This is a task that is performed chiefly by providing a salary verification letter. And as an employer, you may have to write a salary verification letter upon receiving the salary verification request from your employee or a 3rd party.

As you may have guessed, this is a letter whose role is chiefly to prove that the party under scrutiny works for the organization he claims and also earns the exact amount of money he purports to earn.

To help you in appreciating it further, we have seen it necessary to express more of its contents here below.

Purpose of the Salary Verification Letter

This letter is used for the following purposes and in the following circumstances:

  • Find out the Salary History: Its primary purpose is to find out the salary history of an applicant. This is basically the amount of money that the applicant earns and the other benefits that the said person is also entitled to both presently or in the future upon retirement.
  • Verify Employment: Next, it verifies the employment status of the applicant. In this regard, it simply confirms that the applicant is employed by the firm he claims to be employed in and in the same capacity he purports to hold. Closely related to these is the total amount of time he has been attached to that firm.
  • Applying for Loans and Credit: Also, when applying for a loan, credit, mortgage, or other debt instruments, the amount of money that the applicant earns determines to a great extent the level of trustworthiness that may be bestowed upon him. This is a decision that may only be arrived at after the salary of the said individual has been confirmed.
  • Renting or Leasing Premises: Some landlords may usually be too hesitant to welcome just about anyone on their premises. They want to entrust only those who they are cocksure can remit the dues in time. For this to happen, they often rely extensively on the salary verification letters as a way forward.

What to Include in a Salary Verification Letter

This letter typically comprises the following details:

  • Name and Address of Employer: This is the name and the address of the firm which the employee purports to work for. It is this firm that subsequently vouches for the salary details of the person of interest here.
  • Name and Address of Applicant: It is the person or firm that is requesting for the salary of a given person to be verified. Subsequently, this is the person to whom the letter is addressed and intended.
  • Name and Job Title of the Employee: The name and the job title of the employee has to be revealed explicitly. Needless to say, this name has to be exactly as it would appear on official documents. Though not mandatory, the letter may also spell out how long the employee has been attached to the firm.
  • Salary and Benefits Package: This is now the core of the letter. It basically gives a breakdown of the salary that the employee is entitled to and the other benefits he enjoys or is to enjoy upon quitting the workforce.
  • Signature and Date: To give the letter the official character it requires, the said letter has to be signed and dated.

Salary Verification Letter Template

Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email






City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

Re: Salary Verification Letter

We draft this letter to prove that __________ (name of the employee) is a presently working for our company __________ (name the company).

He/she has been attached to our firm for ________ (specify the duration in which he/she has been working for you) in the capacity of________ (explain the capacity).

He/she presently earns ________ (specify amount) and also receives ________(list all the benefits) that total to ________(specify the sum total benefits).

Please reach us on XXX-XXX-XXXX for any further details or clarifications.


Signature (hard copy letter)

FirstName LastName

salary verification letter sample

Jennifer Jones,

Head of Human Resource – First Capital Bank Inc.

621 St. Louis Street,

New Orleans,

Louisiana 70130

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

Felix Ellison,

Head of Credit – Rent-a-Home Realtors,

One Canal Place,

365 Canal Street,

Suite 500,

New Orleans, LA 70130

Dear Sir,

RE: Salary Verification Letter

This is to confirm that Ms. Diana Henderson is and has been duly employed by us in the capacity of a teller for eight years now. Her annual basic pay is $42,000.00 which is complemented with housing, commuting, health, and entertainment allowances that jointly add up to $8,000.00

Kindly let us know in what other ways we may be of help to you.


Jennifer Jones,

Head of Human Resource – First Capital Bank Inc.

Things to Keep in Mind

When drafting a letter of this kind, you have to bear in certain things.Below are some of those, explained in their finest details:

  • Utmost Confidentiality: You have to maintain the utmost confidentiality while drafting this letter. Refrain from spilling the secrets of the employee anyhow to any member of the public who is not a party to the dispute. That may land you in hot water or make your life unnecessarily hard.
  • Accuracy of Details: The details you furnish have to be truly accurate. Remember, the applicant may use other legal mechanisms to verify those details later on. Woe unto you if they find that they were exaggerated or mixed with lies or half-truths.
  • Adherence To The Required Scope: Though a standard letter of this kind comprises some standard details, the applicant may often demand other details that are outside the Scope. In that case, you have to make use that an authorization letter is attached to the request to disclose the requested information.

Things to Avoid

Other than adhering to certain standards, there are things you ought to avoid all the while.

These are:

  • Unnecessary Exaggerations: Never be tempted to exaggerate the facts by incorporating details that tend to portray the employee to be better than he really is. Instead, give an honest and factual representation of the facts that surround the employee’s salary and remuneration details.
  • Half-truths and Lies: Also, avoid half-truths and outright lies. Remember, these details will be verified at some point in time. You may lie and get away with it temporarily, but at some point, the lies will eventually catch up with you. It pays to stick to honesty and truthfulness.

Tone of the Salary Verification Letter

The tone of this letter has to be positive and professional. Avoid using slang or other informal languages that may water down the seriousness of the letter overall. On the same note, you should also use the format of an official letter when displaying the contents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Salary Verification Work?

A salary verification basically matches the numbers you claim to earn versus what you truly earn on the basis of the information that is provided for by your employer. If the numbers do not match, your chances of gaining the said privilege may be compromised.

How Many Days Will It Take To Get Salary Verification?

There is no set number of days. It all depends on how fast your employer can process it and how soon your requester needs it. You have to start early to see to it that you deliver the letter just in time.

Is ‘Salary Verification’ The Same As The ‘Income Certificate’?

NOT really! The income certificate is mainly issued to persons whose annual income is less than $12,000. It vouches for their income and hence aids them in applying for the privileges they may seek.


In closing, a salary verification letter is an important piece of document that you cannot treat with a kid’s gloves. Please take your time to understand its finest details to be able to appreciate it better. If unsure of your employer’s ability to draft it, consider drafting it on your own and have him sign it.

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