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Delivery Receipt Template

Delivery receipts are a widely used method of confirming that goods have been delivered to a client, or to a point where the client can receive them from someone else. These receipts are designed to benefit both businesses and their clients. By issuing these receipts, businesses can track all goods that have been delivered, and also who received those goods. The person delivering gives a copy to the client while keeping a copy for the business. If anything goes wrong with the delivery process, then the business can pinpoint where it went wrong.

Various kinds of businesses use delivery receipts, such as parcels and postal companies, couriers, and stores that deliver orders directly to their clients. Businesses will adapt receipts to fit their own needs, yet all will confirm what items were delivered, the total value of goods (broken down for each item) the name of the client, and the details of who accepted the delivery if different from the client.

All the businesses use these receipts so that they have an audit trail of what was delivered when it was delivered, where it was delivered and who accepted it. Postal services and couriers usually deliver items for other companies so need to track orders for the senders as well as the recipients,

Delivery Receipt Templates

Delivery Receipt Template Word

Delivery Receipt

Goods Delivery Receipt

    Hand Delivery Receipt.

    Patient Delivery Receipt

    Printable Delivery Receipt

    Receipt for Food Delivery

    Receipt for Goods Delivery

    Receipt for Warehouse Delivery

      Difference Between Invoice and Delivery Invoice

      There are differences between an invoice and a delivery invoice, such as the invoice may be used to request payment from clients if the goods have not already been paid for. Also, invoices will list all items sent within each order and how much each item costs. Delivery receipts can be more basic, for instance, just showing the total value of the order, and even if each item is listed a breakdown of all the prices may not be provided.

      Delivery receipts generally share basic contents such as the address of the client, the name of the client, and the value of the order. However, some businesses will put more details on their receipts than other companies do. The basic content remains similar, as without name, address, date, and the number of items delivered, it becomes harder to audit what happened with orders that went wrong or when clients argue that they did not receive all or part of their delivery. Some receipts may have more details, such as if goods were delivered to a different location, or if anything was damaged in transit or rejected by the client.

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