Teacher Resignation Letter & Email Examples

A teacher resignation letter is a document that a teacher sends to their employer, notifying them of the decision to quit teaching. The decision to resign from the job may be due to several reasons, including sickness, relocation, further studies, etc. In ordinary circumstances, one must issue a two weeks’ notice to enable the employer to plan for the transition. If possible, you should deliver this letter in person to your employer and discuss the matter. You should also prepare their students for their departure, including completing the syllables and any other pending work.

How to write?

When writing your teacher resignation letter, you should remain positive and wish your coworkers, students, and parents the best in the future.

You should also express optimism as you open a new chapter in your career. If you’re leaving because of some misunderstandings with the school administration, these sentiments should not feature in the resignation letter.

It’s also essential to mention your last day in school and how long you’ve served as a teacher in the institution. If possible, you can specify the reason that has made you resign.

Before submitting your letter, proofread and edit it to confirm it has no spelling or grammar mistakes. And finally, send your quitting notification in time to avoid any disturbance in the students’ learning program.

Sample Teacher Resignation Letter

Aggrey Myles
201 Savestay Lane
New Jersey NJ, 97100
Cell: (500) 917-3434
[email protected]

Dear Prof. Malian,

This letter serves as my two weeks official resignation notice from my position as a grade 2 teacher at Parkways Junior School. My last day of employment will be October 20, 20XX.

My family will be relocating to Wales in the next month, and thus I must leave with them. I must say this is one of my most difficult decisions that I have to make because I have been a teacher in this school for the last 20 years. But I find consolation in that I have inspired so many students to succeed in their education. I will miss the lovely community of teachers, students, and parents at Parkways Junior School.

I thank the school administration for the chance to exploit my skills and talent to inspire the young generation for all these years. As I leave, I wish you all the best, and I promise to keep in touch.

You can always reach me via (444) 323-6780 or email [email protected]

Aggrey Myles

Teacher Resignation Letter (Word Format)

Teacher Resignation Letter

Teacher Resignation Email Example

Subject: resignation- Aggrey Myles

Dear Ms. Debra,

I write this letter to inform you of my decision to resign from Excel Schools at the end of this current year.

Although my past three years as a teacher in your institution have been the best part of my career, I must make this tough decision and enrol for higher education. I have enjoyed helping the students lay a solid education foundation for their lives besides interacting with the fantastic team of co-workers.

It now time to advance my studies and craft another significant journey in my career. I thank you all for your cooperation support and guidance.

I wish my co-workers and the student’s success. I promise to keep in touch.

Thank you for your love, patience, and understanding.


Jane Mark

Teacher Resignation Email (Word Format)

Teacher Resignation Letter email example

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