Sample Request Letter for Meeting Appointment with Client

Meeting with client

Sometimes business executives and sales representatives request for meeting appointments with clients. In this case, they have to write a request letter for those appointment meetings. A request letter is a formal communication where business executives, sales people or other bodies request their clients to give them a chance to meet them for various business-related discussions. A request letter points out the reason why you need to meet with that client. It is usually polite, straightforward and brief. When composing a meeting request letter for meeting appointment with client, you should follow a formal business letter format.

How to Write this Request Letter?

A request letter for meeting appointment with client should begin with the full names of the sender, his title and address followed by the date the letter was written. The full names of the receiver, his title (if any) and address should follow. You should begin the letter with a proper salutation. If the client’s name is Mark Smith, then you should begin with “Dear Mr. Mark Smith.”

After the salutation, you can begin writing the letter. Make sure you introduce yourself in the first sentence. If you are a director of sales at JP Morgan, you can say, “I am the director of sales at JP Morgan. I met you at the Ibiza Trade Expo last year.” An introduction helps the client to know who you are before he reads other parts of the letter. After the introduction, you can move to more details, such as why you are requesting for an appointment, what the client will gain from the meeting and the suggested date and length of the meeting. You must show the client that you are interested in meeting with him and that he is important to you. Otherwise, he will not see a reason to spend his time with you.

You can then end the letter with a polite statement requesting the client to consider your request. You can then sign off with your signature and name at the end of the letter.

Sample Letter: Meeting Appointment with Client

Alice Sanders
Sales Executive of JP Morgan
585 Boulevard Street
Boston, Massachusetts 5988

20th June 20XX

Dear Mr. Mark Smith,

I am the sales executive of JP Morgan. We met briefly at the Ibiza Trade Expo last year. I would request to meet you on 30th June 2018 sometime between 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for 45 minutes. I have a proposition I think will be of great benefit to you now and in the future. Would it be possible for you to meet me at Seapot Hotel on the proposed date? I will contact you in a few days to follow up on the matter.

Alice Sanders

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Sample Request Letter for Meeting Appointment with Client