Permission Letter (Asking a Leave from Work)

It is not uncommon for an urgent issue to arise while at work. Such issues interfere with our stay at work. Given that they require urgent attention and reactions, it may not always be possible to keep working without attending to the first and foremost. Permission to that effect has to be sought. To seek this permission, a ‘Permission Letter for Leave’ has to be drafted. The purpose of this letter is to demonstrate the nature of the urgency and ask for official permission from the supervisor or proprietor of the business. As a matter of necessity, this letter should also spell out the entire duration of the leave.

What to Include in Permission Letter for Leave

Formal Request of Leave of Absence

The letter contains a formal request for leave. This asks the employer to allow the employee to leave the office officially to attend to the specified issue. The letter must also specify the exact issue that has necessitated the need for leave.

Affected Dates

This refers to the dates that are affected by the leave. The two dates have to be spelled out in the mm/dd/yyyy format for the reader to avoid any ambiguities. These two dates are to be followed after that by the duration of time that the two shall affect.

When you plan to Return

You must also categorically state when you plan to return to work. In many cases, this is the last date of the leave. In some instances, though, it is the first workday of the week just after the last day of the leave. It leaves out weekends and other public holidays.

An Offer of Assistance

As a sign of good gesture, it is always important to provide some assistance when transitioning to the leave. The letter yet again demonstrates the willingness and the desire of the employee to provide this very assistance. It has to state clearly the exact nature of the assistance.

Advance Thanking

To boost the chances of the request going through, the letter has to thank the recipient in advance for the support and consideration. You have to be open though as the request may not always be granted.

Sample Permission Letter for Leave from Work

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email
City, State Zip Code

Respected Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

Re: Permission Letter for Leave

In pursuance of the deliberations we had yesterday with regards to ____________ (specify the exact problem that has necessitated the need for the leave), I hereby ask you to allow me to be absent from work from _____________ (mm/dd/yyyy) to _________________ (mm/dd/yyyy), a period that is roughly __________________ (specify the total duration off time).

It is my hope that the issue shall be sorted out within that timeframe to allow me to resume duty on _______________ (mm/dd/yyyy). I am way too familiar with the fact that my departure shall impact your productivity adversely.

To help with stemming the tide, I offer to help with the transition. Just let me know what I may do in the meantime to help with that.

The chances are that you will require additional pieces of information to be able to arrive at a fairer conclusion. I am more than ready and willing to offer the same. Reach me on XXX-XXX-XXXX for urgent issues.
Let me take this opportunity to thank you in advance for the support and cooperation you undoubtedly shall give me.

Respectfully Yours,
Signature (hard copy letter)
FirstName LastName

Permission Letter for Leave (Email Example)

Subject: Your Name – Permission Letter for Leave

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

I am your bona fide employee who serves as support staff for your company. My daughter Malia Anderson has been suffering from some serious illnesses of late. Owing to the persistent nature of the illness, I have been forced to take leave from work to attend to her fully.

I plan to cease from coming to work from January 20th, 2020, to around January 27th, 2020. This shall span roughly a week. If all goes well, I plan to resume work on January 28th, 2020. In case I need more time, I shall communicate the same in advance for your consideration.

To help in mitigating the inconveniences and loss of productivity that my absence is bound to inflict on your company, I offer myself to aid with the transition. With this regard, I shall work longer for no extra pay.

Kindly give my request serious consideration and many thanks for your support in advance.

Your name

Samples in Word Format

Permission Letter for Leave

Permission Letter for Leave Email Example

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