Parents’ Permission Letter for Picnic (School Events)

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Other than the core role of imparting knowledge on the students, schools also hold secondary events like picnics that aim at socializing the students. Given that these events are outside the core curriculum, the school administration has to seek express permission from the parents of the students. It is where the ‘Parents’ Permission Letter for Picnic’ comes in. It is a letter that teachers draft to seek the authority of the parents to allow them to take the children to the picnics in locations that are afar off or participate in a school event. The letter includes information about the departure times, schedules, and the venue of the picnic alongside other vital pieces of information.

Sample for Parents’ Permission Letter for Picnic

Your Name
Your Address
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Dear Parent,

Re: Parents’ Permission Letter for Picnic
Your child ______________ (name of the child) is enrolled in our school. We do take students for picnics now and then. The purpose of the picnics is basically to let them bond with other likeminded students in our school district.

In about a ___________ (timing of the next picnic) time, we shall hold a picnic at ___________ (venue), which shall last from ______________ (time) to _____________ (time) on ______________ (mm/dd/yyyy).

We ask you to allow us to take your child to the event. As a sign of commitment, you are required to pay ______________ (amount) over and above responding to this letter. All official responses are to be received no later than _________________ (deadline).

Always feel free to get to us with any issues as we are very enthusiastic to answer all of them promptly.

Signature (hard copy letter)
FirstName LastName

Sample for Parents’ Permission Letter for Picnic

Subject: Your Name – Parents’ Permission Letter for Picnic

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

As you know, your child Melissa Jones is enrolled in our school. She is a 5th grader who is, to be honest, hardworking. Our school holds picnics every last Friday of the month when the schools are in session.

The purpose of these picnics is to take the students away from the congested walls of the ordinary classroom environment and give them a chance to breathe some fresh air.

According to our schedules, the next picnic shall take place on January 31st, 20XX. We hence take this early opportunity to ask you to release your child for us to take him to the picnic.

We require that you communicate your stand no less than a week to the deadline. That makes January 24th, 20XX, as the official deadline.

From past experiences, many parents have been wary of these meetings. If you happen to have any doubts, feel free to seek official clarification from us. We have a dedicated member of staff that handles those inquiries.

For any urgent communications, reach us on 319-430-6578. Looking to hear from you.

Your name

Samples in Word Format

Parents’ Permission Letter for Picnic

Permission Letter for Picnic (Email Example)

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