Parent’s Permission Letter for Picnic (School Events)

A Parent’s Permission Letter for a picnic is a formal letter written by school authorities (mainly teachers) to obtain permission from a child’s parents so that the student can attend a picnic.

School authorities must write this letter to inform the parents of the school event. The letter should be written in a polite, respectful, and official way.

The law requires you to seek permission to travel or be in the company of a child without the presence of their parents or guardians. That is why this parent’s permission letter for a picnic is important to write. It must be well-crafted, and the parent must sign it before you can take the specific child along for the picnic.

This permission letter allows parents to understand the particular school event that their child might attend. It also gives them a choice in whether their child will attend the event or not. That means that school authorities should avoid writing a coercive letter and focus on helping the parent understand how beneficial the school event will be for their child.

When writing the letter, it is best to include all information about the school event. This entails the date of the picnic, the place for the picnic, the time the picnic will start, when it will end, and the supervising authorities that will be present with the student(s). Some permission letters can even request parents to join their children for the picnic. Ensure that as you write this parent’s permission letter, you have included all relevant information that the child’s parents should know about the picnic.


Parents’ Permission Letter for Picnic

Permission Letter for Picnic (Email Example)

    How to Format a Permission Letter

    There is a standard way that you can use to write and format a parent’s permission letter. The steps provided below will ensure that you have a proper formal letter that contains all the required information. Also, it will make sure that you help the parents understand all about the event, which will help convince them to permit you to take their child for the picnic.

    Here is how you should format this type of permission letter:


    The address is an essential part of every official letter; hence should be in a permission letter.

    The address should include your name and contact details, the date, the receiver’s name, and contact information. In addition, you should include both the sender’s address, that is you, and the receiver’s address, that is the parent of the child.  


    The next part of the permission letter is the greetings or salutation. The letter must have proper greetings as it shows respect to the child’s parents. For example, you can write, “Dear Parents,” as it is official and respectful.


    The subject of the letter should be written just below the address. It acts as the title of the letter that informs the parents of the reason for the letter. It should not be lengthy, and the best way to do so is by writing a subject line of at least 6 or 7 words.


    The next part is the introduction of the permission letter which must include the information listed below:

    • Briefly introduce yourself: You should first mention your name and introduce yourself to the parent. This will help the parent understand who the sender of the letter is and that also makes you seem trustworthy.
    • Announce the picnic: The next step is to announce the picnic to the parent of the child. Explain to the parent that the school is hosting or preparing a picnic for the students. This is also the part where you need to specify if the event is for students only or if the parents can attend too.


    The next part of the permission letter is the body paragraph(s) that should entail the details mentioned below:

    • Explain the purpose of the picnic: After informing the parent that the school is planning a picnic, you need to help them understand why the event is important. Some of the reasons could be that the picnic is meant to create teamwork among the students or celebrate a special occasion.
    • Include the details: You should then proceed to give the parents more details about the picnic in the permission letter. This includes the date, time, and location of the picnic. You can also give details of the activities that will happen at the picnic such as games, eating and even painting.
      You also need to inform the parents about the means of transport, how the students will get to the event and back home. Also, the parents should know of the pans you have in case the weather is unfavorable on the day of the picnic. This may include rescheduling the picnic or changing its location.
    • Make requests: You can request the parents for things that their students need to bring at the picnic, for instance, food or playing items. You can also request the students to wear warm clothing or dress lightly depending on the weather and wear tennis shoes instead of flip-flops. The type of requests also depends on whether the parents are allowed to attend the event or not.
    • Include a permission slip: It is important to include a permission slip at the end of the letter as it provides parents with a place to sign and give their consent. That way, if the permission slip is signed, you will be able to track how many students will be attending the picnic, making it easier to plan for the event.


    After completing the letter and including the permission slip, you can now close the letter by including the following information:

    • Add signature: Ensure you include your name and your signature at the end of the parent’s permission letter for the picnic.
    • Provide contact information: You can also provide your contact information that the parent can use to communicate with you.

    Sample Letters of Permission Letter

    As a school administrator, you are bound to be busy, and at times you could even get held up with school work. That is why you need an easier way of preparing a parent’s permission letter to obtain consent for a student to attend the picnic. With a pre-made template, it gets easier to write this letter.

    Following are a few samples and templates regarding this:

    Template 01

    Here is a fillable template:

    our Name

    Your Address

    Your City, State Zip Code

    Your Phone Number

    Your Email






    City, State Zip Code

    Dear Parent,

    Re: Parents’ Permission Letter for Picnic

    Your child ______________ (name of the child) is enrolled in our school. We do take students for picnics now and then. The purpose of the picnics is basically to let them bond with other likeminded students in our school district.

    In about a ___________ (timing of the next picnic) time, we shall hold a picnic at ___________ (venue), which shall last from ______________ (time) to _____________ (time) on ______________ (mm/dd/yyyy).

    We ask you to allow us to take your child to the event. As a sign of commitment, you are required to pay ______________ (amount) over and above responding to this letter. All official responses are to be received no later than _________________ (deadline).

    Always feel free to get to us with any issues as we are very enthusiastic to answer all of them promptly.


    Signature (hard copy letter)

    FirstName LastName

    Sample 01

    Here is an example of a parent’s permission letter for a picnic that has no permission slip at the end. This example is of a more casual yet professional type of letter.


    Jason Max
    Class Teacher
    Mason Academy

    22nd January, 2022

    Caroline Jay
    234, Anywhere Avenue

    Subject: Permission Request for your Child to Attend a School Picnic

    Dear Caroline,

    I am Jason Max a teacher at Mason Academy where your daughter Bridget Jay goes to school. I am her class teacher and I am writing this letter to inform you that the school will be having a picnic for grade one, two and three students and parents are welcome to attend.

    The picnic will be to celebrate these young students and their milestones. As a grade two student, Bridget is among the students that have been invited to attend the picnic. We would like you to grant her the permission so that she could attend this event. It will be beneficial for her to spend time with her peers having some fun away from school work.

    The picnic will be on Saturday 29th January 2022 at Wood Work Park just opposite the school. There will be games, eating, storytelling and even painting activities for the students. Please ensure that your child wears lightly so that she is comfortable during the event. The school will provide transportation from home to the event and back home.

    Please sign below and ensure your child comes to school with a signed copy of this letter if you have given her permission to attend the school picnic.

    Parent’s signature


    Jason Max
    (Your signature)

    Sample 02

    Below is another sample with the permission slip at the end. The example will help you understand what you should include in the permission slip after writing the parent’s permission letter for picnic.


    Allan Samuel
    The Principal
    Preston Academy

    22nd January, 2022


    Esther’s Parent
    34, Everywhere Avenue

    Subject: Permission for Esther to Attend a Picnic

    Dear Parent,

    I am Allan Samuel, the principal at Preston Academy. Your daughter Esther Kern is a student at my school. I am writing this letter to seek permission so that your child can attend the school picnic on 31st January, 2022.

    The picnic is meant to celebrate our teachers and all the students at the institution. Esther Kern is invited to attend the picnic that will last from 9 am in the morning to 4 pm in the evening. With your permission, your daughter will be able to attend and have some fun painting, playing games, riding horses, swimming and eating together with her fellow students. 

    Each class teacher together with an extra teacher chosen by the students will be responsible for their specific classes. There will adult supervision as the students participate in the different activities. Ensure that your child wears comfortably and carries the appropriate clothes for the events that you will have permitted her to participate in. The school will provide transportation from home to the event and back home.

    Thank you so much for your cooperation. Below is a permission slip that you are required to read through and then decide what you believe is appropriate for your daughter.

    Please choose the right permission slip below and fill it correctly. Ensure that your child brings the signed slip to school on Wednesday 26th January, 2022.

    To give consent for your child to attend the picnic, fill out the blank spaces below.

    I(name of parent or guardian) give my permission for my child  (full name of child) to attend the school picnic on   (day/date). My son can participate in the following activities ,  and  with supervision.

    Signed:                                  (Parent’s or Guardian’s Signature)

    If you are not giving your consent, then fill the blank below.

    I   (name of parent or guardian) do not give my permission for my child  (full name of child) to attend the picnic on   (day/date). I believe alternate activities like ,  and  will help my child gain the same experiences.

    Signed:                                  (Parent’s or Guardian’s Signature)


    Allan Samuel
    (Your signature)

    Sample 03

    Subject: Your Name – Parents’ Permission Letter for Picnic

    Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

    As you know, your child Melissa Jones is enrolled in our school. She is a 5th grader who is, to be honest, hardworking. Our school holds picnics every last Friday of the month when the schools are in session.

    The purpose of these picnics is to take the students away from the congested walls of the ordinary classroom environment and give them a chance to breathe some fresh air.

    According to our schedules, the next picnic shall take place on January 31st, 20XX. We hence take this early opportunity to ask you to release your child for us to take him to the picnic.

    We require that you communicate your stand no less than a week to the deadline. That makes January 24th, 20XX, as the official deadline.

    From past experiences, many parents have been wary of these meetings. If you happen to have any doubts, feel free to seek official clarification from us. We have a dedicated member of staff that handles those inquiries.

    For any urgent communications, reach us on 319-430-6578. Looking to hear from you.


    Your name

    Best Practices to Follow

    There are a few tips that you should observe when writing a parent’s permission letter for a picnic. The information listed below are the best practices that if adhered to, will help you write a powerful, effective and convincing permission letter to a student’s parents to allow their child to attend the picnic.

    Be polite

    As you write this letter, it is best to be polite throughout the letter. You can achieve this by using phrases like “May I”, “Shall I,” and “Could I.”

    Be clear and to the point

    Ensure you are clear and straight to the point by announcing the school picnic at the very beginning of the letter. That way, the parent is aware of the letter’s purpose immediately after they start reading it.

    Be concise

    You also need to learn how to compile your information into a concise letter. The permission letter should be brief and still contain all the required information.


    After writing the parent’s permission letter, it is best to edit and proofread it. Sending a letter that is full of grammar and spelling mistakes will make you seem unprofessional to the child’s parents.

    Final Words

    A parent’s permission letter for a picnic is an essential and official letter that school authorities must write so as to seek consent from a student’s parents for them to attend a school picnic. This letter is a requirement by the law, and you must have a signed copy if you are to travel with the child for the picnic. You can use our customized templates and sample letters as a guide on how to write a proper permission letter. Ensure the letter includes all the required information to make it effective and convincing enough for the parents.

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