13+ Free Medical Receipt (Bill) Templates (Word | PDF)

A medical receipt is simply a type of document which is issued by the medical authority to a patient giving a detailed report of the services that he or she has received and their correspondent prices after the cost has been paid. If the patient pays less of what is expected of him or her, the receipt will indicate the total paid and the balance to be paid.

Difference Between Medical Invoice and Medical Receipt

For some time, some people have had the two terms confusing to them. Well, there is no significant difference. An invoice is given before the payment by the client, basically to let him know what he or she should be paying and the services that are calling for the payment. Once the payment has been made, a receipt is given, which includes what services provided and their respective costs that have been paid for.

Elements of a Medical Receipt

What makes a medical receipt what it is, is the essential elements that must be included.

The identification of the service provider and the client: In the receipt, ensure you got to include the names, phone numbers, the addresses of the service provider, and the client as well as other company details.

Description of the service: The receipt should have the services well described alongside the dates of the service. Include the interventions as well as any medication offered. This will help the client to know how much the money they have paid for has been used.

Billing rate: For the inpatient, it would be ideal to indicate the ideal billing per hour or per day. It helps the client to know at a glance what balance is expected of him or her depending on the days or the hours that they have spent within the facility to get the services.

Balances due and the mode of payment: Every client will look at the balance. Make sure that you place it there openly as well as the payment method. It helps the client to plan for the next payment.

Receipt Templates

Colorful Medical Receipt Template

Editable Medical Receipt Template

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Medical Receipt Template PDF

Medical Receipt Template

Medical Services Receipt PDF

Medical Supply Receipt PDF

Printable Medical Receipt Template

Blank Medical Receipt

Receipt for Medical Services

Receipt for Medical Supply

Sample Medical Receipt

Medical Receipt

    Tips for Using the Medical Receipt

    The medical receipt should not be a bother to any client. To make use of it effectively, consider the following tips:

    Only deduct what has been received: At times, the patient has been given a prescription that does not end by day one. Do not bill the service that has not been given, even if it was included in the invoice. If you do otherwise, the patient may feel harassed or even coned.

    Use readable writings: If you have to do the billing manually, you should ensure that you write something that can be read. The clients need to understand what the money they have paid is catering for. Ensure your receipt is readable.

    Tally all treatments and charges: What makes the receipt you are giving to your client understandable is when they can see what their money has been paid for. To make their work easy, you should tally them. This is what makes it a receipt.

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