Letter of Permission to Use Equipment

In some instances, the kinds of equipment used for the job might not suffice the job at hand. That calls for the reinforcement of extra pieces of equipment. Be this as it may, it is still a matter of courtesy to seek the official permission of the bona fide owners of the pieces of equipment concerned before proceeding to use them. The ‘Letter for Permission to Use Equipment’ exists to serve this particular purpose. It aims at seeking the official authorization of the equipment owner to make use of the said pieces of equipment. The letter is drafted using a formal tone and is addressed to the property owner directly.

Sample Letter for Permission to Use Equipment

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Respected Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

Re: Letter for Permission to Use Equipment

I manage a ______________ (nature of firm like construction, farming, and fishing e.t.c.) firm. I have been undertaking the task of ________________ (fishing, farming, construction, and so on) for the last __________ (duration of time) and is supposed to have completed the task by __________ (mm/dd/yyyy).

However, it is not a given that I shall complete the task within the stipulated schedule. For this reason, I have to seek reinforcement in the form of an extra piece of _______________ (equipment).

I hence humbly implore you to release your _____________ (precise nature of the equipment you desire) for my use. Also, accompany the equipment with the necessary quote for its rentals.

I will truly be appreciative of that.
Signature (hard copy letter)
FirstName LastName

Email Example for Permission to Use Equipment

Subject: Your Name – Letter for Permission to Use Equipment

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

I have been contracted to handle ____________ (nature of the task) at _______________ (place) from____________ (mm/dd/yyyy) to ____________________ (mm/dd/yyyy).

From the look of things, I might not beat the deadline. As per the contract I signed initially, I risk being penalized in case I do not meet the deadline. I desperately want to prevent this from happening.

That is why I now ask you to lend me your ____________ (exact equipment) for added use and reinforcement. Due to the time constraint, it might not be possible for us to agree on a specific rate.

For this reason, I ask you to give it to me. We shall iron out those issues later on.

Your name

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Letter for Permission to Use Equipment

Letter for Permission to Use Equipment Email Example

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