Permission Letter for Equipment: How to Write (Best Samples)

If you want to get the consent of your employer before using any equipment in your working area, you will have to write a permission letter to use that equipment.

It is important to explain why you need a particular piece of equipment by writing this letter and helping your employer understand the purpose of that equipment. If you fail to explain the reason effectively, you may not be granted permission to use it.

This letter can be written to use any type of equipment that may or may not be available in the office. You should know to whom the letter should be addressed. Details of the task that needs to be done with the help of that specific equipment should also be explained in detail.

Downloadable Templates

Free Printable Permission to Use Equipment Letter Sample as Word Document
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    Steps to Writing a Permission Letter

    A proper format should be followed for writing the letter to use the equipment,t as it is a formal document and will be kept in the official record as well.

    Therefore, follow the guidelines given below for writing the letter for using any equipment:

    Step 1: Address the letter

    First of all, write the details of the person to whom the letter is being written for the use of equipment.

    These details will include:

    • Full name of the recipient
    • Designation in the office
    • Company name

    The residential address will only be mentioned if you send the letter via mail; otherwise, it is not required if you will be giving it personally in the office.

    Step 2: Write salutation

    It is appropriate to start writing the letter by using salutation remarks and asking the recipient about their well-being. As it is a formal document, adding the salutation remarks at the beginning will be appropriate.

    Step 3: Add a subject line

    The reason for writing the letter should be written as a subject line, and it should be separate from the rest of the letter. The subject lines should indicate the purpose, such as:

    “Permission letter to use the equipment”

    The font size should also be large for this section, and the alphabet should also be bold so that the reader can immediately know the purpose of your letter from the very start.

    Step 4: State the purpose

    After mentioning the main reason for writing the letter in the subject line, you will have to clearly state the purpose for which you need the equipment. This information should be provided in the introductory lines of the letter so that the reader can quickly identify the reason for which the letter is being written by you.

    Step 5: Describe the equipment in detail

    The reason for which the equipment will be used should be clearly stated, and the details of the type of equipment required should also be mentioned. It will help the employer clearly understand why this equipment is required for accomplishing a particular task.

    Step 6: List all the benefits of the equipment

    It is also important to mention the benefits that can be gained by using the particular equipment to fulfill a task’s requirements. Mentioning that the outcomes obtained will be beneficial for the company will increase the chances that your letter will get approved to use that equipment. The benefits can also be mentioned in quantitative terms by explaining them through facts and figures.

    Step 7: Identify the impact

    It would be best to remain realistic about the use of the equipment and mention all the possible impacts in your letter that the operationalization of particular equipment might cause. Describing the impact in the letter will help your employer better understand the need to use that equipment, and he will eventually give you permission.

    Step 8: Give details of the cost

    If the equipment you require is not available in the office and the company will have to buy a new one for you to use, then the monetary cost should be mentioned in the letter if you know it exactly. Otherwise, you can give a rough estimate of the equipment’s cost.

    The transportation cost should also be included, which will be spent on delivering the equipment to the office. Then the approximate total amount you can use for buying the equipment should be mentioned in the letter.

    Step 9: Specify the duration of usage

    The letter should mention the exact date on which you need to use the equipment. Along with the date, the time duration for which it will be used is also required to be stated. It will help the employer get an idea of how much time is required to make all the arrangements.

    Step 10: Sign off

    You will provide your details at the end of the letter. This information will include your full name, your designation in the office, and your signature. The residential address and contact number will be mentioned if you send the letter through the mail; otherwise, there is no need to write it.

    Sample Letters

    Three sample letters are provided below to help you understand how to write one:

    sample 01

    Dear Ms. Rodriguez,

    I hope this letter finds you well. I am reaching out to request permission to use the company’s 3D printer for an upcoming innovative design project. Our project involves creating prototype models, and the 3D printer’s capabilities are essential for bringing our designs to life.

    We would need access to the 3D printer from January 5th to January 25th. During this time, we assure you that the printer will be used exclusively for purposes directly related to our project. The team members who will operate the printer are experienced and have been trained in its proper usage and maintenance.

    I understand the importance of this equipment to our company’s day-to-day operations and assure you that we will handle it with the greatest care and responsibility. We are also open to following any specific guidelines or procedures you may recommend regarding its use.

    Your approval of this request will significantly benefit our project, allowing us to efficiently produce high-quality prototypes. I appreciate your consideration and am available to discuss any concerns or additional requirements you might have.

    Best regards,

    Emily Saunders

    sample 02

    Dear Mr. Thompson,

    I am writing to formally request permission to use the company’s high-resolution camera for an upcoming project. My team and I are working on a detailed landscape survey, which requires high-quality imaging to accurately capture the necessary details.

    Having reviewed the camera’s specifications, I believe it is perfectly suited to our requirements. We plan to use it from December 10th to December 20th. I assure you that the equipment will be handled with the utmost care and will be returned in its original condition.

    I understand the importance of this equipment to the company and am ready to comply with any conditions you might set for its use. Your approval would greatly enhance the quality of our work and contribute to the project’s success.

    Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.


    John Carter

    sample email

    Subject: Request for Permission to Use Company Drone for Upcoming Project

    Dear Mr. Wallace,

    I hope this email finds you in good health. I am writing to seek your permission to use the company’s drone for an upcoming environmental study project. The drone’s aerial photography capabilities are crucial for obtaining the necessary data.

    We intend to use the drone from February 15th to February 25th. The project team is trained in drone operations, and we will ensure it is used responsibly and returned in excellent condition. We are also prepared to adhere to any usage guidelines you may propose.

    The use of the drone will greatly enhance our project’s scope and provide invaluable data for our research. I understand the significance of this equipment to the company and assure you of our utmost care in its handling.

    Thank you for considering my request. I am available to discuss this further at your earliest convenience.

    Best regards,

    Michael Anderson


    The letters under consideration are useful in their approach to requesting the use of company equipment, providing valuable insight for anyone attempting to draft a similar request. Each letter is characterized by a professional tone, which is paramount in a workplace setting as it reflects respect and seriousness toward the request being made. 

    The clarity of purpose is another notable feature; the writers explicitly state their intent in the opening lines, eliminating any ambiguity about the letter’s objective. This is further enhanced by the inclusion of specific details like the type of equipment needed, the intended period of usage, and the project’s context, adding a layer of transparency and making the request more tangible for the reader. 

    A significant aspect of these letters is the emphasis on responsible handling of the equipment. By explicitly assuring careful usage and acknowledging the equipment’s value to the company, the writers demonstrate an understanding of corporate resources and a commitment to their stewardship. Additionally, the letters exhibit a readiness to comply with any usage guidelines and to engage in further discussions, showcasing a flexible and cooperative attitude that is crucial in a professional environment. 

    Concluding with expressions of gratitude, the letters not only make a well-rounded request but also foster goodwill, crucial for maintaining positive professional relationships. These features collectively make these letters good examples for structuring a formal, respectful, and effective request in a corporate setting.


    Your Name
    Your Address
    Your City, State Zip Code
    Your Phone Number
    Your Email


    City, State Zip Code

    Respected Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

    Re: Letter for Permission to Use Equipment

    I manage a ______________ (nature of firm like construction, farming, and fishing e.t.c.) firm. I have been undertaking the task of ________________ (fishing, farming, construction, and so on) for the last________________ (duration of time) and is supposed to have completed the task by ________________ (mm/dd/yyyy).

    However, it is not a given that I shall complete the task within the stipulated schedule. For this reason, I have to seek reinforcement in the form of an extra piece of _______________ (equipment).

    I hence humbly implore you to release your _____________ (precise nature of the equipment you desire) for my use. Also, accompany the equipment with the necessary quote for its rentals.

    I will truly be appreciative of that.


    Signature (hard copy letter)

    FirstName LastName

    sample email

    Subject: Your Name–Letter for Permission to Use Equipment

    Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

    I have been contracted to handle ____________ (nature of the task) at ____________ (place) from ____________ (mm/dd/yyyy) to ____________ (mm/dd/yyyy).

    From the look of things, I might not beat the deadline. As per the contract I signed initially, I risk being penalized in case I do not meet the deadline. I desperately want to prevent this from happening.

    That is why I now ask you to lend me your ____________ (exact equipment) for added use and reinforcement. Due to the time constraint, it might not be possible for us to agree on a specific rate.

    For this reason, I ask you to give it to me. We shall iron out those issues later on.


    Your name

    Best Practices

    Despite making sure that all the essential information is mentioned, some other important aspects should also be considered for writing the letter.

    These include the following:

    Use a polite tone

    The letter to use equipment is a formal document and will be used in the official records, so you should make sure that the language and tone used for writing it should be polite. If you have informal relations with the employer, you should avoid using informal words in the letter. It will help show your professional attitude to your employer.

    Be clear

    All the information mentioned in the letter should be written in the form of separate paragraphs. Each paragraph should be 3-4 lines long to help the employer understand the provided information easily and quickly. In addition, your perspective should be clearly explained through the wording being used in the letter.

    Avoid missing important details

    To make sure that your letter will get approved in time and you will be able to use the equipment according to your requirements, it is important to see that all the following important details are mentioned in the letter:

    • Name of the equipment
    • Purpose of using the equipment
    • The date on which you need the equipment
    • Cost of the equipment

    All these details should be carefully and thoroughly stated in the letter.


    Reread the whole document when you have written down all the important details required to be given in the form of a letter to use specific equipment. It will allow you to remove all the grammatical mistakes by which the sentence structure will automatically improve. It will also help you add any other details you may have missed.

    Final Thoughts

    The permission letter to use equipment is equally important for you and your employer. It is a formal document, so a simple format should be followed while writing it, which will indicate your professional manner in this regard.
    When all the details regarding the use of the equipment are provided in the letter, it will become easier for the employer to understand its significance. Writing this letter will also allow you and your employer to discuss everything in detail if required.

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