Permission Letter to Use Laboratory (Sample Letters)

A written permission letter is a vital document that grants access to laboratory facilities, and it is frequently required of students and researchers for their projects, experiments, and research studies. This article aims to simplify the concept of permission letters, shedding light on their importance, the typical addressees, and the process of crafting an effective one.

A permission letter is a written request from a student or researcher seeking approval to utilize laboratory resources for academic or research purposes. It is generally addressed to the relevant authority, such as a lab supervisor, department head, or school administrator. This document serves as a formal request, outlining the writer’s intent, the specific activities they plan to undertake, and any necessary assurances regarding safety and responsibility.

Understanding how to compose an effective permission letter is paramount for students and researchers aiming to conduct experiments or research in a laboratory setting. It not only demonstrates respect for established protocols but also ensures a clear and documented understanding between the student and the authority granting access. 

Samples in Word Format

Free Permission Letter to Use Laboratory Sample 01 for Word
Editable Permission Letter to Use Laboratory Sample 02 for Word

    Free Template for Laboratory Use Permission Letter


    [Your Full Name]  

    [Your Position/Title – if applicable]  

    [Your Institution or Organization]  

    [Your Address]  

    [City, State, Zip Code]  

    [Your Email Address]  

    [Your Phone Number]  


    [Laboratory Supervisor’s or Facility Manager’s Name]  

    [Their Position/Title]  

    [Name of the Laboratory or Facility]  

    [Institution or Organization]  

    [Laboratory Address]  

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    Dear [Laboratory Supervisor’s or Facility Manager’s Name],

    Subject: Request for Permission to Use [Name of Laboratory or Facility]

    I am writing to request permission to use the [specific name of the laboratory or facility] at [Institution or Organization] for [state the purpose, e.g., conducting research, performing experiments, etc.]. My name is [Your Full Name], and I am a [Your Position/Title, e.g., graduate student, research assistant, independent researcher] at [Your Institution or Organization].

    The nature of my work involves [briefly describe your research or project, focusing on the aspects that necessitate the use of the laboratory facilities]. Access to the [Name of Laboratory or Facility] is crucial for [mention specific equipment, resources, or environment needed for your work].

    I plan to use the laboratory facilities from [start date] to [end date], and my work schedule will be [mention the expected frequency, days, and times you plan to use the facilities]. I assure you that I will adhere to all laboratory safety protocols and guidelines, and I am willing to undergo any necessary training or orientation required to use the facilities safely and effectively.

    Additionally, I am supervised by [Supervisor’s or Advisor’s Name], who is a [Their Position/Title] at [Your Institution or Organization]. [He/She] is fully aware of my project and the need to access these facilities.

    I am committed to maintaining the integrity of the laboratory and will ensure that all equipment and resources are used responsibly and left in proper condition after each use.

    I would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss this request further and provide any additional information or documentation you may require. Your approval of this request would greatly contribute to the success of my [research/project].

    Thank you for considering my application to use the [Name of Laboratory or Facility]. I look forward to your positive response.


    [Your Full Name]  

    [Your Position/Title]  

    [Your Institution or Organization]

    Sample Permission Letters to Use Laboratory

    Sample 1:  From a Graduate Student for Thesis Research

    Subject: Request for Laboratory Access for Thesis Research Project

    Dear Professor Henderson,

    I hope this letter finds you in good health. My name is Emily Turner, and I am a graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Chemistry. I am currently in the thesis track and am writing to formally request permission to utilize the laboratory facilities under your supervision for my thesis research project.

    My research focuses on developing environmentally friendly polymers for sustainable packaging materials. The experiments require specialized equipment available in the Advanced Materials Research Lab, and I believe that access to these facilities is crucial for the success of my project. I am seeking permission to use the lab for a duration of approximately six months, starting from March 1, 20XX.

    I have carefully reviewed and will strictly adhere to all safety protocols and guidelines established by the university. I am committed to ensuring minimal disruption to the lab schedule and will coordinate with you and other lab members to find suitable times for my work. Additionally, I am open to any suggestions or guidelines you may have to enhance the efficiency and safety of my research.

    I appreciate your time and consideration of my request. If approved, I am eager to commence my research promptly and contribute to the academic advancements within our department.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to discussing this further with you.


    Emily Turner 

    Enrollment number: 1234

    Sample 2: From a Researcher for a Collaborative Project

    Subject: Request for Collaborative Laboratory Access for Research Project

    Dear Dr. Mitchell,

    I trust this letter finds you well. My name is Dr. Michael Reynolds, and I am a researcher at the Center for Biomedical Advancements. I am writing to seek your permission to access and utilize the laboratory facilities at the Biomedical Engineering Lab for a collaborative research project between our institution and the University of Innovation and Technology.

    Our project focuses on developing novel biomaterials for neural tissue engineering. The experiments are estimated to take approximately three months, and we are seeking permission to commence our work starting from April 1, 20XX. After reviewing the state-of-the-art facilities available at your laboratory, I am convinced that they would significantly enhance the quality and scope of our experiments. The collaborative nature of this project aligns seamlessly with the interdisciplinary approach fostered at your university.

    I assure you that our team will strictly adhere to all established protocols, safety measures, and scheduling requirements. We are open to collaboration and knowledge-sharing with the members of your lab, aiming for a mutually beneficial research endeavor.

    I appreciate your consideration of this request and would be grateful for an opportunity to discuss this further at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time and support.


    Dr. Michael Reynolds 

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