Nurse Resignation Letter and Email Examples

A nurse resignation letter is a notification document that a nurse sends to their employer, informing them of their decision to resign from their job. When writing the letter, the employee should offer sufficient notice to enable the employer to plan effectively for a replacement. The letter should also highlight the reason why the nurse is resigning. The nurse might decide to leave from their job due to a variety of reasons, including locating greener pastures, furthering their education, relocating from their current residence, etc. No matter the circumstances, it’s imperative that the nurse should inform their employer either via a resignation letter or resignation email.

How to write?

When writing your nurse resignation letter, it’s essential to state why you’ve decided to quit without including any negative statements about your colleagues or your employer. Just focus on the positive side of the institution and your coworkers.

Besides, you should indicate your last day of employment and ensure you’ve offered notice as per the company policy to enable them to get a suitable replacement and avoid disruption of services.

In your letter, you should thank your employer and your fellow nurses for the opportunity to work in the institution and besides their support and cooperation. Additionally, I wish them the best in their future. Use you’re the resignation letter to solidify your relationship with former employer and coworkers.

Sample Nurse Resignation Letter

Chris Dan
366 Wood Street
Arizona, AR 32001
(601) 221- 6750
December 4, 20XX
Smith Doe
Hospital Administrator
Mercy Corps Hospital
400 Pharmacy Lane
Arizona, AR 56432

Dear Mr. Doe,

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation as a nurse at Mercy Corps Hospital. My last day of employment will be December 16, 20XX, considering the mandatory two weeks’ notice. I will be proceeding for my graduate studies in a month.

In the past 12 years, I have learned a lot in this hospital besides using my skills and talent to serve the patients. My colleagues and the administration have been quite supportive and understanding.

I’m grateful to you all for the opportunity to work in this hospital. Please let me know if you need my assistance in finding and training a suitable replacement for my position.

Once more, thank, and I wish you all the best at Mercy Corps Hospital

Chris Dan
Staff Nurse

Nurse Resignation Letter (Word Format)

Nurse Resignation Letter

Nurse Resignation Email Example

Subject: Resignation- Mike Brown

Dear Ms. Daniela,

I write this letter to inform you of my decision to resign from my position as the Nursing coordinator at Seniors Retirement Home, effective on November 30, 20XX.

I have had a rewarding career in his institution for the past seventeen years, but unfortunately, my family will be relocating to Europe in the coming month.

I will miss the patients and the fantastic team of coworkers for the support, cooperation, and love they have shown over the years. Although this was not an easy decision to make, I’m consoled by the fact that I offered my best for all the years I have worked at Seniors Retirement Home.

In the meantime, let me know how it can be of help to ensure a smooth transition. I wish the best to all staff and seniors.

Respectfully yours,
Barbara Thomas

Nurse Resignation Email (Word Format)

Nurse Resignation Letter Email example