Resignation Letter (Due to Family Reasons)

Some family reasons like illnesses, divorce, separations, loss of a loved one, relocation by one spouse, and disability of a family member may trigger resignation from the workplace. This is where the ‘resignation letter due to family reasons comes in.’ The letter lays bare the precise reason for such resignation and the promise to return as soon as the issue is finally sorted out. Like any other resignation letter, this has to be handed in no later than two weeks before the resignation takes effect.

Sample Resignation Letter (Due to Family Reasons)

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Dear Sir/Madam/Mrs./Mr./Miss,

I regret to have to let you know that I shall step down from my current position in your organization effective one month from now. Several family circumstances have arisen, which have necessitated my departure from your firm.

The need to take care of my ailing mother and the relocation of my husband abroad are two outstanding of these reasons. Owing to the overwhelming nature of these chores, I have been left with no other option but to relinquish any further responsibilities.

I am genuinely sorry for the inconvenience that my departure shall trigger. Mainly, I am remorseful of the short notice I have had to issue. To make up for these inconveniences, and enable a smooth transition, I offer myself to provide further support.
Kindly let me know the roles I ought to play to be able to facilitate the newcomer. If, by the time my husband returns, you will not have filled the vacancy substantially, consider re-hiring me.

Thank you very much in advance for understanding my plight. I enjoyed every bit of my time in your organization. My special thanks go to my immediate supervisor and workmates, who walked with me throughout my journey.
It is also my hope that my departure will not imperil in any way, the cordial relations that already exist between your company and me.

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Resignation Letter (Word Format)

Resignation Letter (Due to Family Reasons)

Resignation (Due to Family Reasons) Email Example

Subject: Firstname Lastname Resignation due to Family Reasons

Dear Sir/Madam/Mrs./Mr./Miss,

As you know, I have been working for your organization for the last five years in the capacity of a sales manager. It is with profound sorrow though that I have had to quit your firm. My eldest son sustained a severe automobile accident, which rendered him completely disabled.

I inevitably have to devote much of my time with him, especially during his transition to a completely disabled lifestyle. Because I could not balance the demands of a disabled child with the intrigues of my position, I chose to step down.

My sudden departure has dealt a severe blow to your firm. More specifically, it is bound to disrupt your operations for some time until a substantive replacement is sought. I am fully aware of these facts.

That is why I offer myself to aid with the transition free-of-charge. As soon as the issue is fully sorted out, I cannot rule out any possibilities of ever returning.

I must say that my time here was pretty enjoyable. I cherish all the lessons, challenges, and insights I received while at this place. Thank you for the opportunity.

Sincere Regards,

Firstname Lastname

Resignation Email Example (Word Format)

Resignation Letter (Due to Family Reasons) email example