Sample Resignation Letter (Due to Family Reasons)

A resignation letter due to family reasons is a formal letter that an employee writes to inform their employer of their intentions to leave work to deal with personal and family matters.

Employees should provide notice to their employer before handing in this letter and leaving their job position.

This way, an employee can retain their employer as a networking connection, a great reference, and allow them to remain with an impressive image of the employee. There are several reasons why an employee should write this letter.

Some of these reasons include:

  • To formally and briefly inform the employer of the reasons for resigning from the job position.
  • To maintain a good connection with the employer even after resigning from work to deal with family matters.
  • To secure the job position for future purposes only if the employee wishes to return to work after the family issues have been resolved.

Sample Letters

Free Printable Assistant Manager Resignation Letter Sample as Word Format

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Free Printable Sales Manager Resignation Letter Sample as Word Format

    Contents of a Resignation Letter Due to Family Reasons

    When an employee wants to craft a resignation letter, some details must be included.

    These are:

    Employee’s personal information

    As the employee writing the resignation details, they must include their details including their full name, contact information, and complete address. With this information, the employer can instantly recognize their employee and is aware of the person resigning.

    Employer’s personal information

    After the employee’s details, the next important information belongs to the employer, who is being informed of the resignation. The employer’s information includes the employer’s name and employer’s title.

    Company details

    The employee writing their letter should also include the company details in the letter. The information about the company that is needed in the letter includes the company’s name and the company’s full address.


    The employee should then include salutations after writing down the company’s details. Including greetings will indicate the employee’s politeness and show their respect for the employer even though they are resigning from their place of work.


    “Dear Mr. (Employer’s Name)”

    Date of employee’s last day

    The employee needs to include the last day that they will be present in the company in the letter. With this information, the employee gives their employer ample time to replace them before they officially leave the company.

    Reason for resignation

    For the main part of the letter, the employee should state their reasons for resigning. The reasons should be brief and unless they relate to the job directly. An employee should not state their reasons for resignation in detail.


    An employer can write, “I am resigning due to some personal and family issues that are taking most of my time.”

    Apology for inconvenience

    Since the employee is resigning and leaving the company, it is also best for the employee to apologize for any inconveniences they may have caused their employer.

    An offer to provide support

    It is also wise to maintain a good relationship with the employer by offering to help the new employee who is going to fill their position.


    The employee could offer to transition the new employee and guide them around the company until it is time for them to leave.

    Thank you note

    It is also important to include a thank you note to the employer. The resigning employee should thank the employer for the period they were employed at the given company. Also, they should be grateful to their employers for understanding their situation.


    After including all the necessary information, the employee should sign off with their signature and typed name.

    Sample Resignation Letter (Due to Family Reasons)

    Dear Mr. James Peterson,

    I am writing to formally announce my resignation from my position as Senior Marketing Analyst at Orion Technologies, effective two weeks from today, December 8, 2023.

    This decision has not come lightly, but due to recent and significant changes in my family circumstances, I find myself unable to continue to fulfill my professional responsibilities to the standard I expect of myself, and that Orion Technologies rightly deserves. In the past few months, my family has faced a series of challenges that require my full attention and presence. My wife, Emily, has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, necessitating frequent medical appointments and a level of care that I must be available to provide. Additionally, we are facing the need for significant adjustments to our home environment to ensure accessibility and safety for her.

    These circumstances have made it increasingly difficult for me to maintain the balance between my professional responsibilities and the pressing needs of my family. After careful consideration and in-depth discussions with my family, I have reached the conclusion that my focus must be primarily on providing the necessary support and care during this challenging period.

    I want to express my deepest gratitude for the opportunities for growth and development that Orion Technologies has provided. My tenure here has been a significant part of my professional journey, and I have greatly appreciated the support of my colleagues and the management team, especially in the Marketing Department.

    I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition of my responsibilities and will do everything possible to assist in this process. I am prepared to help train a replacement or to provide detailed documentation on current projects to ensure continuity and minimal disruption.

    Please let me know how I can assist in this transition over the next two weeks. I hope to leave Orion Technologies on a positive note and maintain the professional relationships I’ve built here.

    Thank you for your understanding and support during this period. I hope we can keep in touch in the future.


    Alex Johnson

    Resignation (Due to Family Reasons) Email Example

    Subject: Resignation – Elizabeth Martin, Project Manager

    Dear Ms. Thompson,

    I trust this email finds you well. It is with a sense of regret that I must inform you of my decision to resign from my role as Project Manager at Vertex Solutions, with my last day being December 8, 2023. This decision has been a difficult one, but recent developments in my personal life have made it necessary.

    Over the past few months, my family has faced unexpected challenges that now demand my full attention. My father, Robert Martin, has recently suffered a stroke and requires extensive care and support as he recovers. This situation has placed significant responsibilities on my shoulders, as I am his primary caregiver. The complexity and intensity of his recovery process mean I need to be more present in his life than my current role allows.

    This shift in my family dynamics has made it increasingly challenging for me to maintain the high standards of commitment and performance I have always strived for at Vertex Solutions. After careful consideration, I believe it is in the best interest of both the company and my family that I step down to focus on these personal obligations.

    I want to express my sincere gratitude for the professional growth and learning opportunities that Vertex Solutions has provided for me. The support and camaraderie I have experienced here have been outstanding, and I am genuinely thankful for the time I have spent working with the team.

    In preparation for my departure, I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition of my duties. I am available to train my successor and will ensure all my current projects are up-to-date with clear instructions for continued progress.

    Please advise on how best I can assist during this transition period. I hope to leave on good terms and maintain the relationships I have built within the company.

    Thank you for your understanding and support during this challenging time. I hope to remain in touch in the future.

    Best regards,

    Elizabeth Martin

    Key takeaways

    1. Both resignation letters communicate a departure due to significant family circumstances, demonstrating a professional and respectful approach to resigning.
    2. Each letter provides a clear resignation notice with a specific effective date, adhering to standard professional protocol.
    3. The writers express sincere gratitude towards their employers and colleagues for the growth opportunities and support received during their tenure, reflecting positively on their experiences.
    4. There’s a strong commitment to facilitating a smooth transition, with offers to train replacements or document current projects, showcasing a responsible and considerate attitude towards their roles and the company’s ongoing success.
    5. The letters emphasize the difficult nature of the decision, driven by the need to prioritize family health and well-being over professional responsibilities, underscoring the personal and pressing reasons for resignation.
    6. Both individuals express a hope to maintain professional relationships and remain in touch, indicating their appreciation for the company and its people, and leaving the door open for future interactions.
    7. The tone throughout is one of regret for the necessity of the resignation but also of clarity and decisiveness about the need to focus on family matters, balancing personal and professional considerations with grace.

    Tips for Writing an Effective Resignation Letter

    Apart from including all the required information in the letter, there are also some tips that a resigning employee could observe to have a more effective and appropriate letter.

    These are:

    Address the employer first

    The resigning employee should talk to their boss about their plans to resign even before writing and submitting the letter to them. This will ensure that the employer is not blindsided by the decision to resign.

    Stay positive

    When talking about the experience at the company, it is best to have positive reviews and remarks. The employee should keep in mind that they might need a recommendation letter from the employer or look for work from them in the future. That means that their reason for leaving should be positive, which is, dealing with a family matter and not due to dissatisfaction.

    Keep the reasons for resignation brief

    The employee should always keep their reasons for leaving as brief as possible to avoid missing the point of the letter and giving out too much information

    Follow business letter format

    As it is an official letter, the employee should write the letter while following the business letter format. A header is a must in this letter, and it should contain the employers’ information and that of the employee.

    Edit and proofread

    After writing the letter, it is best to go through the letter to proofread and edit it. This will ensure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes in the letter.

    Ask questions

    The employee can also ask about their salary and benefits in the letter to confirm how their resignation will affect that.

    Final Thoughts

    A resignation letter due to family reasons is an important and official way of informing an employer that an employee has to leave work to attend to some family issues. There are some benefits of writing this letter, and the most important one is that an employee can retain an employer as their future reference and networking connection. Some of the information that an employee should include in the letter include their personal information, details about their employer, reasons for resigning, an offer to help, and a thank you note. It is best for an employee writing this letter to use a formal business format as it is an official letter.

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