Internship Resignation Letter Examples

An internship resignation letter is a document an employee sends to the company if they decide to exit the company before the agreed date. An employee may wish to end their internship before the fixed date due to several issues, including landing a permanent job, illness, relocation, etc. When you decide to terminate your internship before the agreed date, it’s essential to inform your employer via letter or email. In the letter, it’s vital to explain why you’ve decided to leave before time.

Tips on how to resign from an internship

  • If possible, meet face to face with your immediate supervisor and explain your case and hand over your internship resignation letter. This is vital to avoid any adverse reaction from the boss.
  • When writing your resignation letter, highlight what you’ve learned from the internship, and thank the individual for the opportunity. In the letter, it’s also essential to indicate the main reason for leaving before time. For example, it may be because of a financial problem, a family or personal issue, or a dream job offer for a permanent job.
  • Offer a sufficient notice period. In your letter, you should offer adequate notice to enable you to complete any pending projects. You should also reiterate that you are ready to help in any way regarding any awaiting work.
  • If you’re resigning due to harassment, disappointment, or problems with other employees, it’s essential to highlight the matter and, if possible, inform your supervisor to see whether the issue can be resolved.

Sample Internship Resignation Letter

Jason Mark
111 Grey Street
Whiteland, CA, 91000
December 14, 20XX
Pitman Spencer
Program Director,
AngleLight Media House
123Broadway Ave
Whiteland, CA, 88200

Dear Mr. Spencer,

This letter is a notice of my immediate resignation from my internship at AngleLight Media Services. In the past three weeks, my mum’s health has deteriorated, and we have to move back home to attend to her. Although this may not be the best decision I can make at this time, please allow me to terminate my internship to attend to my ailing mother.

I am grateful to you for this rare internship opportunity at your media station. I know this is a chance that most individuals dream of, but due to my situation, I will not be able to complete my internship. Thank you for your kindness and dedication to see me through my internship.

I know you least expected this decision, but I’m confident you’ll find a suitable intern to fill the position quickly. If you have any questions or you may need further details. Please call me at 444-343-55566 or email [email protected]

Jason Mark

Internship Resignation Letter (Word Format)

Internship Resignation Letter

Internship Resignation Email Example

Subject: internship resignation- Melissa White

Dear Mr. Tyson

I write this letter to inform you of my resignation from my internship program at Allpack Industries effective October 10, 20XX. My decision to resign has been motivated by an emergency family issue that will lead us to relocate from the country in the next week.

I thank you for the opportunity to be a trainee in your company. Thank you all for your support, dedication, and understand. For the past few weeks, Allpack Industries has been like home for me. I can’t forget the fantastic team of friendly employs I have interacted with.

In the next three days, I will work on all the pending tasks and complete my assignments. I will also be ready to help if needed to find a suitable replacement for this position and make my transition smooth. For further information, you can reach me via (666) 432-3030.

Melissa White

Internship Resignation Letter (Email Example)

Internship Resignation Letter email example

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