Permission Letter (to Go on Educational Trip)

Traveling is so much fun. You could be traveling with your parents throughout your life. However, now that you are a little grown-up, it is time to go on your own. You still would need permission from your parents if you are planning to go on an educational tour, and for this purpose, you would need to write a permission letter. Below are sample letters that can assist you in writing such a letter. However, you can change the content as per your needs. It would be best to include the details as your parents would like to know about the significance of this educational tour and whether you are going alone or with a team.

Permission Letter to Father for Educational Trip

Dear Father,

My class is planning to go on an educational tour. We have decided to explore Turkey. We will be going to Istanbul. The purpose of the trip is to study the culture of a new place.

I want to get your permission for the trip with my class fellows. It would be a great learning experience since I’ll be traveling without family for the first time. I assure you I’ll be fine.

Kindly grant me permission for the tour.

Yours truly,
Name of son/daughter

Sample Permission Letter for Educational Trip

Dear Daddy,

How are you doing? I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. It’s been a while since we have talked. I’m writing this letter to ask for your permission to go on an educational tour.

There had been mention of wonders of the world in our class. I thought of visiting Italy as I can see the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I have to present an interesting report at the end of the semester for my writing class. I am planning to write about the history of Italy. I believe visiting Italy can make me a better writer.

As you always say, I can be a better writer in life if I get the experience and write about it. Kindly permit me to visit the place.

Best Regards,

Name of daughter/son

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Permission Letter to Father for Educational Trip

Permission Letter for educational trip Email Example