50+ FREE Resignation Letter Templates (Expert Examples)

A Resignation Letter is defined as a letter written by an employee to officially inform his or her employer that they will be terminating their employment with the organization. 

A resignation letter, once submitted, becomes an official record of the employee’s decision to quit employment in a company at the specified date and for the specified reasons. By issuing a resignation letter, an employee can retain a positive relationship with their employer. Positive relationships are crucial for networking in any professional field and can motivate the employer to refer and recommend the employee to other companies. Through a resignation letter, employees help their employer simplify the communication of their departure to various departments within an organization.

The letter should be submitted well in advance to give the employer enough time to plan for the departure. One should check company policies stipulated in the employment contract. If the contract does not spell out the notice period, then a notice of a minimum of two(2) weeks is advocated. A physical copy can be handed to the employer after verbally informing them of the decision to quit. However, under certain circumstances, such as remote employees, the letter can be sent via email. 

Basic Resignation Letter Duration

A resignation letter can be sent on the notice of the following a number of weeks:

1 weeks’ notice resignation letter example

1 weeks’ notice

Different companies do have different requirements when it comes to serving the first notice of resignation. Generally, when writing this 1-week Notice, the tone is usually formal and cordial. Here, you need to state clearly the reason for resignation as well as the last day of working. Also, you can thank the employer and colleagues for an enjoyable experience.

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Sample 2 weeks’ notice resignation letter

2 weeks’ notice

This is the most preferred standard resignation letter for most companies. It is given two weeks before your resignation. The letter is usually formal and includes the resign date. The period also provides enough time for transition.

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4 weeks’ notice resignation letter template

4 weeks’ notice

Sometimes, giving 2 weeks' notice seems a short runaway to put everything in order. Therefore, you might consider giving 4 weeks’ notice for you to organize your departure and to find a safer landing ground on your next job. Waiting for 4 weeks, however, seems like an eternity. Nonetheless, if you are working with a company that requires 4 weeks advance notice to resign, you will have to comply.

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    Resignation Letter Templates

    Resignation letters can be categorized depending on the length of advance notice and reasons for resignation. The following are examples of the different types of resignation letters employees should be aware of.

    Basic resignation letters

    The first category is basic resignation letters. This category of letters is divided as follows:

    Free Two weeks’ notice resignation letter Template

    Two weeks’ notice resignation letter

    A two-week notice letter is issued two weeks before the actual date of resignation.

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    Printable Basic resignation letter Word

    Basic resignation letter

    A standard resignation letter that may be used by anyone.

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    Editable Formal resignation letter Example

    Formal resignation letter

    This type of letter is formally structured to communicate the employee’s decision and entails pertinent details of the departure.

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    Resignation letter due to new job Sample

    Resignation letter due to new job

    This letter is written when an employee has found a new opportunity/job.

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    Word Resignation letter due to personal reasons

    Resignation letter due to personal reasons

    Sometimes, personal reasons such as family issues, illness, etc., might force one to resign from their post. A resignation letter written in such a situation falls under this category

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    Simple resignation letter Example

    Simple resignation letter

    This type represents resignation letters that are not detailed and only state the employee’s decision and a simplified reason for quitting.

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    Free Sample Email resignation message Template

    Email resignation message

    This category of letters represents any type of resignation letter sent via email. Their format will slightly differ from mailed physical letters.

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      Short notice letters

      In some cases, an employee might require to resign without significant time to alert their employers. This results in them having to craft a short notice resignation letter. Under this category, the following types of the letter can be found.

      Free 24 Hours resignation notice Word

      24 Hours resignation notice

      This type of letter is used when a person wants to inform their employer of their resignation within a day’s notice.

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      Advance resignation notice Sample

      Advance resignation notice

      This type of letter lets the employer know an employee will be leaving their job a long time prior to the actual date of departure. This can be months prior.

      Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

      Immediate resignation letter template

      Immediate resignation letter

      This type of letter is issued when the employee intends to terminate their employment immediately – with very limited notice.

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      Printable Intent to resign letter

      Intent to resign letter

      A letter of intent to resign is written to communicate to the employer that one intends to resign from their post. This can be written when the employee is not certain of the specifics, such as the date of resignation.

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      No notice resignation letter Example

      No notice resignation letter

      Resignation letters can be issued without prior notice. These types of letters fall under this category.

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      Editable Short notice resignation letter

      Short notice resignation letter

      This type of letter is any letter sent with a notice shorter than the normally acceptable within the organization.

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        To pursue other opportunities

        Resignation can come about due to the availability of better opportunities in another organization. Regardless of the opportunity, employees should opt to craft a letter to their employers. Some of the opportunities that result in resignation are:

        Resignation due to better salary and benefits Template

        Resignation due to better salary and benefits

        An opportunity might present where the potential employer is offering a better salary and employment terms such as benefits. A letter should be drafted to inform the employer that this is why one is leaving the company.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

        Resignation due to career change Sample

        Resignation due to career change

        Changing from one career path to another is a viable reason for employees to resign. The new career might have more potential and present better opportunities.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

        Free Word Career growth

        Career growth

        As an employee, one can resign from a job when leaving a junior position to a senior position in their professional career path.

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        Resignation for career growth Example

        Resignation for career growth

        As an employee, one can resign from a job when leaving a junior position to a senior position in their professional career path.

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        Printable Resignation due to dream job offer Pdf

        Resignation due to dream job offer

        When a person gets their dream job, it is not unusual for them to quit their current job.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

        Editable Resignation due to job isn’t a good fit

        Resignation due to job isn’t a good fit

        Resignation can sometimes be based on unsatisfactory terms and environment at the workplace. A letter should be crafted stating the unsatisfactory conditions.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

        Free Resignation due to lack of growth opportunities Sample

        Resignation due to lack of growth opportunities

        Growth is essential to any employee. Sometimes one can wait for growth opportunities in an organization such as salary increment, networking etc., and they may never come. This can be a basis for resignation.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

        Resignation due to promotion Word

        Resignation due to promotion

        As an employee, one can resign from their post once they have been promoted.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

        Resignation due to relocation Sample

        Resignation due to relocation

        In the event that a person relocates for professional or personal reasons, they might be unable to continue working in the same organization; this can result in having to write a resignation highlighting this reason.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

        sample Resignation due to returning to school example

        Resignation due to returning to school

        Sometimes, as an employee, one has to go back to school to acquire more skills and get a higher qualification. They can resign from their employment rather than committing to work and school at the same time.

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        Editable Resignation letter due to travel Template

        Resignation letter due to travel

        When employees travel for reasons known to them, it might be impossible to continue their work responsibilities necessitating them to resign.

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        Printable Volunteer resignation letter Word

        Volunteer resignation letter

        Volunteer work can sometimes be for a long period. Employees who commit to volunteering in such a case might have to resign from their employment in order to carry out their volunteer works.

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          For family and medical reasons

          Resignation can sometimes be based on family and/or medical reasons – personal reasons. Examples of such reasons include:

          Resignation after maternity leave Example

          Resignation after maternity leave

          Some new parents might be unable to return to official responsibilities after maternity; this reason can justifiably form the basis for resigning.

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          Free Family reasons or family illness template

          Family reasons or family illness

          Employees can resign due to family reasons such as illness at home that affect their commitment to work. They should communicate their decision to resign through a letter stating the reason for their decision.

          Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

          Printable Resignation due to health reasons

          Resignation due to health reasons

          The health of a person affects their productivity at work. If one feels unable to carry out their responsibilities at work due to health issues, they can communicate this through a resignation letter.

          Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

          Word Sample Maternity Leave Example

          Maternity Leave

          Expecting parents can resign from official roles if they believe employment inconveniences their maternity leave.

          Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

          Resignation due to pregnancy Sample

          Resignation due to pregnancy

          Expecting mothers might choose to resign from employment if at all they don’t intend on resuming their roles in the organization after the pregnancy.

          Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

          Editable Stay at home parent

          Stay at home parent

          Some people can at one point decide to be stat at home parents, which would require them to quit their employment.

          Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

          Resignation due to getting married Template

          Resignation due to getting married

          Marriage often comes with major life changes; some might impact the ability of one to carry out their work. This can justifiably form a basis for resignation.

          Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

          Resignation due to changes at a company word

          Resignation due to changes at a company

          An employee can resign due to specific changes in an organization. The resignation letter should highlight these changes that prompted one to resign.

          Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

          Free Resignation due to schedule conflict

          Resignation due to schedule conflict

          Restructuring can influence the schedule of employees. One might fail to reach an understanding with new management over schedule matters and can choose to resign if it is conflicting enough to justify resignation.

          Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

          Resigning from a board Example

          Resigning from a board

          A resignation letter can also be used to resign from a board within an organization. Such letters fall under this category.

          Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

            To resign from short-term positions

            Short-term employees can also resign from their assigned duties in an organization. A letter of resignation can also be used in such cases as it illustrates professionalism. Types of letters under this category include:

            Resignation from a new job Sample

            Resignation from a new job

            Sometimes, after getting a new job, the working conditions might not be acceptable to withstand, necessitating timely resignation. A letter of resignation is the best way to go about it.

            Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

            Free Resignation from Internship Word

            Resignation from Internship

            Interns can sometimes find it hard to adapt to the working environment in an organization or carry out their designated roles. In order to formally quit, the use of a letter of resignation might be necessary.

            Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

            Editable Resignation from part-time job Template

            Resignation from part-time job

            In the event that a part-time employee is planning to resign, using a resignation letter is considered more professional.

            Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

            Printable Resignation from temporary job

            Resignation from temporary job

            As a temporary employee, resignation is still acceptable if the one finds it unsustainable to continue rendering their services to an organization. This decision can be communicated through a letter of resignation.

            Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

            Retirement resignation Example

            Retirement resignation

            Once an employee closes in on the retirement day, they can inform their employers of their retirement in advance through a resignation letter.

            Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

              To resign with grace

              Resignation should be done respectfully and leave a positive impression on the former employer and colleagues. Any professional relationships formed in an organization are worth keeping.

              Free Word Client notification Sample

              Client notification

              Notifying direct clients of one’s departure is important to help the organization retain its customers. This also reflects positively on the employee.

              Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

              Heartfelt resignation PDF

              Heartfelt resignation

              The letter can be heartfelt, especially for senior employees announcing their resignation to the other staff members and the entire organization.

              Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

              Sincere / appreciation/gratitude Example

              Sincere / appreciation/gratitude

              The letter ought to show a sense of gratitude to the organization and colleagues for the term one has been working with them.

              Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

              Printable Thank you after Resignation job

              Thank you after Resignation

              The employee can decide to thank the employer for specific things that they learned or any support offered to them in the letter.

              Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

              Editable Resignation with a reason Template

              Resignation with a reason

              Resignation letters ought to have a reason for the resignation.

              Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

              Free Independent contractor resignation Word

              Independent contractor resignation

              Independent contractors can resign from their allocated duties through a letter of resignation.

              Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

              Resignation with regret Sample

              Resignation with regret

              A letter can also be written to show regret for leaving the position in the organization.

              Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

                To resign from specific positions

                Resignation letter templates can be categorized based on the positions or type of job one is retiring from. The following are just examples of different types of specific positions where a letter of resignation might be necessary.

                Nurse resignation Sample

                Nurse resignation

                Resignation from a nursing position would require a nurse to submit a letter indicating their intention and reasons for doing so.

                Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

                Free Word Professional Sample


                Most professional careers, if not all, would require a letter of resignation whenever an employee wants to quit from a designated position.

                Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

                Editable Teacher resignation Template

                Teacher resignation

                Teachers need to write a letter of resignation when quitting the teaching profession.

                Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

                  How to Write a Resignation Letter

                  Writing a resignation is a procedural process regardless of whether one uses a template or crafts the letter from scratch. Remember the letter is an official record of the company and should therefore be written as such. The guide provided below in this article is worth looking into in order to come up with a polished letter of resignation.

                  Section 1: Header

                  The first item on resignation letter templates is the header at the top of the page. The header contains the following details. This section adopts a business letter format to highlight the sender and the recipient’s information. 


                  Indicate the date when the letter was created. The date should clearly show the day, month, and year.   

                  Your contact information

                  Next, provide your contact details, such as your name and mailing address. Ensure to use contact information as it appears in the company records. Add an email or phone number if necessary.

                  Addressee’s details

                  Then indicate the employer (recipient). This section can address the direct supervisor, manager, or HR. However, provide the address of the organization.

                  For example:

                  20th June 2021
                  Jack Hughes,
                  Assistant manager,
                  23rd Lexington Drive,
                  Long Island, CA 1234

                  Millicent Odell,
                  Stivon Manufacturers Ltd,
                  Lily Avenue,
                  Chelsea, NC 1234

                  Section 2: Introduction

                  The second part is the letter’s introduction. The introduction comprises several items. They include:


                  A formal salutation should be used. If the resignation letter is addressed to a specific person, opt for a salutation such as “Dear/Hello [First name]” format.

                  Intent to resign

                  State that you will be resigning from a specified position. Do not be ambiguous. Go straight to the point.

                  Include your last day of work

                  Close off the introduction by indicating the expected last day of employment. Clarity is essential when outlining dates; therefore, state the exact day, month, and year.

                  For example:

                  Dear Mrs. Odell,
                  Re: Intent To Resign

                  I’ve written this letter as the official communication of my intent to resign from the position of Assistant Manager at Stivon Manufactures Ltd. I intend to withdraw from my official duties as of 1st July 2021.

                  Section 3: Body

                  The next item on resignation letter templates is the body of the letter. Several elements characterize the body of a resignation letter.

                  They include:

                  Reasons for leaving

                  State the reason for resigning. Sometimes the reason might be more than one; list the factual reason why resignation was the most preferred resolution.

                  A statement of gratitude

                  Express gratitude to the employer for being supportive of the decision to resign. Do not exaggerate appreciation; keep it honest. Highlight specific things you are thankful for.

                  Next steps and other critical information

                  Indicate the necessary steps one as an employee is going to take in the process of resignation. This can involve returning of company property and such. These steps are normally determined beforehand in consultation with the manager. Any other relevant information regarding the resignation can be included in this section.

                  Offer assistance with the transition

                  The employer will normally want a smooth transition as much as the employee. Therefore, to make this process easy for both parties offer your support and assistance in making the transition as smooth as possible. Avoid committing to things you cannot deliver. This section can be written in a generalized manner.

                  For example:

                  My resignation comes due as a consequence of my appointment as Managing Director at H&B Paper Ltd. My time at Stivon has been wholesome and has taught me a lot in managing and growing a business. I’ll forever be grateful to you, Mrs. Odell, for your mentorship during the 5 years we’ve worked together.

                  I intend to hand in my bi-annual report and my company keycard before resigning from an official capacity. I’ve already informed my team of my decision and have assigned them duties accordingly to step in in my absence. Mr. Aaron Wales, the HR manager, can be contacted for further information. If there is anything I can do to assist with this transition, kindly let me know.   

                  Section 4: Conclusion 

                  The last section of a resignation letter is the conclusion. The conclusion fundamentally comprises of the following items.

                  Final thank you

                  Provide a statement of final appreciation to the employer and the entire fraternity. Keep it brief and sincere. Use a more warm and friendly tone.

                  Your contact for the follow-up

                  Provide contact information the employer can use to reach out for any reason. It is advisable to issue a personal contact. Future contact does not have to be professional, and this can be a great opportunity to invite for networking.

                  Sign off

                  Finally, sign off the letter by providing a complimentary close, signature, and name.

                  For example:

                  Thank you for your utmost support. I want to offer my gratitude to Stivon Ltd community; it has been an honor working hand in hand. My phone number is (555) 7824-004 should you wish to reach me.

                  Jack Hughes

                  Sample Resignation Letter

                  Dear Sir/Madam,

                  Kindly accept this letter of resignation from my post as a clinical nurse with Vermont Clinic. I plan to pursue further education in my career in two months. My last day to work at this clinic will be Friday 25th September, which is two weeks from now.

                  I would want to thank you for being a good employer. I also appreciate your allowing me to work in your clinic. It shaped my career in a positive direction.

                  I am willing to do everything possible to leave my position occupied with the most recommended person. In that regard, I will spend my next 2 weeks training my colleagues to achieve a smooth transition.

                  I wish and hope the company thrives in success even in the future.


                  Mayer Paul

                  Tips for Writing a Resignation Letter

                  It is generally considered that the shorter the resignation letter, the better it’s quality. This then requires employees to be direct and professional in outlining any information that ought to appear in the letter. The tips below can prove to be of great importance in writing a good professional resignation letter.

                  Write in a positive way

                  Keep a positive tone throughout the letter. Regardless of the differences that might be, aim to leave on good terms with the employer. 

                  Deliver your letter in person

                  As much as possible, aim to deliver the letter in person. Delivering the letter feels more personal and is more reassuring to the employer that there is no bad blood. Also, a signed physical letter is more binding than an email or text.

                  Consider networking opportunities

                  When writing, keep in mind the probability of increasing your professional network. Use language that encourages a professional relationship after departing from the organization.

                  Keep it brief

                  The letter should be concise. Avoid including unnecessary information that is not related to the resignation.

                  For example:

                  If you do not wish to include sensitive information regarding the reasons for resigning, do not include it. A resignation letter with a statement of resignation, last day of employment, and a polite closing will sometimes be enough.

                  Avoid complaining

                  Do not take a resignation letter as an opportunity to vent all the shortcomings or misfortunes going on in your life. Complaining might be tempting, especially when stating the reason for resigning. Be professional and state the relevant information only.

                  Plan for an immediate departure

                  Instead of resigning too early before starting the next job, consider the starting date of the new job when declaring the date of resignation. Plan not to have too many unpaid days.

                  Follow your manager’s instructions

                  Try and fulfill pending projects and follow the manager’s instructions on how to go about the transition. This helps in leaving on a positive note.

                  Final Thoughts

                  A resignation letter communicates an employee’s intention to leave a specified position in an organization for specified reasons. It is issued as an official record that an employee has resigned from their position. There are multiple types of resignation letter templates that employees can use to craft resignation letters.  Using templates simplifies the writing process for employees. By submitting a resignation letter, employees are able to leave on a positive note and foster professional networks. Consider writing a resignation letter before departing from an organization; there are multiple advantages to having one.

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