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Resignation letter is an official letter written by an employee to his/her employer announcing his intention to quit their currently held position of employment. As an employee, the resignation letter informs your boss on your last day at work. Quitting job can sometimes be challenging. However, it is always best if you notify your boss through formal writing.

Why should you write a resignation letter?

It is usually recommended for employees to write a resignation letter before quitting their jobs. This is because they company policies force you to notify the employer with 30 days, 2 weeks or 1-week prior notice of resignation. Even if you are not bound by such policies, a resignation letter not only makes you exit courteous and professional but also formal. When you quit in a legal manner, you can become eligible to compensations and other employment-related benefits.

The resignation letter also provides you with the opportunity to thank your employer for working with you. In other words, it helps you create a positive relationship between you two. Remember, you may always require assistance from your previous employer, such as reference. Therefore, you should always intend to quit your job legally and professionally by writing a formal resignation letter.

Basic resignation letter duration

1 Weeks’ Notice

Different companies do have different requirements when it comes to serving the first notice of resignation. Generally, when writing this 1-week Notice, the tone is usually formal and cordial. Here, you need to state clearly the reason for resignation as well as the last day of working. Also, you can thank the employer and colleagues for an enjoyable experience.

2 Weeks’ Notice

This is the most preferred standard resignation letter for most companies. It is given two weeks before your resignation. The letter is usually formal and includes the resign date. The period also provides enough time for transition.

4 Weeks’ Notice

Sometimes, giving 2 weeks notices seems a short runaway to put everything in order. Therefore, you might consider giving 4 weeks’ notice for you to organize your departure and to find a safer landing ground on your next job. Waiting for 4 weeks, however, seems like an eternity. Nonetheless, if you are working with a company that requires 4 weeks advance notice to resign, you will have to comply.

What to include in a resignation letter?

The following image may help in this section.

Once you have decided to quit your job, the next thing you should do is to provide your employer with a resignation letter. Your letter should always be brief and should include the following:

  • Describe your main intention of quitting the job
  • Indicate your name and your current position at work.
  • Indicate your last day at work.
  • Thank you, employer and colleagues
  • Include your contact information

How to write a resignation letter

Writing a formal resignation letter isn’t that difficult. Nevertheless, if you have some challenges drafting one, the following steps will help you.

  1. First, officially address your boss, i.e. {Dear Boss,}. You can always put their name if you prefer. Then, introduce your letter by going straight to the point. State the purpose of the letter, indicate your position, company name and your last day at work.
  2. Secondly, you should thank him/her together with other colleagues for being kind, responsible and understanding.
  3. Last but not least, you can indicate your willingness to help out with the transition. State briefly state how you plan to train new employee things to do concerning your position.
  4. Finally, you can sign off by wishing the company a prosperous future. Include your signature and name.

Sample resignation letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly accept this letter of resignation from my post as a clinical nurse with Vermont Clinic. i plant to pursue further education in my career in two months. My last day to work at this clinic will be Friday 25th September, which is two weeks from now.
I would want to thank you for being a good employer. I also appreciate allowing me to work in your clinic. It shaped my career in a positive direction.
I am willing to do everything possible to leave my position occupied with the most recommended person. In that regard, I will spend my next 2 weeks training my colleagues to achieve a smooth transition.

I wish and hope the company thrives in success even in future.

Mayer Paul

Sample resignation letter

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