35 Best Student Recommendation Letters (From Teacher)

A recommendation letter is vital when applying for a job, a university, or seeking admission to a master’s. In other words, a letter of recommendation from a superior, mentor, or teacher is essential if a student wishes to apply for school admission or a job. A positive recommendation can elevate a student above other applicants during the application process.

By definition,

A student recommendation letter is a document that shows a person’s behavioral traits and ethics towards work, which helps the student scale the application process.

The letter is essential if a student wishes to apply for school admission or jobs. It can be written by someone who has interacted with the student professionally or academically.

Superiors or colleagues from the workplace can write such letters. In the academic arena, it can be written by supervisors and professors. There are some rare cases where a letter can be required from family members or friends.

Free Templates

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    Importance of a Recommendation Letter

    An effective recommendation letter can help a student excel and stand out from other applicants during the application and hiring process. It gives a student’s application an edge. As stated, the letters are needed for admissions processes. It serves as a way of filtering potential students and helping to separate the best from the rest.

    In the workplace, the letter can make a student be chosen or considered before others.

    Who Should Write a Letter of Recommendation?

    One of the most important steps in this process is determining who should write the letter. Although it’s a good idea to have a comprehensive list of a student’s accomplishments, both academic and extracurricular, it’s not quite enough. The most effective letters are those written by teachers or instructors who know the student fairly well and can provide more personal insight into the student’s personality as well as his or her accomplishments. It’s a good idea to look at a letter of recommendation as a way of creating a three-dimensional impression of a student on paper or digitally. This can’t be done effectively unless you know a student fairly well.

    Writing a Student Recommendation Letter

    Follow these guidelines to write an excellent letter:

    Ask for the applicant’s academic information

    The first step is to ask the student about his academic achievements, success, GPA, and extracurricular activities. More so, inquire about the university, program, or job the student wants to apply for. Getting these details would help narrow the letter to the job or program he intends to use. The goal here is to be a student’s advocate while helping to highlight his achievements.

    When a student wants to apply for work, review his resume to understand his academic or professional background clearly. The job description can also be requested to ascertain how the student can achieve or succeed in the position.

    The recommender can equally speak with the student to learn more about his reason for the application, his intended achievements, and his opportunities. Some major things the recommender can ask the student include the job description, his past work experience, why he applied for the job, and his short-term or even long-term career goals.

    Add the recipient’s address

    The address is one of the first things to focus on when writing a student-recommended letter. Properly address the letter to ensure it gets to the right person and make the letter more personalized for the person or reader.

    Inquire from the student to whom the letter would be addressed and the person’s role in the application process.


    Mr. Bennett might be the hiring manager’s name. Thus, the recommender will address the letter.

    Dear Mr. Bennett,
    The Hiring Manager,
    Oxford Admission Boards.

    The recommendation letter can be addressed to a departmental head, hiring manager, program director, or admissions counselor. At times, the letter can be addressed to a firm’s manager or the institution’s head office.

    Recommender’s introduction

    This section is to introduce the recommender and his qualifications. This role as a recommender, or specifically as the student’s teacher, provides the employer or admissions board with an important perspective on the student or candidate. Firstly, the recommender will say who he is and why he is qualified to write on behalf of the student. Next is to put his job title.


    Dear Bennett,

    I taught Kelvin English and literature in his 12th grade at John Hopkins High School. From his first day in the class, Kelvin surprised and impressed me with his capability to process complex terms, texts, and concepts. His passion and sensitivity to the ideas in literature and undying nerve for writing, reading, and creative expression inside and outside the classroom are commendable.

    Recommender’s connection

    When writing the letter, the next thing is to input the recommender’s connection or relationship with the student. It can be a teacher’s teacher-student relationship or a working link.

    The recommender can write how long and how much he has known the student. The aim is to identify the recommender’s role in the student’s professional and academic career.

    The recommender can equally describe his impressions of the student and the student’s progress.

    Match achievements with personality and character

    The content of the letter should begin with an entertaining or memorable story about the student that showcases his or her talents. Keep in mind that the person reading this letter will read many. This is why your letter should stand out as much as possible by highlighting the student’s strengths in a strong and/or entertaining manner. Refer to the student by his or her full name when you initially introduce the student.

    Throughout the rest of the letter, you can simply use the student’s first name. The illustrations you use to introduce the student should not only paint a picture of who the student is but also how they are perceived by others. You can close the first paragraph with impact by summarizing who the student is in a single sentence that highlights the student’s strongest characteristics.

    Focus on character-driven content

    The second and third paragraphs should be character-driven. Any admissions counselor can find plenty of information regarding a student’s extracurricular activities and academic standing. A strong letter of recommendation puts the flesh on the bones and gives an admissions representative an idea of who the student is based on personality and character.

    An admissions counselor is looking for information that will provide insight into how a student will fit into their school’s environment. This can be done in a variety of different ways. You can discuss a student’s commitment to getting a job done or the fact that a student has overcome obstacles by not giving up. There are many different approaches that you can take to illustrate character and personality.

    Impactful conclusion

    The concluding paragraph should close by directly recommending the student for the school or program in question. It should be sincere and direct and it should sum up why the student is a good fit. The last paragraph should also refer to the student by their full name. Keep in mind that a letter of recommendation is a strategic snapshot of a student that must be accomplished succinctly.

    A letter of recommendation should be less than a full page of single-spaced text in Times New Roman 12-point. If the letter is submitted electronically, use the Arial 11-point font. A letter that’s too long may become boring or come across as insincere. Close your letter professionally and invite the representative to call if they have more questions.

    Free Downloads

    Free Printable Student Recommendation Letter for Literary Studies Sample 01 as Word Format

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      Free Recommendation Letter Template

      [Your Name]

      [Your Title/Position]

      [Your Institution or Company Name]

      [Institution/Company Address]

      [City, State, Zip Code]

      [Your Email Address]

      [Your Phone Number]


      [Recipient’s Name or “To Whom It May Concern,”]

      [Recipient’s Title/Position (if applicable)]

      [Institution or Company Name (if applicable)]

      [Institution/Company Address (if applicable)]

      [City, State, Zip Code (if applicable)]

      Subject: Letter of Recommendation for [Student’s Full Name]

      Dear [Recipient’s Name or “To Whom It May Concern,”],

      I am writing to you today to offer my unequivocal recommendation for [Student’s Full Name], who is applying for [mention the specific program, job, or internship] at [University/Company Name]. As [Your Title/Position] at [Your Institution or Company Name], I have had the privilege of observing [Student’s Name]’s academic and personal growth over the past [number of years or semesters]. During this period, [Student’s Name] has distinguished themselves through both their exceptional academic performance and their remarkable character.

      [Student’s Name] has consistently demonstrated a high level of academic excellence, evidenced by their [mention any specific achievements, such as GPA, awards, or notable projects]. Their ability to grasp complex concepts and contribute thoughtfully to class discussions has set them apart from their peers.

      In addition to their academic prowess, [Student’s Name] has shown impressive leadership and initiative. They have taken on roles such as [mention any leadership positions or initiatives the student led], where they successfully [describe what the student achieved or contributed in this role]. These experiences have honed their ability to lead with confidence and collaborate effectively with others.

      A standout quality of [Student’s Name] is their problem-solving skills. For instance, during a [describe a specific project or challenge], they devised a [briefly describe the solution], demonstrating not only technical proficiency but also innovative thinking and perseverance.

      [Student’s Name] also exhibits a commendable professional demeanor and work ethic. They are always punctual, consistently meet deadlines, and approach challenges with a positive, can-do attitude. Their dedication to their work and their ability to manage multiple tasks effectively make them a reliable and valuable team member.

      Furthermore, [Student’s Name]’s interpersonal and teamwork skills are exemplary. They communicate clearly and respectfully, making them a well-liked and respected member among both peers and faculty. Their capacity for empathy and understanding facilitates smooth and productive team dynamics.

      [Student’s Name] possesses a genuine passion for [mention the field or area of interest], and their eagerness to advance their knowledge and skills in this area is evident. [Optional: Include a brief anecdote that highlights the student’s character, dedication, or a particular achievement].

      I am confident that [Student’s Name] will bring the same level of enthusiasm, excellence, and innovation to [University/Company Name] as they have demonstrated at [Your Institution or Company Name]. They have my highest endorsement for [mention the specific program, job, or internship], and I am excited about the contributions they will make to your institution/company.

      Please feel free to contact me at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address] if you require further information or wish to discuss [Student’s Name]’s qualifications in more detail.

      Thank you for considering my recommendation. I am eager to see the positive impact [Student’s Name] will undoubtedly have at [University/Company Name].

      Warm regards,

      [Your Signature (if sending by mail)]

      [Your Printed Name]

      [Your Title/Position]

      [Your Institution or Company Name]

      Sample Recommendation Letters

      Here are a few sample letters for better understanding:

      Sample Letter 1

      Subject: Strong Recommendation for Lily Carter’s University Admission

      Dear Admissions Committee,

      I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Lily Carter for admission to your esteemed undergraduate program at the University of Dreamers. As Lily’s English teacher for the past two years at Springfield High School, I have observed her remarkable growth, both academically and personally. Lily’s dedication to her studies, her leadership qualities, and her compassionate nature set her apart as a student and individual.

      Lily has consistently been at the top of her class in English, demonstrating not only a natural aptitude for literature and composition but also a deep, genuine love for learning. Her analytical essays on various literary works reveal a sophisticated understanding of complex themes and an ability to engage critically with texts. Lily’s exceptional writing skills were notably recognized when she won the statewide “Young Writers Award” for her compelling essay on contemporary social issues.

      Beyond her academic prowess, Lily has shown tremendous leadership within our school community. As the president of the Student Council, she spearheaded initiatives aimed at fostering a more inclusive school environment, including organizing a school-wide diversity and inclusion workshop that was met with positive feedback from students and faculty alike. Her ability to inspire her peers and work collaboratively with students and staff demonstrates her potential for positive impact within your university community.

      Lily’s compassion and empathy shine through her volunteer work with the Springfield Community Center, where she tutors underprivileged children. Her dedication to helping others learn and grow is a testament to her character and her commitment to making a difference in the lives of those around her.

      Lily’s intellectual curiosity, leadership, and altruism make her an ideal candidate for the University of Dreamers. I am confident that she will not only excel in her academic pursuits but also contribute significantly to the university’s community through her extracurricular involvement and initiatives.

      I strongly endorse Lily Carter’s application for admission to your undergraduate program and believe she will be a valuable addition to the University of Dreamers. Should you require any further information or wish to discuss Lily’s qualifications in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Thank you for considering Lily’s application. I am eager to see the contributions she will undoubtedly make to your academic community.


      Ms. Alice Johnson

      High School English Teacher

      Springfield High School

      Sample Letter 2

      Subject: Recommendation of Marcus Reed for the Internship Program

      Dear Hiring Manager,

      I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Marcus Reed, who is applying for the internship program at Innovative Solutions Inc. as part of his Master’s program in Computer Science at Tech University. As Marcus’s thesis advisor and professor in several advanced programming courses, I have had ample opportunity to observe his exceptional skills and growth as a computer scientist.

      Marcus has consistently demonstrated his prowess in both theoretical and practical aspects of computer science. His project work, especially his ongoing thesis on machine learning algorithms for data analysis, showcases his ability to tackle complex problems with innovative solutions. Marcus’s research has the potential to contribute significantly to the field, underscoring his capability to perform at a high level in a demanding environment like Innovative Solutions Inc.

      In addition to his academic excellence, Marcus has proven himself to be a natural leader and collaborator. He played a pivotal role in a team project developing a web application for local businesses to optimize their online services. His ability to communicate effectively, manage project timelines, and motivate team members was instrumental in the project’s success. Marcus’s leadership and teamwork skills, combined with his technical expertise, make him an ideal candidate for an internship in your esteemed company.

      Marcus is not only committed to his academic and project work but also actively seeks opportunities to apply his knowledge in practical settings. His enthusiasm for real-world applications of computer science principles, coupled with his eagerness to learn from hands-on experiences, align perfectly with the objectives of an internship program. I am confident that Marcus will bring the same level of dedication, innovation, and excellence to an internship at Innovative Solutions Inc. as he has to his studies and projects at Tech University.

      I strongly endorse Marcus Reed for the internship program at Innovative Solutions Inc. and believe that his contributions will be valuable to your team. Should you require any further information or wish to discuss Marcus’s qualifications in more detail, please feel free to contact me.

      Thank you for considering Marcus for this opportunity. I am keen to see the positive impact he will undoubtedly make during his internship with your company.


      Dr. Benjamin Clarke

      Associate Professor of Computer Science

      Tech University

      Email Recommending a Student for a Job

      Subject: Endorsement of Natalie Chen for Junior Data Analyst Position at BrightEdge Analytics

      Dear Ms. Laura Simmons,

      I trust this email finds you well. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Natalie Chen for the Junior Data Analyst position at BrightEdge Analytics. As Natalie’s professor for Advanced Statistical Methods and her mentor during her final year project at Riverdale University’s Department of Statistics, I have had the privilege of witnessing her profound dedication, analytical acumen, and innovative approach to data analysis and interpretation over the past four years.

      Natalie distinguished herself academically, consistently ranking in the top 5% of her class. Her final year project, which involved a complex analysis of consumer behavior patterns using machine learning algorithms, not only demonstrated her exceptional technical skills but also her ability to derive meaningful insights that can drive business strategies. This project was awarded the Best Final Year Project by the department, underscoring her capability to tackle and solve real-world problems.

      Beyond her academic prowess, Natalie has shown remarkable leadership qualities. As the chairperson of the Data Science Club, she initiated a series of workshops and speaker events that bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge and industry practices for her peers. Her leadership significantly increased the club’s membership and fostered a collaborative learning environment.

      Natalie’s internship experience at TechInnovate Solutions provided her with a practical platform to apply her analytical skills. There, she contributed to a project that optimized the company’s marketing campaign strategies, leading to a 20% increase in customer engagement across digital platforms within a six-month period. Her supervisors commended her for her innovative problem-solving skills, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional work ethic.

      I am confident that Natalie’s strong foundation in data analysis, coupled with her proactive approach and ability to work well within a team, make her an outstanding candidate for the Junior Data Analyst role at BrightEdge Analytics. Her passion for uncovering data-driven insights and her relentless pursuit of excellence will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to your team.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me at professor.jameson@riverdaleu.edu or (555) 123-4567 if you wish to discuss Natalie’s qualifications and achievements further. I am convinced that Natalie Chen will be a valuable addition to BrightEdge Analytics and am happy to provide any additional information required.

      Thank you for considering my recommendation. I eagerly anticipate the impactful contributions Natalie will make at your esteemed company.

      Warm regards,

      Dr. Henry Jameson

      Professor of Statistics

      Riverdale University


      (555) 123-4567


      These letters are effective samples for different purposes: university admission, internship program application, and job candidacy. Each letter is tailored to its specific context, showcasing the candidates’ strengths, achievements, and suitability for the position or program.

      The first letter supports a university admission application by emphasizing the candidate’s academic excellence, leadership qualities, and community involvement, presenting a holistic view of the applicant’s capabilities. The reference to specific achievements, like the “Young Writers Award,” and leadership roles underlines the candidate’s potential to contribute positively to the university community.

      The second letter, recommending a candidate for an internship, highlights the applicant’s technical expertise, project experience, and leadership skills. Mentioning specific projects and the candidate’s role in them demonstrates practical skills and a collaborative spirit, key attributes for an intern in a tech company.

      The third letter endorses a candidate for a job position by detailing academic accomplishments, project work, and relevant internship experience. It focuses on the candidate’s data analysis skills, initiative in leading academic clubs, and successful application of knowledge in a real-world setting, illustrating readiness for the professional role.

      Overall, these letters effectively communicate the candidates’ qualifications, aligning their experiences with the goals of the programs or positions they’re applying for. Each letter provides specific examples that reinforce the candidates’ competencies, making a strong case for their selection.


      When writing a recommendation letter for a student, ensure to explain where and how you know the applicant. Also, list some qualities that make the student a good fit for the admission or job. It will make more sense to input examples to show how the student has displayed those qualities.

      The letter can be kept general when applying to several companies or universities, but ensure to highlight each of the student’s distinct attributes. As stated, make sure to include an example of the student’s success or achievement in the letter, especially when applying to foreign universities to scale the admission process.

      Finally, it is recommended to write a letter for a student whose qualifications can be verified. Don’t forget to have the submission information, like the recipient’s email, name, and submission date. Before writing the letter, ask for the student’s updated resume and the job details or school chances. Concentrate on the specific school or job the student is applying for.

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