Creating Fake Doctor’s Note / Excuse (12+ Template for Word)

Most companies have a policy that when a person misses three consecutive days or work or more, they will need a doctor’s note in order to return. The number of days may vary by company. Schools have similar policies regarding attendance. Some people may not want to visit the doctor or may not have the money for a doctor’s appointment. There are other times when a person needs a couple of days away for their job. They may want to take a vacation or stay at home and enjoy some peace. There are fake doctor’s notes that can be used in these situations. A fake doctor’s note template can be downloaded from here, and a person will have ready to use an excuse note for missing work.

What is Included in a Doctor’s Note

When looking at a fake doctor’s excuse template, there are some things that need to be included in it. These items will help the note look real. The template has to have the doctor’s name and logo or health network that a person would visit.

There needs to be an address and phone number, fax number, and some health groups, even including their email address. The patient name should also be found on the note, so the reader knows who was being treated. The note should have the date the patient was seen by the doctor, information that they are under the care of a doctor, and the date they can return to work. There is also a space for the name and the doctor’s signature at the end of the note.

All of this information will make this excuse note look real and will allow it to look like a real doctor issued it.

Benefits of Using a Fake Doctor’s Note

There are some benefits to using this fake doctor’s note template. With this template, if a person needs to take off work a couple of days,d they will not get in trouble. Companies have policies where if employees miss more than three or more consecutive days without a doctor’s note, they will get into some form of trouble. This note will keep them from getting into hot water with their employer.

A person will be able to take off work and enjoy some time to themselves, or some go on a vacation. They will still be covered. Other employers require a doctor’s note if a person takes off the day before or after a holiday. This template will have them covered as well. They will be able to extend their time off and not violate a policy with the company that they work for.

Different Types of Doctor’s Note

There are several different types of fake doctor’s excuse templates that are found on the internet. A person can download a template for a family doctor to cover basic medical conditions. There are many different excuse notes from which to choose. There are doctor’s note templates from mental health professionals, including psychologists, that can be used.

In addition to the doctor’s note template, a person can download a note saying they need to report or jury duty and fill in the dates for which they will need to miss work. With this note, a person may be able to get their regular pay for their employer and will not have to use any of their sick time.

There are notes from the dentist as well. Dental procedures can be rather painful, and a person may have to miss work for a couple of days in order to recover from their dental procedures.

If a person wants to be creative, they can get a doctor’s note templates from a gynecologist or a urologist. Employers will be less likely to question these notes.

If a person has children, they can download a note from a pediatrician and fill in dates that their child was sick, and someone needs to stay home with them.

There are notes from the emergency room that can be filled out. This note is good if a person is only looking to take a day or two off from work.

There are podiatrists notes. A person can also download and use a return to work note template. This states the day that a person will be released from the care of a doctor so they can go to work. These are just some of the fake doctor’s note templates that can be downloaded and used.

Sample Doctor’s Note from Physician

Fake Doctorcs Note Generator


Fake Doctor Note for work


Sample Doctors Note for Dentist Excuse

Fake Doctor Note Generator


Medical Excuse Doctors Note Template

Doctor's fake note example


Fake Doctors Note Template for School

Doctor's Fake note for work


Sample Absence Excuse Form

Free Fill in the blank Doctor note


Work/School Medical Excuse Doctor Note Form

Doctor Note For Missing Work


Blank Excuse Slip Template

Free Printable Doctor's Note For work


Sample Doctor’s Note for Work

Doctor's Note For Missed Work


Using the Fake Doctor’s Note/Excuse Template

Creating a fake doctor’s note with the template is easy. A person will download the template and fill in the information for their local doctor’s office or health care clinic. They will type on the date that they missed work. They will fill in their name and related information. A person will then type in the dates in which they play to miss work and the date in which they are able to return to work. Once this information is customized, it can be printed off and sent to the employer. The note will have all the information from a real doctor’s note, including a signature.

Printable Fake Doctor's Note


Doctors Excuse Slip Format

Missing Work fake Doctor's Note


Blank Doctor’s Note Template

fake Doctor's Note for missing work Day


Fake Doctor's Note For School


Free Printable Doctor Note Template

Fake Doctor's note Generator


Reasons to Use a Fake Doctor’s Note

There are times when a person just needs a break for work or something unexpected comes up. If they miss work, they will get into some kind of trouble and may even be fired. This is where the fake doctor’s note is a big help. A person can use this note to cover for missing work. They will not get into trouble with the employer since they are under the care of a doctor, and HIPPA laws protect their medication information. A person will be able to attend their life event and not worry about losing their job.

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