Resignation Letter (Due to Marriage)

Marriage also does take a toll on our lives so much so that we are unable to engage in meaningful economic productivity. If and when this happens, sometimes we are left with no option but to resign from full-time employment altogether. A ‘resignation letter due to marriage’ is drafted at such a time. The object of the letter is to let the employer know that you shall step down from the firm. It further states that your reason for doing so is purely on the grounds of marriage.

Sample for Resignation Letter (Due to Marriage)

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Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

As you know, I have been working for you for the last XX years. However, I shall depart from the company within a month to focus on my marriage solely. I have tried to balance those two but have simply been unable to.

It goes without saying that my departure shall leave a wide gap that ought to be filled substantively. Kindly let me know how I can be of help. I offer to stay on for some time to aid the newcomer with getting started.

I also extend my gratitude for the opportunity you gave me to work and earn some decent income in the course of doing so. My sincerest gratitude goes to my workmates, who stood with me and offered me the support I needed all along.

Best regards,
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Resignation Letter (Due to Marriage) Word Format

Resignation Letter (Due to Marriage)

Resignation Email Example (Due to Marriage)

Subject: Resignation – Your Name

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

I draft and direct this letter to your team, human resource management, and employees to notify them of my imminent departure from your firm.

The reason for my resignation and departure from your firm is because I shall get married and thereafter relocate to the city where my husband-to-be already works and stays in.

My resignation shall take effect officially within three weeks from now. Between now and then, I shall be open for any consultations or secrets you would want me to give to you, owing to that I have worked with you for far too long now.

I also understand that my departure shall inflict some inconveniences on your team and firm at large. To help with minimizing the side effects of my departure, I offer to help with the transition, more so, in acquainting the new employee with getting started.

I cannot rule out the possibility of returning to your firm later. If the circumstance calls for my return, I plead that you embrace me and welcome me back to the fold with open arms.

Thank you yet again for understanding my plight. Do not hesitate to get back to me in case you have any questions and concerns that you would want me to address.

Best regards,

Your Name

Resignation Email Example (Word Format)