Internship Resignation Letter Samples | How to Quit (Tips)

An internship resignation letter is a formal document written by an intern to their employer as notice of their intent to resign from their assigned internship position before the agreed-upon last day of work.An internship is ordinarily a positive addition to your professional experience portfolio. While you should always try to make the most out of the opportunity, sometimes the situation may not suit you because of varying reasons, such as impromptu personal issues that interrupt your commitment to it.

In such a case, you should consider discussing it with your employer or supervisor and letting them know your decision. A formal meeting is recommended in this case. After the meeting, you can proceed to craft an internship resignation letter conveying your reason(s) for vacating your position in the organization in order to hand it over for official record. 

Submitting a letter declaring your intention to resign from an internship is considered the proper protocol in most, if not all, professions. This is regardless of the associated reasons for resignation – whether good or bad. Now that you’ve decided to resign from your post as an intern, how do you go about it? This article is a guide on how to prepare a resignation letter when quitting your internship professionally.

Free Templates

Instead of crafting a letter from scratch, you can use a template or sample  to speed up the writing process. Here is a collection of free templates that you can easily download and use to write an effective resignation letter for your employer:

Editable Internship Resignation Letter Template

Professional Internship Resignation Example

Sample Internship Resignation Letter Format

Free Internship Resignation Letter Template

Word Internship Resignation Letter Template

PDF Internship Resignation Letter Sample

    Why You May Need It

    You are allowed to resign from your internship position for any reason you deem worth resigning for. Consequently, there are plenty of reasons that may prompt you to write a resignation letter in any such situation.

    You can resign in the following instances:

    For a better employment opportunity

    Sometimes a more suitable employment opportunity may arise during an internship period. You can choose to resign from your internship in order to pursue that opportunity. It is advisable to ensure that you are guaranteed employment from the other employer before resigning. 

    Due to personal issues

    It is common for interns to resign due to personal issues that affect their performance at work or jeopardize their commitment to the internship. For example, you can be relocating to a different location; in such a case, it would be wise to resign formally through a letter rather than exiting without communicating.

    You have to go back to school earlier than expected

    Another reason why interns often resign from an internship is the resumption of studies earlier than anticipated. While an internship is important, it is advisable to prioritize your studies.

    To secure a reference/recommendation in future

    One of the most important reasons of writing the letter is to maintain a professional relationship with your employer or supervisor. This is because you may need their recommendations in the future and this letter ensures you leave the organization with honor.

    Note that, even if you do not intend to benefit from the supervisor or employer for reference but want to include the internship in your resume, they can still be contacted to verify your claims. Professionally leaving the organization is a good way of ensuring you leave them with a positive impression which will often be translated to positive feedback when recommending you or verifying your claims.

    Writing a Resignation Letter for Internship

    Writing a formal resignation letter from an internship is a step-by-step process that you should adhere to. While the decision to quit may be difficult to make, writing the resignation letter can be much simpler if you follow the steps discussed below:

    Step 1: Address the letter

    You should start by addressing the letter appropriately. Often, whom you address the letter to will be dependent on the situation. Your direct supervisor is commonly the relevant person for this purpose. However, you may be told to address the letter to the manager or the HR department in other cases. You should ensure you capture their official name, designation, and address correctly.

    Step 2: Include the subject line

    The next step in writing a the letter is to add an informative subject line. The subject line doesn’t have to be too long or too detailed. A simple statement such as “Resignation Letter for [Your name]” will usually be enough.

    Step 3: Write salutation

    The subject line should be succeeded by a formal salutation. A salutation formatted as follows would be appropriate – Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. [Recipient’s last name]. You can also include appropriate professional titles such as Dr. or Eng.

    Step 4: Write a statement of intent

    After the salutation, you should state your intention to resign in the letter. Avoid including a lot of unnecessary details. The statement can be one sentence long. This section lets the recipient know the letter’s purpose and what to expect as they read.

    Step 5: Briefly introduce yourself and your position 

    Afterward, you can introduce yourself by providing your name and the respective position you held at the organization. It is essential to introduce yourself if you are addressing the letter to the manager or the HR department, where you have not interacted before.

    Step 6: State the date of your last day on the job

    After introducing yourself, you can state your last day of work. Make sure that you specify the day, month, and year. As a general rule, resigning with a two-week notice period or rather ample notice is recommended, especially if you are holding a vital position in the company. This gives the organization enough time to recruit a replacement.

    Step 7: Give your reason(s) for leaving the internship program

    Next, the letter should mention your reason(s) for resigning from the internship program. Again, you are not required to get into detail. A brief and conclusive explanation will typically be sufficient.

    Step 8: Express gratitude to your employer for hiring you

    You should then write an appreciation statement expressing your gratitude for being offered an internship in their organization. It is courteous to thank the employers for providing you an opportunity to work under their supervision. Also, you can mention specific benefits, lessons, or experiences you are grateful for.

    Step 9: Offer to help with the transition

    The next step is to offer assistance with the transition. While this is usually optional, it is advisable to offer any help, especially if you hold a senior or primary position in the organization. In this section, you can also mention to hand in status reports, equipment, or files that are necessary for the continuation of functions in your respective position. You can also share good thoughts for the company in this section. 

    Step 10: Share your contact information

    Next, you should provide your contact information in case your supervisor or the managerial staff wants to contact you in the future. You can provide an email address or a phone number.

    Step 11: Sign off

    Lastly, you can end the resignation letter by providing a complimentary close followed by your signature. You can then print two copies. Submit one copy to your supervisor and keep the other copy.

    Sample Letters

    Provided below the internship resignation letters sample and email example can help you to personalize your resignation letter before sending it to the employer:

    Sample 01

    January 26, 20xx

    Lawrence Harvey
    Program Director
    Mary Hopkins Medical Centre
    55 Rock Wood Ave

    Subject: Resignation Letter

    Dear Mr Harvey,

    Kindly accept this letter as an official notice of my resignation. I’m Sandy Hwang, a clerk intern at Mary Hopkins Medical Centre. I intend to fulfill my duties up to February 10, 2022.

    I recently discovered that I’m obligated to resume school for the forthcoming semester, and as a result, I cannot continue with responsibilities at your organization. I deeply regret the turn of events as we had previously agreed I would complete my internship at the beginning of March.

    I want to state that I am entirely grateful for the opportunity given to me at Mary Hopkins Medical Centre. It has been a great experience, and I’ve come to learn valuable lessons that I will take with me on my career path.

    I intend to complete data entry for the month of January, and I’d like to offer to train the incoming clerk. Kindly feel free to contact me at or 425 9700 3792.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,


    Sample 02

    January 10, 20xx

    Emily Baker
    Helix Printing Company
    14 Melbourne Road

    Subject: Resignation letter for Ken Sanford

    Dear Mrs. Baker,

    I’d like to hand in this letter as notice of my resignation. My name is Ken Sanford, a graphic designer interning in your organization. I intend to officially resign from my post as of January 22, 20XX.

    I’m resigning because I’ve been offered a permanent job at another company. For this reason, I cannot continue with my duties at Helix Printing Co. I’d like to formally thank you for giving me the opportunity to kick start my career at your company. Also, I’m appreciative of the reception and guidance you have offered me.

    I will submit any pending projects before I leave. I greatly apologize for any inconvenience and wish the company all the best going forward. You can reach me at or 222 0173 8885.



    Sample 03

    December 8, 20xx

    Amos Jones
    Head of the Marketing Department
    Marcus Technology Solutions
    323 Square Road

    Dear Mr. Jones,

    I write this letter to inform you of my decision to resign as an intern in the marketing department at Marcus Technology Solutions.

    I joined your company on September 1, 20XX, but I unable to offer my best due to the excess workload; besides, I am pursuing my master’s Degree in Business Administration, and I’m supposed to take my end of year exams in the next three weeks. In this respect, I officially resign from my internship with immediate effect.

    Thank you for the internship opportunity at your company, and please understand my situation. I apologize for any inconvenience caused and please let me know if I can help in any way to ensure a smooth transition.


    Noel Peterson

    Sample 04 [Email Format]

    Subject: Internship Resignation- Aaron Matthews

    Dear Ms. Whitaker,

    Please accept my resignation from my internship position at your company. My last day at work will be on November 30, 20XX.

    I landed a permanent job at Watterson Communications last week; they require me to start the job in the next week. In this respect, please allow me to terminate my internship.

    I must say I’m grateful to Agape Media Services the guidance, support, and professional advice at the time I have been in this company. I have learned a lot that I know will be valuable in my new assignment; my thanks and appreciation to your staff that has been of great help to me.

    If there is a way I can help in the transition, please reach me via (213) 434-8787 or email at

    Yours Sincerely,

    Aaron Matthews


    Agape Media Services

    Special Considerations

    When writing an internship resignation letter, you want to convey the message in a clear and professional manner. To enrich the quality of your letter, you can consider the writing tips discussed below:

    Keep it professional 

    The letter should portray high level of professionalism. This can be achieved by using a formal business format, a professional tone, and being direct to the point. Also, the letter should be error-free, and consider handing in the letter in person.

    Be gracious

    You should be polite when resigning regardless of the circumstances leading to your decision to quit. Therefore, always include an appreciation statement. The recipient might end up being a valuable reference in the future or might be on an interviewing committee in another organization. It is therefore advisable not to leave on bad terms.

    Be concise

    The resignation letter should be brief. Do not include more details than necessary. It might be tempting to over-explain the reason you’re quitting. However, you should refrain from doing so and be direct to the point. At most, the letter should be one page long.

    Write a positive letter

    You should maintain a positive tone throughout the letter. A resignation letter is not an opportunity to vent on the different issues in the organization or personal grudges with the supervisor or colleagues.

    Use sample letters for guidance 

    Always review samples before writing your resignation letter. Sample letters can be helpful guides on what to include and how to organize your letter. You can learn proper phrasing tips.

    Final Thoughts

    As an intern, you are not limited to specific reasons for resigning. You can resign whenever you feel the opportunity is not aligned with your goals or you cannot perform your duties to the expected standard. However, regardless of the reason, whether minor or major, it is advisable to always resign through an internship resignation letter. You should craft the letter in a business format, and preferably, it should be submitted in person. To simplify the writing process, you can use a template to prepare it.

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