Internship Resignation Letter Samples

An internship is an essential part of a course that one must accomplish; it also serves as a training ground that will usher the individual into a successful career. Although an internship isn’t a permanent job, if an employee decides to quit before the agreed date, they must submit an internship resignation letter. In your letter, you need to explain to the employer why you’ve decided to quit early. Crafting a winning resignation letter may be able to be challenging, but it becomes easier if you use templates or samples. Consider our samples as you write your letter.

How do you resign from an internship?

When writing your internship resignation letter, you should consider the following:

  1. Since an internship resignation letter is a form of a formal letter; it should follow the formal business letter format.
  2. Your letter should be directed to your direct supervisor/adviser. You should address the letter using their official names, addresses, and designation.
  3. When writing your letter, embrace a professional and polite tone. Remember, you will need a recommendation letter from the company, or you may apply for a job in the company in the future.
  4. The reason for leaving the internship before maturity should be clearly explained in the letter.
  5. Thank you, supervisor, and the company for the internship position as you close your letter.
  6. Use formal closings when ending your letter. E.g., sincerely, thank you for the support. Regards, Yours faithfully, etc.

Sample internship resignation letter

Amos Jones
Head of the Marketing Department
Marcus Technology Solutions
323 Square Road
New Jersey NJ, 98980
December 8, 20XX

Dear Mr. Jones,

I write this letter to inform you of my decision to resign as an intern in the marketing department at Marcus Technology Solutions.

I joined your company on September 1, 20XX, but I unable to offer my best due to the excess workload; besides, I am pursuing my master’s Degree in Business Administration, and I’m supposed to take my end of year exams in the next three weeks. In this respect, I officially resign from my internship with immediate effect.

Thank you for the internship opportunity at your company, and please understand my situation. I apologize for any inconvenience caused and please let me know if I can help in any way to ensure a smooth transition.

Noel Peterson

Internship resignation letter (Word Format)

internship resignation letter

Sample internship resignation Email

Subject: Internship Resignation- Aaron Matthews

Dear Ms. Whitaker,

Please accept my resignation from my internship position at your company. My last day at work will be on November 30, 20XX.

I landed a permanent job at Watterson Communications last week; they require me to start the job in the next week. In this respect, please allow me to terminate my internship.

I must say I’m grateful to Agape Media Services the guidance, support, and professional advice at the time I have been in this company. I have learned a lot that I know will be valuable in my new assignment; my thanks and appreciation to your staff that has been of great help to me.

If there is a way I can help in the transition, please reach me via (213) 434-8787 or email at [email protected]

Yours Sincerely,
Aaron Matthews
Agape Media Services

Internship resignation email (Word Format)

Internship resignation letter email example

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