Sample Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation (Free Templates)

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An ‘Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation’ is an official letter that is drafted in support of a scout’s candidature for the Eagle Scout. This is the highest level of achievement of the Boy Scouts of America. It basically offers more information that might boost the candidate’s chance of being eligible for the program.

When is the Letter of Recommendation used?

As hinted above, this letter comes in handy while seeking to be considered for the Eagle Scout status. It is therefore used whenever a candidate wants to make a transition from one level of scouting to the next. This happens ordinarily once in the lifetime of the scout concerned.

There are usually two persons involved in the recommendation letter. First is “Eagle Scout Candidate” and second if “Referee” who refers the candidate.

Eagle Scout Candidate

The Eagle Scout candidate is the one who needs this form most. That is because it is his status that the form seeks to approve or verify. With regards to this role, the candidate uses the form to showcase his own suitability and qualification for the stated roles.


Referees are those who vouch for the suitability of the applicant. They are ordinarily six in number. If the applicant in question has no previous employer, the number reduces to five.

These are people who are well known to the applicant and who provide the information necessary for the review panel to rely on. Examples are previous employers, religious leaders, teachers, and parents.

What to include in this letter?

Dates: This is the date when the letter was officially drafted. This date will, later on, be verified by the review council. Any errors or missing details might disparage the status of the applicant which might also lead to the decline of the same.

Signatures: All the referees have to append their signatures on the letter to make it bona fide. As a general rule, the signatures should not be dated if they happen to occur before the applicant’s 18th birthday.

Merit Badges: Scouts do get awarded with badges in their course of service and participation. Since this letter is to show cause why the applicant is fit for promotion, the badges have to be listed and specifically mentioned in the letter.

Position of Responsibility: This is the position which the scout holds and plays in the organization. The position has to be that which is listed in requirement #4 of the Eagle Scout. It also has to relate to the unit where that specific scout was registered and played an active role during his service time.

Attachments: Attachments refer to the extra pieces of information which may boost a candidate’s likelihood of success. These include such issues as the list of honors and awards, positions, life purpose, statement of ambitions, and service project workbook. 

How to write the Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation (Format)

Step I: Introduction

Start the letter off with the introduction. It is at this stage that you address your letter specifically to the recipient. You use salutations like Ms., Mrs. Mr. Dr. e.t.c. If yours is a general letter, you address the recipient as ‘To Whom It May Concern.

Step II: Body paragraphs

This is the main segment of the letter. Here, you state in detail the purpose of the letter. In most cases, the body part of this letter is divided into two main paragraphs. The first one establishes a connection between you and the person you are recommending. It also explains why you feel qualified to draft that recommendation.

In the second paragraph, you reveal the precise pieces of information which you know about the person you are recommending. Also, you say why you feel the person is qualified for the position of an Eagle Scout. It is also a good thing to explain how they are more likely to contribute to the role and why you feel he ought to be considered.

It is always a wise idea to incorporate specific examples of when and how the applicant demonstrated the skills you have mentioned. This is to give as accurate a picture of the applicant as can be. You will also appear more genuine rather than abstract.

Step III: Conclusion and Closing

Lastly comes the conclusion or the closing paragraph. Here, you give a brief summary of why you have chosen to recommend the applicant. State also how enthusiastic you are in recommending him. For instance, you may choose to ‘highly recommend’ him, ‘recommend without reservation ‘, and so on.

It is always a wise idea to include an e-mail address, phone number, and other contact details in this segment or in the e-mail signature. This is to facilitate any future correspondences if need be. Then, of course, you have to finish off with:


Your Name


Sample Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation Letters

Sample Letter 1

Sample Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation Letters

Sample Letter 2

Sample Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation Letter

Sample Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation Letters (Text Version)

Sample Letter 1:

Ahmed Johnson,
1st Street, South West,
Atlanta, GA 30314,
[email protected]

September 4, 2019

Mr. Savio Vega,
Human Resources
National Service Center
P.O. Box 152079,
Irving, TX 75015-2079


Dr. Mr. Savio Vega,

I derive great pleasure in offering my unreserved recommendation for Jackson Coulter who aspires to be an Eagle Scout.

I have known him for 4 years now in the capacity of an academic course instructor at Atlanta Middle School. Throughout my engagement with him, he has proved to be a very ambitious, highly resilient, and dependable scout. Having worked closely with him, I also feel better placed to provide more information about him.

Mr. Jackson Coulter, other than being a staunch scout, exhibited unparalleled leadership skills throughout his stint at this institution. If given a chance in this role, you may count on him to do a very good role in marshaling other scouts and furthering the ethos of the Boy Scouts Association.

There was a time when the school cleaning staff were on a go-slow. The toilets had started stinking while there was no end in sight. Mr. Coulter marshaled the student body to step in and clean the facilities, absolutely free-of-charge. This earned me his respect and also informs my basis of recommending him.

I am always on standby and ready to clarify any further issues. Feel free to reach me on 404-542-7783 or [email protected]

Ahmed Johnson
Teacher, Atlanta Middle School

Sample Letter 2:

Mrs. Ekaterina Trendafilova,

547 Park Avenue,

Lincoln, Nebraska 68501,
(563) 559-7695
[email protected]


September 4, 2019


Mr. Savio Vega,
Human Resources
National Service Center
P.O. Box 152079,
Irving, TX 75015-2079


Dr. Mr. Savio Vega,

It is with great glee that I offer my unreserved recommendation to Mr. Matthew Cohen’s candidature for the position of the Eagle Scout. Ever since I bumped into him as a freshman at Lincoln High School, I have always known him to be diligent, punctual, and attentive to details.

His own zeal with regards to matters scouting also come in. Indeed, he has demonstrated an unbridled passion for matters scouting, a fact that has seen him rise exponentially through the ranks. I believe he will be an asset to your organization and even contribute towards its furtherance in the years to come.

Before he assumed the leader of Lincoln High School’s scouting chapter, there was some lethargy among the student population. A paltry 5% of the boys were actively engaged in the organization. Upon assuming the leadership position, he went on a charm offensive to woo boys to enroll. Within a year, the organization had seen a marked 65% surge in membership!

Without hesitation, I recommend him for the position. Feel free to seek more information from me via the (563) 559-7695 hotline or the [email protected] email address. I am always eager and enthusiastic to provide the same.

Mrs. Ekaterina Trendafilova,
Course Coordinator – Lincoln High School

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