Resignation Acceptance Letter Samples

When a company, business, or organization receives a resignation letter from any of its employees, it’s essential to acknowledge receipt of the letter and accept the resignation. In the letter, the human resource personnel should thank the employee for working for the company and offer any relevant information that will be vital for a smooth transition.

Tips for writing a resignation acceptance letter

When writing your resignation acceptance letter, consider the following tips:

  • Acknowledge the resignation: In the letter, it’s essential to accept the resignation of the employees and indicate their last day at work.
  • Use a formal letter format: When writing your letter, you should use the typical business letter format that should include the contact information, the current date, and the employee’s contact details. At the close of the letter, you should include your handwritten signature and your typed name.
  • Appreciate the employee: In your letter, you should indicate you regret losing the employee, yet you understand their circumstances. Besides, you should thank them for working for your company and wish them the best in their future careers. If possible, you should issue a recommendation letter to the employee.
  • Keep a record: After writing the letter, make several copies of the letter and issue one to the employee and keep one in the employee’s file for reference. Sample resignation acceptance letter

Sample Resignation Acceptance Letter

Peter Morgan
Human Resource Manager
Brightway Supplies Ltd

Pat Smith
5023 Mercyview Avenue
Angleton, CA 13324
September 11, 2019,

Dear Ms. Smith,

This letter is an acknowledgment that we have received your resignation letter dated September 1, 2019. I accept your resignation and note you’ll be relieved of your duties from Brightway Supplies Ltd on September 14, 20XX, which shall be your last working day.

Your resignation letter is in order, and we will proceed with your departure formalities. You are therefore invited for an exit interview on September 11, 2019, at 2.00 pm at the company’s board room.

We have forwarded a copy of this letter to the accounts department for processing of your salary and benefits. You will receive your check on the last day of work.

It has been our joy to have you as one of the employees; your zeal, determination, cheerfulness, passion, and commitment will be profoundly missed.

We all wish you the best in your new endeavor.

With best regards,
Peter Morgan

Resignation Acceptance Letter (Word Format)

Resignation Acceptance Letter

Resignation Acceptance Email Example

Subject: Resignation acceptance

Dear Mr. Elvis,

This email acknowledges the receipt of your resignation sent on November 15, 2019. We have reviewed your case, and I’m glad to inform you your resignation has been accepted.

Based on your email, your last day at work will be on December 1, 20XX. In this respect, you’re invited for an exit meeting on November XX, 2019, at 9.00 am at the HR manager’s office to discuss your departure formalities and any other relevant matter.

Finding a replacement for your position will be a challenging task, but we appreciate working for us for the past six years — all the best in your following projects.


Jasper Toomey

Resignation Acceptance Email (Word Format)

Resignation Acceptance Letter email example

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