Two (2) Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Samples (Email Examples)

Two Week Notice Resignation Letter

In most job settings, an employee is required to issue two weeks’ notice when they want to resign from their current job. This notice period ensures a smooth transition and prevents interruption of the normal operations in the company. Besides issuing a resignation notice as specified in the law, this the best way for an employee to show professionalism. The letter should highlight why you’re leaving the company and if anything can be done to reverse the decision. The letter should be clear and precise.

How to write the letter

Embrace a business format: This is an official letter; thus you must ensure it looks professional. The letter should contain relevant details that a formal letter has such as your contacts, address and the employer contacts.

Date: include the date of writing the letter and the effective date for the resignation.

Be brief: Avoid unnecessary stories in the letter. Only include relevant details in your resignation letter.

Appreciate your employer: you should thank your employer for the chance to work for them.

Be willing to help: In the transition period, mention you’ll be ready to assist the employer in any way to guarantee a smooth transition.

You can email the resignation letter. Based on the policies in your company, you may email the letter to the relevant person instead of delivering a hard copy resignation letter.

When writing the two weeks’ resignation letter, it’s vital to read sample letters to get a feel of the language and format to use. Additionally, make sure the letter has no spelling and grammar errors before you submit it to your superiors.

Two weeks notice resignation (Sample letter)

To Phillip Matthews

Manager, HR

East Corps Corporation

200 Wine Drive

New Parkland, CA 90100

Dear MR. Matthews,

This letter informs you of my resignation from East Corps as the marketing manager effective two weeks from today. I will assume a similar role in another company after may resignations. My last day at work will be October 10, 20XX.

Please consider this as my official resignation notice. I can’t forget to thank you for the chance to use my skills and knowledge to grow my career in your company. My time here has been great opportunities to learn and sharpen my skills.

Let me know if you need any assistance in the transition period.

Again thank you,


Paul Trevor

Marketing manager

Two weeks notice resignation letter (Word format)

Two week notice resignation letter (Word format)

Two weeks notice resignation email (Word format)

Two week notice resignation email (Word format)

Two weeks notice resignation (Sample email)

To: [Supervisor’s Email Address]

Subject: Letter of Resignation – [Your Name]

Dear [Supervisors’ Name],

I issue this letter as my official two weeks’ notice for resignation from the position of a sale representative for JayMark Holdings. My last day at work will be on September 5, 20XX. Due to the sudden illness of my wife, I have decided to resign to take care of her. She has been in a coma for the past month.

Thank you for the opportunity of working for JayMark Holdings. My career is at a totally different level.

If you require a y help I will be ready to assist; please feel free to contact me.


Eliot Peterson

Sales Representative