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Hotel Receipt template

Most of the hotels use pre-made hotel receipt templates for effective and timely management. The document serves as proof that the guest has paid for their stay in the hotel and any other services availed to them.


A Hotel Receipt is a document created by the hotel management and issued to the guests after checking out.

A hotel receipt can also be defined as an accounting bill containing a comprehensive statement of how much money a particular guest has to pay the hotel for the food and services provided during their stay.

As a hotel manager or operator, billing your clients is an essential part of accumulating income. Your clients expect you to charge them clearly and consistently, and issuing them professionally formatted hotel receipts simplifies the process. Although hotel receipts are of different sizes and formats, they are all based on each business’s different preferences. They contain important information that is vital for recording transactions done by hotels for guests. This information includes the guest’s personal information, the dates of their stay, the specific reservations and amenities, the prices of foods and services offered, the total payable amount, details about the hotel, payment information, and more.

By issuing hotel receipts to customers, hotel managers and operators ensure that they record all of the vital information to keep their finances in line, especially when filing taxes. Complete and properly formatted hotel receipts can also come in handy whenever the business is being audited and questioned by the IRS and support the businesses’ tax deduction claims. Hotel receipts also help lift the weight and worry of billing errors off the shoulders of both the hotel personnel and the customers.

Any establishment under the hospitality industry that offers accommodation, food, and drink services to guests may use a hotel receipt. This includes Bed & Breakfasts/B&Bs, hotels, motels, resorts, hostels, serviced apartments, time-sharing accommodations such as a condo or a house, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and cafes.

How to Fill a Hotel Receipt

A hotel receipt can be simple or elaborate depending on the preferences of the specific business operator. To create a hotel receipt, you can use a hotel receipt generator, download free customizable hotel receipt templates online, or simply create your own template from scratch and save it as a reusable template. Regardless of how you choose to make your hotel receipt template, you should ensure that it contains the certain essential components of a well-crafted hotel receipt template.

These essential components of a well-crafted hotel receipt template include:

Identifying details

A hotel receipt should contain unique identifying details that set it apart from other documents issued at the hotel. This is crucial for easy tracking and identification of a guest payment and services offered.

The identifying details to include in your hotel receipt are:

  • The receipt number: Ideally, a hotel receipt template should contain a unique receipt or invoice number to make it easy to keep track of your receipts. It is also a great idea to include the booking number, which serves as a link between the receipt and the booking, especially when you have several receipts issued to the same customer.
  • The date: After writing the receipt number, include the date on which the hotel receipt template is generated and issued to identify the receipt, if the need arises, quickly.

    For example:

Hotel details

An effective hotel receipt template must include the details of the accommodation facility. This informs the guests from whom they are receiving the hotel receipt and how to contact the hotel if they need to.

The information to provide in this section include:

  • Hotel name: Provide the legal name of the hotel receiving the payment. This is essential as it demonstrates professionalism and helps market your business through customer referrals and return customers.
  • Phone number: Add a reliable phone number that the guests can use to contact you if they have any questions or complaints regarding their payment or need to book a reservation at the hotel in the future. If you have a hotel or motel toll-free number, consider including it to make it more convenient for the customers to contact your hospitality establishment.
  • Address: It is also important to include the physical and email address of your business establishment. This may include information such as the hotel street address, city/province, hotel country, postcode, a business email address or fax number, and website link.

    For example:

Clients’ information

Next, include the personal information of the guest and their relevant contact information to enable them to know that they are the correct recipient of the specific hotel receipt. Include the client’s information also as a convenient reference for you if you need to contact the guests in the future.

The relevant information to include in this section consists of:

  • Client’s name: Enter the client’s full legal name, including their first name, middle name, and their surname. This helps distinguish your guests, especially when two or more recipients have similar first and second names.
  • Address information: Provide the client’s address information, including their email address and mailing address. The mailing address may consist of the buyer’s street address, city, state and zip code, and country.
  • Contact details: Add the customer’s relevant contact information, including their mobile phone number, fax number, email address, and web address, if any.

    For example:
Billing Address Hotel Receipt Template

Hotel transaction details

This part provides a comprehensive statement of the items contributing to the total amount payable. Most customers appreciate receipt templates that consist of this element as it helps them understand the receipt better. To make it convenient for the customers, make sure to itemize all of the charges and specify them accordingly to avoid confusion between your hotel and the guests.

The following information goes into this section:

  • Room number: First, specify the guest’s room number on the hotel receipt template and include the room service expenses that the guest should be provided with or was provided with.
  • Name: If the room has a unique identifying name, ensure that you include it in the hotel receipt template.
  • Check-in and check-out dates: The date the guest checked into the hotel and checked out should also be included in the hotel receipt template. This makes it easy for you and your guests to track when they are arriving and departing, how many people will stay in the hotel, and what room they will be occupying.
  • Number of nights: The number of nights that the guest occupied the room should also be specified in the hotel receipt template. This is essential for bookkeeping purposes, and it helps avoid any billing errors.
  • Price per night: The room rate per night should also be detailed in this section of the hotel receipt template. It is important to include details of the room’s nightly rate as it enables the hotel management to arrive at the total hotel charges for the guest. Itemizing charges also makes it easier for your guests to double-check the receipt if they have complaints or queries.
  • Line total: The line total consists of the total payable amount calculated as the total number of nights the guest occupied the room multiplied by the room rate per night plus any additional charges for extra amenities and services rendered by the hotel personnel for the guest. The additional charges include costs such as parking fees, minibar fees, swimming pool fees, spa services, room service, meals, transportation, print services, etc.
Hotel Receipt Template

Payment amount details

A coherent breakdown of the payment amount details should also be included in the hotel receipt template. The charge per item should be specified for easy understanding of the receipt. Breaking down the payment details is also essential for income accounting purposes.

This section will typically contain the following information:

  • Subtotal: Once you have generated the total amount paid for each room by each guest, you should enter the resulting figure in the subtotal section.
  • Sales tax: This refers to the total amount of money charged as taxes for the specific transaction.
  • Total: The total payable amount is calculated by adding the amount in taxes to the subtotals.
  • Paid: This is a part of a hotel receipt where advance payments made by the customer in the form of a deposit, hotel reservation fee, etc., are documented.
  • Total due: Supply the remaining balance of the guest’s total bills in this section. To find the total due, subtract the paid amount from the guest’s total bills and enter the resulting figure in the total due section. This is usually when the guest chooses to pay a deposit fee on arrival and the balance when checking out of the hotel.
  • Payment method: This refers to the mode of payment that the client chooses to pay with. The mode of payment can either be through cash, debit card, or credit card.
  • Card/check number: If the hotel guest settles their outstanding bill using a credit card or check, make sure to enter the card/check’s number.

    For example:


This is usually the last section of the hotel receipt template, and any additional information goes here. For example, you can include information such as the sales representative’s name, the cashier issuing the receipt, and a personal message to guests such as a thank you note to build a personal connection, which can lead to repeat customers. Note that including the sales representative’s name and the person issuing the receipt in the hotel receipt template is important as it will help identify whom to refer to if a guest has questions regarding the receipt or if they complain about the overall customer service.

For example:

Free Templates

Following are some free downloadable templates for you:

hotel receipt generator

hotel receipt generator

hotel receipt generator

hotel receipt generator

    Tips When Creating a Hotel Receipt

    Get the guest’s details: The guest details should be collected during arrival. It includes the guest’s contacts,  which help to reach out to the guest in case of future complications.

    Room down payment charges: This is also called a security deposit. The hotel can decide to charge the room down payments depending on their terms and conditions. These charges are meant to cater for any damages that the guest may cause in the room or any unpaid bill that the guest might leave unpaid.

    Add daily charges: A hotel receipt should consist of a section to indicate daily charges. The charges should be matched with the service charged and well itemized. There are many activities that a guest can get involved with and need to be paid for. For instance, hotel bar charges, Wi-Fi charges, among others.

    Bill payment: When checking out, the guest should clear all the bills before leaving.

    Guest signature: You should create a part for the guest to sign.

    Hotel details: It is also advisable to include the hotel details, including the address at the bottom of the receipt, in case the guest wishes to contact the hotel in the future.

    Receipt Templates

    hotel receipt generator

    hotel receipt generator

    hotel receipt generator

    hotel receipt generator

    hotel receipt generator

    hotel receipt generator

    hotel receipt generator

    hotel receipt generator

    hotel receipt generator

    hotel receipt generator

    hotel receipt generator

    hotel receipt generator

      Final Thoughts

      A hotel receipt is a document acknowledging complete transactions. The receipt serves as proof that a particular guest has paid for their accommodation and any other services they availed of during their stay in the hotel. This itemized document contains the critical transaction details, including the receipt’s identifying details, the hotel details, the guest’s information, the room number, check-in, and check-out dates, number of nights, nightly room rate, payment amount details, payment method, and any additional notes from the hotel management to the customers.

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