Hotel Receipt Templates

Hotel Receipt template

A hotel receipt is simply a document given by the hotel to its customer, indicating that the guest has paid for the accommodation and services offered by the hotel to them. It can also be defined as a type of accounting bill with a detailed statement indicating the amount of money the guest should pay to the hotel for the food and services provided.

What to Include In Your hotel Receipt?

Just like any other type of receipt, a hotel receipt consists of a number of contents relevant to the hotel services and bill. The following are the basic contents of a hotel receipt.

Guest Details: This consists of the guest’s name, address, phone number, and email address.

Guest arrival and check-out dates: The date that the guest arrived and checked-out should be included in this receipt.

Room number of the guest: The guest room number is also a part of this hotel receipt template.

Room rate per night: The room rate per night bill is also indicated in this receipt.

Room service expenses: A hotel receipt also includes the room service expenses that the guest should be provided with or was provided with.

Invoice number: Every hotel receipt should have a unique invoice or receipt number. This helps in easy tracking and identification of a guest payment and services offered.

Advance payment: This is a part of a hotel receipt where advance payment made by the guest is written.

Balance: This is a section in a hotel receipt, where the payment balance is written. Sometimes the guest will choose to pay a deposit fee on arrival and the balance when checking out.

Payment details: This is where the mode of payment is indicated, either cash, debit or credit.

Receipt Templates

Hotel Acknowledgement Receipt PDF

Hotel Receipt Template Word

Legal Hotel Receipt Template Word

Printable Blank Hotel Receipt Template PDF

Hotel Receipt Template 01

Hotel Receipt Template 02

Hotel Receipt Template 03

Hotel Receipt Template 04

Hotel Receipt Template 05

Hotel Receipt Template 06

Hotel Receipt Template 07

Hotel Receipt Template 08

Hotel Receipt Template 09

Hotel Receipt Template 10

Hotel Receipt Template 11

Hotel Receipt Template 12

Hotel Receipt Template 13

Hotel Receipt Template 14

Tips When Creating a Hotel Receipt

Get the guest’s details: The guest details should be collected during arrival. It includes the guest’s contacts,  which help to reach out to the guest in case of future complications.

Room down payment charges: This is also called a security deposit. The hotel can decide to charge the room down payments depending on their terms and conditions. These charges are meant to cater for any damages that the guest may cause in the room or any unpaid bill that the guest might leave unpaid.

Add daily charges: A hotel receipt should consist of a section to indicate daily charges. The charges should be matched with the service charged and well itemized. There are many activities that a guest can get involved with and need to be paid for. For instance, hotel bar charges, Wi-Fi charges, among others.

Bill payment: When checking out, the guest should clear all the bills before leaving.

Guest signature: You should create a part for the guest to sign.

Hotel details: It is also advisable to include the hotel details, including the address at the bottom of the receipt, in case the guest wishes to contact the hotel in the future.


Finally, it is good to use a hotel receipt to manage your guest’s charges. you can download our free hotel template and use it to print your hotel receipts.

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