Letter of Resignation (24 hours’ notice) | Examples + Guide

A letter of resignation is an official document written by an employee to inform their employer of their resignation effective within 24 hours’ notice. You should use it if you have to quit your job immediately and do not have the chance to provide your employer with the proper notice period.

The most respectful and professional way of resigning is by providing your employer with a two weeks’ notice. That way, you can maintain your professional relationship with them, give them a chance to hire your replacement, and even aid your employer in the transition process by completing any pending projects or training your replacement.

In cases where you have to resign immediately due to personal circumstances, health issues, or specific emergencies, a 24 hours notice of resignation is considered polite to quit your job. Although it offers little notice, your employer will appreciate that you provided the notice rather than just quitting without any notice.

This resignation letter is meant to inform your employer about your reason for quitting and express gratitude for the opportunity they gave you. It is meant to act as goodwill and is not the place to boast about your new job and increased salary or complain about your boss or other colleagues.


Ensure that you inform the manager about your resignation plans before writing the letter with 24 hours notice. Keeping them updated makes you seem like a professional and committed individual apologetic for the inconvenience they might cause due to your immediate resignation.

Also, informing your manager about your plans in advance will help avoid any struggles or legal battles due to the short notice. In addition, it will help the manager speed up your process of getting cleared and receiving any pending salary or benefits. It is also respectful to explain to your manager and answer any questions about why you have to resign without proper notice before writing and sending the resignation letter to them.

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      Writing a 24-hour Notice Resignation Letter

      As an employee who has to resign and can only provide their employer with a 24-hour notice period, you will need the following step-by-step guide on how to write a proper resignation letter.

      You will successfully write it and maintain a cordial working relationship with your employer with the steps mentioned below:

      Introduce yourself by mentioning your job title

      The first part of the letter should be about introducing yourself to your manager. Mention your name and the job position you held during your last working hours at the organization. It should be concise, which means that you have to be clear from the very start.


      I am Ian Richards, and I work in the sales and marketing department at SRT Company. I am the head of the sales and marketing department at SRT Company.

      Announce your resignation

      After introducing yourself, you need to go straight to your resignation plans. At the beginning of your letter, you should inform your employer about your intention to resign. This is a professional letter, and it is meant to be concise. Therefore, avoid dragging out your resignation plans and announcing them early in the letter.


      I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Furthermore, I hope you accept my resignation from the head of the sales and marketing department.

      Mention the specific date of resigning

      It would be best to clarify the date of your resignation. As much as you will be leaving the next day since it is a short-notice resignation letter, mention the date to avoid any confusion. In addition, stating the date makes your resignation definitive by informing your employer that you will no longer be available after the mentioned date.


      My resignation is effective tomorrow, January 26th, 20xx, within 24 hours.

      Give a brief justification for the resignation

      You need to provide a short justification for resigning on short notice. As an employee who is quitting their job, you need to offer your explanation or reasons for leaving. The reasons can include leaving due to a family emergency or leaving due to personal health.  This is just a way of being respectful, but you are not obliged to go into detail. Be brief about your reasons, too, to ensure that your letter remains concise.


      I have to resign on such short notice due to a medical emergency that needs me to leave immediately and hinders me from providing the required notice period.

      Express gratitude

      After mentioning your reasons for resigning, ensure that you remember to thank your employer for the opportunity you had, the lessons you learned, the professional skills you acquired, and the experience you gained. This letter is all about being humble and grateful, which means that you should avoid any negative comments.


      I am grateful for the opportunity I have had while working with you. I appreciate all the growth I have experienced and the lessons I have learned during my time here. Thank you so much for supporting and believing in me.

      Ask any question (if you have any)

      Since you are resigning without proper notice, it is wise to inquire about your pending salary and benefits in your resignation letter. It is also essential to determine how the termination process will be held as you are leaving within 24 hours.


      I hope you can accept my resignation and agree to process my dues. If that is the case, I ask politely that you communicate with me about the whole process. I am happy to help in any way I can.

      Provide your contact information

      In the last part of your letter, it is best to provide your contact details so that your employer can reach you easily. It is also a polite way of asking the employer to keep in touch with you even when you leave your job position.


      This is my (phone number) and my (email address) that you can use for further communication. Thank you!

      Resignation Letter with 24-hour Notice

      Resignation Letter Template

      [Your name]
      [Your full address]
      [Your phone number]
      [Your email address]


      [Recipient’s name]
      [Recipient’s title]
      [Company’s name]
      [Company’s address]

       Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. (Last Name),

      My name is [include your name], and I am from [mention your department and job position or title]. I am writing this letter to [announce your resignation], which will be effective as [mention your last date of working at the place you are resigning from].

      I am sincerely sorry for any inconvenience caused but due to my [mention the reasons you have for quitting your job with such short notice]. I am grateful for [express your gratitude and appreciate your manager].

      I want to ask [any questions you might have]. Thank you very much for everything. For further communication, you can reach me using the given contact details.


      [Your signature]

      Sample Letters

      This section presents a series of dignified resignation letter samples designed for those needing to submit their notice within a concise 24-hour timeframe. 

      Sample Resignation Letter 1

      Dear Mr. Anderson,

      I am writing to formally announce my resignation from my position as Senior Analyst at Jackson & Associates, effective 24 hours from now. This decision was not easy and involved considerable thought and reflection. However, due to unforeseen personal circumstances, I find myself compelled to leave my position at this time.

      During my time at Jackson & Associates, I have greatly appreciated the opportunities for professional development and the supportive work environment. Working under your leadership has been an incredible experience, and I am grateful for the skills and knowledge I have gained. I have enjoyed collaborating with my colleagues and contributing to the team’s successes.

      I understand that my sudden departure may cause inconvenience to the team. Therefore, I am committed to assisting in the transition process as much as possible in the next 24 hours. I will ensure that all my current projects are up to date and will provide a comprehensive handover to my replacement or the designated team member.

      Thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of Jackson & Associates. I hope to maintain our professional relationship in the future and wish the company continued success.


      Kim Jonathan

      Sample Resignation Letter 2

      Dear Ms. Thompson,

      Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from my role as Marketing Coordinator at Bright Solutions, effective 24 hours from the date of this letter. This decision comes after much deliberation and is driven by personal reasons that require my immediate attention.

      I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunities for growth and development that Bright Solutions has provided me. The experiences and challenges I have encountered here have played a pivotal role in my professional journey. I am particularly thankful for your mentorship and the supportive atmosphere in our department.

      In order to minimize the impact of my abrupt departure, I am prepared to dedicate my remaining time to ensuring a smooth transition. I will complete all urgent tasks and provide detailed notes and instructions for ongoing projects. I am also available to train or brief my successor to the best of my ability in the short time frame.

      Leaving Bright Solutions is a decision I make with a heavy heart. I have deeply valued my time here and the relationships I have built with my colleagues. Thank you for your understanding and support during this transition. I wish Bright Solutions and its team all the best in their future endeavors.

      Warm regards,

      Bella James


      The provided resignation letters serve as instructive templates for individuals seeking to compose a professional and courteous resignation with a 24-hour notice. Both letters adeptly balance the necessity of a swift departure with the maintenance of professional relationships, a crucial aspect in the modern workplace.

      Firstly, the structure of these letters is notably efficient, divided into four distinct paragraphs, each serving a specific purpose. The initial paragraph in each letter immediately establishes the intent to resign, followed by the effective date. This straightforward approach is key in conveying the primary message without unnecessary preamble, respecting the recipient’s time.

      The second paragraph in each sample focuses on expressing gratitude and acknowledging the positive experiences gained during the tenure. This element is critical as it helps to soften the impact of the sudden resignation and reinforces a positive relationship with the employer. By highlighting specific aspects such as professional development, mentorship, and a supportive work environment, the letters demonstrate a thoughtful appreciation for the opportunities provided by the employer.

      The third paragraph addresses the potential challenges posed by the short notice period. Here, both letters emphasize the writer’s commitment to facilitating a smooth transition. This includes updating projects, preparing handover documents, and offering to assist in training a successor. This proactive approach showcases the writer’s professionalism and responsibility, crucial in mitigating any negative repercussions of their abrupt departure.

      Finally, the concluding paragraph reiterates gratitude, expresses regret for the sudden leave, and extends a wish for the company’s future success. This closure is vital in leaving a lasting positive impression, which could be beneficial for future professional interactions or references.

      In summary, these letters serve as exemplary guides for crafting a resignation letter with a 24-hour notice. Their clear structure, combined with a balance of professionalism, gratitude, and a sense of responsibility towards the transition, makes them effective templates. Such letters not only communicate the necessary information but also maintain and potentially enhance professional relationships, an invaluable aspect in any career journey.

      5 Tips for Writing a Resignation Letter

      It would be best to observe some tips when writing a resignation letter on short notice. These tips will ensure that you write a proper and effective resignation letter to maintain a positive professional relationship with your employer.

      Use a business letter format

      Ensure you use the standard business letter format when writing it, as it is an official one. In addition, using the business letter format will present you as a professional who puts in much effort to prepare it.

      Write briefly

      Your letter should be brief and concise. It is an official letter, which means that you must compile all your information into a short document. You can achieve this by going straight to the point as you write it.

      Maintain a formal tone

      As you write this resignation letter, keep in mind that you are writing to your manager. You should maintain a professional and formal tone throughout the letter. Ensure that you do not ruin your reputation and destroy the relationship you have with your boss by being impolite.

      Do not write an essay

      Your employer is probably busy and would not appreciate receiving an essay-like letter. Your focus should be to inform them about your resignation, which means you should avoid dragging the information out into an essay.

      Keep the door open for feedback

      Write it to allow you to get feedback from the letter’s recipient. You can do this by including your contact details at the end to enable your boss to reach out to you even after leaving your job position.


      You will need to include a subject line specific to your resignation letter for an email. The subject line should be direct and brief. For example, you can include your name and the phrase “Resignation as of (state the date).” Ensure that you send a test email before sending the resignation email to your boss to confirm its contents. Also, always remember to edit your email before using it.


      It is vital to give your employer two weeks’ notice when you resign. However, if you face unavoidable circumstances and have to resign within 24 hours, it is still best to write a resignation letter.
      With this letter, you will be able to officially inform your employer about your plans to resign from the job, give them your reasons for quitting the job with such short notice, and appreciate them for the opportunity they gave you as their employee. Ensure that you include all the information required in this letter. You can use this letter with a 24-hour notice template and sample given here as a guide when writing your own.

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